Sans new Ship

You all know about SansxKai, aka @lettersfromthepit , the first (and up until now, only) ship this blog has had, but now I share with you another one…

SansxKratos (AKA, @the-traitor-to-heaven )

Look at them. 

Such love. Much sex. Sad angst. Bad tiemz. Moar sex. 

They plan on someday running away to Las Vegas and getting married by an Elvis impersonator. 

“Do you, Sans, take this man to be your hunka hunka husband?” 

Sans shall take on the role of man-kinds worst housewife ever.

“Hey Sans, I’m home.” 

“sup hubby, how was work?”

“Sans. Sans the kitchen is on fire.” 

“haha, yeah. so, grillby’s?”

I was tagged by @miles-to-go2, thank you bud! Love doing these ^-^


1. Share 11 facts about yourself

2. Answer 11 questions provided by the tagger

3. Tag 11 awesome people and write 11 questions for them to answer


  1. I’m right handed.
  2. While I tan very easily, I’m quite pale because lol what is going outside?
  3. When I do go outside, I usually sunbathe while reading fanfiction and/or listening to music.
  4. Speaking of fanfiction, my favourite fic is a My Right-Hand Man by @felldragons, if you’re a fan of Voltron and ship Sheith I’d highly recommend it!
  5. On the topic of writing in general, my favourite book genre is either fantasy or crime fiction.
  6. My worst school subject (by grade) is English, and my best is Home Economics.
  7. I have a Wii U and my favourite game on it is Rayman Legends.
  8. One of my favourite pieces of clothing is my sleeveless blue top, it’s got kinda a silky texture and it just looks very good on me!
  9. I have a gemstone collection, which consists of: two rose quartzes, an amethyst geode, an ametrine, a really cool opalite that is shaped like an angel, some watermelon quartz and one or two other gems that I can’t think of rn.
  10. I’ve been drawing digitally for 8 months but I’ve been traditionally drawing for years.
  11. I’ve eaten whole lemons on multiple occasions because damn they’re tasty.

Questions for me!

1. Favorite song?
That’s like asking me to pick a favourite child! I guess I’ll go with Saturn by Sleeping At Last, that one’s pretty good.
2. When you make hot chocolate, do you put the mix in first or the water?
Plot twist, I don’t use mix or water! I use actual chocolate and milk. That being said, milk comes first, then the chocolate.
3. Are you driving yet? If so, do you tend to drive over or under the speed limit?
Not able to drive yet .-.
4. Opinion on Severus Snape? (If you haven’t read HP, opinion on any controversial character?)
Ech. He didn’t need to be such a dick to Harry, and while sure he helped to save the day I still don’t like him very much. (Also it’s been forever since I’ve read HP so I don’t have a strong opinion of him).
5. Favorite popsicle flavor?
Cola all the way!
6. Are you a math-and-science person or an art-and-writing person?
Art-and-writing, but I love science too.
7. Do you like thunderstorms?
Hell yeah! Especially if they don’t knock the power out.
8. Opinion on milk?
Not great on it’s own, but if flavoured or in something else it’s good!
9. What was your first fandom?
Jak and Daxter, I even wrote a fanfic.
10. Do you prefer day or night?
11. Favorite way to wear your hair?
I love having it down, let it go wild y’know?

Questions for you!

  1. Favourite type of sky? (sunrise, night sky, cloudy etc.)
  2. What do you do to de-stress?
  3. What does your name mean?
  4. If you’ve been playing Pokemon Go, which team are you on? If you don’t play/aren’t at the level to decide yet, which team do you think you’d pick and why?
  5. Least favourite genre of music?
  6. Out of everyone in the world, who would you want to high five?
  7. Last song you listened to?
  8. Do you prefer long or short hair?
  9. Any shows you’ve been watching recently?
  10. If you bumped into the person on your icon in the street, how would you react?
  11. Hugs, kisses or high-fives?

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anonymous asked:

so besides l*x who are the Worst men you have seen shipped with ahsoka? maybe we should call this to a vote to upset the Straights

listen,,,,,,there are a lot of terrible ahsoka ships out there, like any ship w/ her and a man makes me Uncomfortable™ but that’s just me. but like some of them are 100% ok, like imo her w/ nyx or lando are great, they’re just not for me 

but like???? i’ve seen her shipped w/ anakin, hondo, cad bane, zeb, more that ive blocked out im forgetting,,,,, its messy anon