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taylor swift makes me not want to be a white feminist bc she ruins it for the people who do speak out about poc women and trans women and basically women besides her. she puts a terrible name to the white feminists and is a reason why no one can take white feminists seriously ughhg she just hiw dare she

No okay I think your not understanding the phrase “white feminism” …there is nothing wrong with being white and being a feminist. The phrase “white feminism” is when someone believes that feminism is just being able to not have to shave, they can play sports like the boys, and their winged eye liner can kill a man. Feminism is deeper than the bullshit white media tries to feed you. Feminism is supporting all sexualities and gender identities. Feminism is knowing that white people are treated better than PoC on all levels. Feminism is protecting our trans sisters. Feminism is not culture appropriating. Feminism is way bigger than the Taylor Swift definition. Taylor Swift uses feminism to make herself more profitable, she doesn’t care about the actual issues, because if she did she wouldn’t be playing the victim card (once again), she would be supporting Nicki, and she would shed light on how black artist are treated in white media. Again, their is nothing wrong with being white and being a feminist, but there is something wrong with claiming to be a “feminist” and not understanding the movement.