Third drawing of the symmetric serie, and now is Shinji time :D

The most problematic part of this illustration was his hair, and I was thinking it was going to be the easiest one lol

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lots of people call characters trash man or something of the sort but the cool thing about our student council president kamuro shinji is that when you call him trash man its 100% accurate

I really feel bad for old Tsukikage. Mostly because no one seems to appreciate all the sacrifices he’s made for the Lancers and their goals. His brother got carded just to buy Shun and Serena a little time. Tsukikage almost got carded while trying to save Serena from the Obelisk Force. And then he had to throw his duel with Shinji just so he could gather some intel in the underground. Man it seems like poor Tsukik will never get a break. Now he  GOT turn into a card T_T