Happy be-lated birthday uthermia !! I’ve always wanted to draw something for you and, I took this chance to do it. You’ve been one of my biggest art inspirations ever since I’ve taken part of this animal crossing, and you still are. I hope you had a lovely birthday!! Ps; Thank you for playing cookie run with me <33 

Larger image on my deviantART 

Hey Yunjung, If you want a version with no BG or the slightly bigger image please let me know and I’ll provide you with it ;v;// 

anonymous asked:

1 or 34? whatever your heart desires

As I’ve already done 1, I’ll do 34

Which is fine because three of you wanted it. Perverts Under the cut because smut, again.

34. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

Maybe dressing Dan up as Carly Rae Jepson had been a terrible idea, because now Phil can’t stop staring at the way the blouse drapes over his shoulders, or how amazing Dan looks in that wig, and really he just wants to bend him over and fuck him into oblivion, but he can’t.

Because they’re in the middle of filming, for the Christmas special for BBR1, and they can’t afford to fuck it up. They’ve already put it off for as long as they could, thanks to Dan. Now they have to finish filming so they can slap this together, and then maybe, maybe, Phil can throw Dan down onto their bed.

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sorry/not sorry pt. 2

As days…weeks…months progress, I’m beginning to acknowledge myself drifting further away from this digital realm our culture has begun to frivolously dwell on. I’ve began to embrace this physical, tactile world around me; around us. Encompassing humanness. This pure, holistic existence. Gaining new perceptual, sensual, direct experiences. Fully immersing myself into humanity as a whole. People, places, things…the “suchness” of life. Reconnecting with what is reachable, and what is unknown. I’ve found myself wandering around more than ever. Enjoying the solitude and stillness the landscape has to offer.

Not sure where I’m trying to go with this, but I’ve gained a new contentment in my soul. Its growth is steadfast and yearning to be catered to more…so for now the posts will be spared and limited till who knows when…