I’m mature for my age

i’m mature for my age

im mature for my age

immature for my age

Sup everyone,

so ive got a new haircut not too long ago, but forgot to mention it..

so this is kinda like a new upgrade?? 

another thing…something changed in my life , and my personality aswell if i say so… and just letting you know, please use them/they for me from now on. I know its a big change. But after after what ive went through i think i was supposed to do this from long ago.

Thank you for understanding , and have a good night or day wherever youre from <3

i feel like this goes without saying because i’ve felt this way since day ONE on this blog but i might as well state it anyways as a reminder/general psa: i do not, never have, and never WILL ship sh!dge with pidge being a minor and shiro being an adult in mind

So, guys I won’t be online tomorrow at all bad day to get a job like seriously bad day i cant believe ill miss the christmas livestream .But I’ll probably watch it once I get home so you’d probably see random screaming and reblogs at like 3 am.

I’ll tag everything as ml spoilers

I keep writing longer rants but just putting it in my drafts instead because I cant get words working I prefer my blog to be happy

That being said tho, a pick me up would be rad.

Like fun things thats happened to you recently or cute aninal facts or anything ! Pictures of pets also welcome !!

anonymous asked:

Teeelll us a story. Not like a fanfic or headcanon like a personal story

This is gonna be long, so hit read more. Also warning, its kinda creepy. 

When I was around 8-9, I lived near a patch of thick woods. I would explore them everyday, but one day I had traveled so far that I had gotten to the other side of the patch and into private property. Now, the private property was the sort of backyard of an elderly home. The two nurses who were outside with three of the elderly were startled, but haven been the extroverted kid that I used to be, I talked to them. I asked them about their lives, their families that barely visited them, among other things. 

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