Shqipëria natyrale - Ethnic Albania

Shqipëria natyrale është krejt hapësira gjeografike shqipfolëse, ku banojnë shqiptarët sot me shumicë, ku është vendlindja e shqiptarëve me shumicë dhe ku u dëbuan nga vendbanimet e tyre etnike

Ethnic Albania is a term used primarily by Albanians to denote the territories as the traditional homeland of the ethnic Albanians. In addition to the existing Albania, the term incorporates claims to regions in the neighbouring states, the areas include Kosovo and the Presheva Valley, territories in southern Montenegro (Ulqin, Tuzi, Plava) northwestern Greece (Preveza, Janina, Arta) referred by Albanians as Chameria and a part of western Macedonia (Tetova, Struga, Shkupi).

Shqiperia madhe very soon!

1. Albania

2. Malesia

3. Cameria

4. Kosovo

5. Ilirida


  Makedonija Maqeonia

          Skopje Shkupi

  • Alexandar Veliki Aleksandri i Madh

I think those people who visited Skopje know what i mean!

Skopje made plans to erect a lot of statues, fountains, bridges, and museums at a cost of about €500 million. It is accused for turning Skopje to a theme park which is viewed as nationalistic kitsch,and has made Skopje an example to see how national identities are constructed and how this construction is mirrored in the urban space. The budget of Macedonia should invest in infrastructure, education etc. But yeah nonetheless the buildings makes Skopje more beautiful!