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#COD2014 - Break the cycle please @SHGames

Today, a leaked image from #COD2014 was shown. At a Sledgehammer games conference, they showed the side profile of a mans face in a helmet for 3 seconds, and called it a teaser. Seem familiar?

Seriously. Can we please stop with this tired and dusty marketing technique. Every year it’s the exact same. It was fine when it was new and exciting. But the newness has worn off. We don’t need a big Michael Bay style cinematic to sell us on the game, yet that’s what we get.

Here is my prediction as to how it will go this year:
1) We have our first leaked image, no doubt in preparation to talk about a “new engine”, which we will find out later this summer that “new engine” means they took the existing engine, used in the last 10 titles, and updated the lighting/texture capabilities, possibly improving the sound engine. But it’s not a “new” engine.
They aren’t about to build one from scratch as that takes many years. they aren’t about to switch to a new engine entirely, as it would take too long to pump out the next game. So they’ll use the “new and improved engine” tags to sell us on how the game might function better than previous titles. Last year they spent entirely too much time showing how great it looked when a fish would swim out of your way underwater.

2) Further images, possibly with development team will “leak” showing off concepts of camos and outfitting for the soldiers, possibly giving us a time-frame for when the game takes place.

3) At E3, as the grand finale to the day, they will show the “world premier” trailer, which will fade into an epic battle sequence already in place, making sure to set up a basic plot, establish the allies/enemies, show a few aerial vehicles to tease air support, show minor level progression showing off a potential new movement/tactic, while switching between a couple of different weapon types and some melee. I’m guessing you’ll have to snipe somebody, then take out an enemy aircraft with a lock-on weapon, AR/SMG Close Quarters combat through isolated area, finish off with a “hold this point while we connect our computer”, all the while panning the scenery now and then to show off said lighting/texture improvements and seeing huge explosions. Fade to black, show release date.

4) Sometime mid-summer we will get another teaser trailer, showing off additional characters essential to the plot, show more weapons, and possibly show the main “bad guy” we are dealing with. If they hold true to tradition, then the last couple seconds will be a “world premier multiplayer teaser” where they show 1 section of 1 map to give you a sense of what the HUD looks like and make sure to include enough small events to start piecing together perks, killstreaks, weapons/attachments and camo. The free marketing train will be in full speed with breakdown videos from large youtube channels.

5) The official MP trailer will come out probably early September. This might coincide with a call of duty event somewhere in the world where you can play an early version. The hype train generated by said event will approach terminal velocity.

6) Possible rumors of a closed beta will surface, and if there is one, it will be determined based upon your subscriber count, because that’s business 101. Give a little a way to the ones that can promote you the most.

All of that sound familiar? It should, as it’s the same marketing technique used for the past 9 titles. It’s not longer “wow" material. The only way flashing a quick screenshot as a teaser works, is if it’s a game that’s been anticipated for years that nobody knew if they would finish. Not a game we all know is coming out and could probably bet money on a date fairly accurately.

So, @SHGames @Activision Please, oh please break the cycle this year. You know as well as the rest of us that the bulk of people buying the game, hyping the game for you, spreading leaks/info via youtube and will stand in line at midnight, are getting it for multiplayer.
I’m well aware that you are probably not even in early Alpha stages, so not much you can show without risking problems down the road if you change your mind. Honestly I don’t think most people would care. Talk to us about the things you are changing with multiplayer, how this “unique and sophisticated” COD is actually different.
You don’t have to sell us the single player campaign.

At least that’s my thoughts.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer

Opens IGN app, sees ‘COD’ and ‘reveal trailer’ in same sentence…


My blood’s been boiling for the past hour. First the [President Underwood] teaser, and now a reveal trailer?!

Yes, lord.

Now, we have to see what they have in store for us on Sunday.