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haha remember when my ex was factkin and loved a racist musical? remember when my ex started IDing as the cousin of a character they had a crush on? remember when my ex preyed on my biggest fear just to scare me? remember when my ex led me on for 2 years because they liked having someone adore them? remember when my ex only had “feelings” for me when someone else was interested in me? remember when my ex’s best friend harassed me when i was about to commit suicide? remember when my ex broke up with me 3 days after my abuser reappeared and i was barely functioning

Atleti: *plays against Bayern tomorrow*

Spanish press: “Hey Carlo, hey Xabi, we guess you have nice memories of La Decima, you know, bc you beat Atleti in La Decima!!!” Wait, let’s put Xabi in the front page of our newspaper bc he’s more important than the whole Atleti squad here. That’s it. Now let’s spend the whole week remembering how Atleti has lost 2 UCL finals. It’s not like Atleti kicked Bayern off last season or anything. LA DECIMAAAAAAA.

cracks knuckles

okayyyyy so lately we’ve been getting some anon hate (again)

i’ve been here long enough to know that even though it’ll cool down sooner, the hate will come back again (unfortunately) to bite us all in the ass

now, i won’t bother trying to say something to the anons because a lot of good hearted mods here took care of that (bless yall) but it seems that most of the things the anons always target is not the mod’s personality, the choice of muse, or even anything to do with both the muse and the mod as a person-

it’s the fucking art

(this is going to be long guys, bear with me)

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Pep Talk

So today at the gym the TV wasn’t working on the elliptical so I pretty much listened to music and worked out. But I let my mind wander - I worked on the amino acids in my head xD, reorganized my computer in my mind, all other nerdy stuff ofc.

But what I also did was give myself a pep talk. One I think that I really needed. I pushed myself to really high levels of exercise today, pretty much sprinting for 30 minutes. Which is something I’ve never done.

Here’s what I told myself. I thought it might be a motivational thing for others as well? :)

You are a wonderful, caring human being with emotions, feelings, desires, and issues that all matter. Don’t ever let the words of others bring you down. Don’t let the action OR the inaction of others bring you down

You are a better person then anyone thinks you can be because only you know what you can and can’t do. Don’t let your parents who manipulate you, berate you, or in general make you feel upset get to you. Don’t let the sister who doesn’t realize what you do, and brushes you off in moments of distress get to you. Don’t let the feelings of insecurity build up when someone ignores you for even five seconds.

Fight for the right to be the best. It might not mean that I’ll amass to anything more then a doctor, but dammit become the best one. Fight to be the best you can, if not for yourself, then your family. Fight for the people who’ve talked you down from a panic attack, who’ve skyped you when you can barely breathe from all your issues, from the heartbreak of not being good enough for your parents.  Fight for the people who don’t know you, but you make their day just that little bit better by smiling, by pushing those sad feelings away.

Fight to become the best you can - if not for you, but for those you’d kill for and would kill for you.

And….I know it was a bit extreme, but I honestly don’t think I’m that important a lot of the time, so I needed it to be extreme. This is me, this is what I go through. I refuse to back down because of emotions, because my parents belittle me.

I refuse to do anything but be the best.


you people do realize that you don’t have to tag your hate


I know that this is some shocking information, and maybe doing something such as NOT TAGGING YOUR FUCKING HATE will be difficult. However! I truly believe that you all can get the hang of it if you just stop your angry little fingers from typing a name!!

anonymous asked:

Personally I understand Ryota perfectly after that episode. Yeah, I don't really condone his actions, but I identify with his reasons for doing them and think he's just a really traumatized person with a good heart

^ this

I think that Ryouta is a very complex character, and while he might be taking thing a bit too far, he still has every reason to do so. He feels responsible for the world falling in despair and he wants to fix it somehow. He might be doing it the wrong way; but then again Danganronpa has showed us so many concepts of hope that I don’t know anymore which one is right.

We have Naegi who believes that hope always wins over despair; we have Komaeda who wants to create a bigger hope by overcoming a bigger despair; we have Munakata who just wants to eliminate all despair to achieve hope; and then here’s Mitarai, who now thinks that the only way for there to be hope is to make people forget about despair/cleanse the world from despair.
We also have Hope’s Peak Academy, which believed that talent itself was hope.
There’s also minor concepts of hope: Chiaki says “if you just do it, things will turn out okay”. Chisa believed that youth and a happy school life will bring hope. And then we have Hajime, who just screws it and believes in the future.

While these motives seem too similar to each other, they are entirely different.

Whoa, that post went a little off-topic. Sorry. I’m just really interested by all these concepts of Hope and Despair Danganronpa has given us. It really brings out the philosophical side of me. Makes me wonder for hours.