K-pop albums: cd, a whole photo book with 100+ pictures, a random photo card of one member, a poster, lyric book, a standee, a special photo card, a group photo card, more photocards, more than one version of the album, ‘special thanks’ texts from the members, a random member’s heart.

Western artists’ albums: only the cd

why do you not get bored of K-pop?”

It’s impossible to get bored of K-pop, because:

  • They shower their fans with love almost everyday.
  • They try their hardest to be active on social media even they have busy schedules.
  • There’s a huge variety of K-pop groups (male or female) to listen.
  • They experiment with music styles and concepts.
  • The K-pop fandoms are always active even though the groups are in break.
  • K-pop idols produce memes 24/7.