aaaAAAAAAA this is my first time having an actual working phone with actual data and stuff and i HECKED UP and accidentally switched the wifi off at some point and downloaded a heap of stuff on data when i thought i was using the wi-fi so now i have 0 data for the next 2 weeks

i mean… at least i know more about how it all works now… but oh my goddd i need data for my job so i can check the dogs in and out (…and also for pokemon go…) so now im a LITTLE bit screwed

also my old dog walking employer texted and he wants me to start helping him out again, possibly for 3-4 walks on a day where i already have 2 of my own

i’ll make a fuckton of money off that so that’s good but oh h my gosh killme

iceland's hair
  • does anyone realize how blonde ice has gotten
  • like his hair isn't pretty silver grey anymore he's blonde like the rest of them and like Sweden's hair suddenly became greyer
  • probably something like this happened
  • Norway:Iceland you're already halfway off in the ocean, stop bleaching your hair YOU'RE TEARING THIS FAMILY APART
  • Iceland:shut up you cant control me I'm an independent nation and I dont need no oniichan
  • Norway:I'll tell Denmark you had a crush on him back in the 60s and send him those love letters I confiscated
  • Iceland:but its natural omg
  • Norway:stfu stop lying and take off those contacts your'e not kidding anyone into thinking that they're blue
  • Iceland:haha lolno they're actually purple
  • Norway:you were cute once
  • Sweden:I am no longer ridiculously blonde
  • Norway:That's good

Waking up to stuttered guitar chords and frequent swears coming from the living room you smiled, thinking of what your ridiculous boyfriend could possibly be doing playing this early in the morning. Making your way out to him you stopped short seeing him staring frustratedly at his laptop, hand raking through his hair and scraping his teeth across his lip ring. Glancing at the screen you could see that chords of a song displayed. A smile stretched across your lips as you saw they were for the song you spent twenty minutes rambling about the previous night. Going on about how much it meant to you. Creeping up behind him you wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders and pressed a kiss to his keep, giggling when he quickly closed over the laptop and stuttered out a “Goodmorning babe.” Shaking your head at his antics, you nuzzled into his neck and spoke a muffled, “I love you.”