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SHINee 5 as Kings

SHINee World is a circular world made up of four brother kingdoms and one leading kingdom that follows the spirits of the four elements and directions. These Kingdoms are ruled by 5 immortal kings appointed by the previous kings to take their spot.

King Lee Jinki, The Centre King

This is the direction of Spirit. Its Nature form is the Divine Soul stuff that links all life together. It is the synthesis of the Elements and the directions. In human life, this is the spiritual realm and the dimension of the Divine in its many forms.

  • Rules with an iron first
  • Hates Taemin and Minho becuase they rebel the most often.
  • Despite the way he rules, the people in his kingdom love him
  • Becuase they get all the goods
  • The head honcho
  • But everyone wants to take him down
  • Takes his position very seriously
  • Is not soft for anyone or anything
  • Needs his kingdom to be perfect
  • Angry at everyone but his people tbh

King Kim Jonghyun, The Western King

This is the direction of the Element Water and the Power of Emotions. Its Nature forms are oceans, lakes, streams, rivers, wells, springs, dew, precipitation, and fluids in the body. In human life, this is the emotional dimension and the feeling realm. 

  • Never around
  • Before the North and South rebeled and started causing problems he lived quietly
  • Hates the public 
  • Feels too much empathy for others to lead properly or properly lead an effective role in the upcoming war
  • Follows whatever Kibum tells him to do, as long as there is clear motive and benefit for his Kingdom
  • Clashes with Taemin the most and they are constantly trying to take one another down
  • Always tries to drown Taemin
  • And Taemin treatens him by sending him flowers to piss him off.
  • President of the run-away-from-Minho club
  • But his people love how devoted he is to his Kingdom. 

King Kim Kibum, The Eastern King

This is the direction of the Element Air and the Power of Mind. Its Nature forms are the winds, the atmosphere, and the breath. In human life, this is the mental dimension and the thinking realm.

  • Didn’t want to be King
  • Didn’t ask to be King
  • But if he has to, he will be a damn good one.
  • Does his best for his people, but is very strict and heartless when it comes to breaking rules or being unfair with things.
  • Self-appointed himself the supreme judge of his Kingdom
  • Hates Minho and Taemin for this reason
  • Hates Jinki for keeping all the best goods for his people
  • He is spilt between the middle of the upcomming war between the rebels and the Centre Kingdom.
  • So he persuades Jonghyn into an alliance to fight ‘for justice’
  • Only using Jonghyun bc he likes him becuase he has a lot of people

King Choi Minho, The Southern King

This is the direction of the Element Fire and the Power of Action. Its Nature forms are flames, lightning, and electricity. In human life, this is the behavioral dimension and the doing realm.

  • Aggressive as all heck
  • An amazing leader though
  • The best military by far
  • The best weapons
  • The best general himself
  • Believes that Jinki is corrupt and is toxic to the country
  • And that he could be a better leader
  • Blackmailed Taemin into joining him
  • Also bc he loves the boi
  • He gets pissed with Kibum shows up to get in his way and then gets deadset on killing him

King Lee Taemin, The Northern King

This is the direction of the Element Earth and the Power of Body. Its Nature forms are rocks, clay, sand, and soil. In human life, this is the physical dimension and the sensing realm.

  • Doesn’t really like conflict or fighting or being a king or having responsibilities
  • But also he is an amazing king becuase he is so caring
  • #1 advocate for a green world
  • His people also loose him a lot, becuase he insists on exploring
  • That’s how he ran into an ambush via Minho who blackmailed him into helping with a rebellion against Jinki
  • He didn’t really have a problem with Jinki, but once he heard Jonghyun has gotten involved, he jumped onto the ship right away
  • Also who wouldn’t want to train for war with a shirtless King Minho
  • Thinks outside of the boxes Minho tries to plan in, and that’s the reason they are always a step ahead of the others. 
  • His people love him to death because they know he would die for them in an instant. 

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