Rogue: Hey! There’s someone under that bridge! *Waves to him* I wonder if it’s a troll.
Ranger [Rogue’s babysitter]: (Sarcastically) I don’t know, maybe you should go ask him.
Rogue: Good idea!
Ranger: Wait, no- FUCK. I didn’t mean- God damnit…
Fighter: Are you sure you’re the smart one of you two?
Ranger: He just ran under a bridge in search of a troll. I only underestimated his stupidity.
Fighter: Fair enough.

anonymous asked:

what is your opinion on polyamory?

I support people doing whatever (whomever?) they want however I don’t think that polyamory is inherently revolutionary / anti-patriarchy / incapable of creating abusive situations or whatever discourse the weirdos on here are cooking up these days. it has its own pecularities / upsides & downsides for different people just as monogamy does.

& “monogamy culture” definitely isn’t a thing lmfao, to the extent that such an expectation exists it’s contained w/in heteropatriarchy & not a separate force. I’m wary of people who use that kind of rhetoric in order to deflect criticism in cases when (& this certainly isn’t all of them) people, esp. women, are manipulated into situations that they’re not comfortable w/ and so this basically becomes the trendy new way to have harems

it’s interesting to me how dan campaigned against cyberbullying yet a portion of his audience still think it’s okay to maliciously attack people who do nothing but mind their own business through blogs, posts, and asks