the dream I just had was the fucking worst.

I had a dream that this little girl who could transform into a rabbit was after me and wanted to kill me and it was fucking HORRIFYING because when she was the little rabbit she was magic and could jump through walls and windows and closed doors and if she got close enough to someone she would turn into this awful monster and kill you and everytime I looked outside our house I just saw this tiny little rabbit jumping at our door and it ended with her getting into my house MY CHEST LITERALLT FUCKING HURTS FROM FEAR

Minutes after this photo was taken, Lucy finally realised why I keep moving her off the right arm of my chair and over to my left, where there is space for her.

She had to fall off the arm and see for herself though, hitting my side table, knocking my new drink over and half the contents of the table off, before finally landing awkwardly in the storage baskets behind the table, whereupon she stared at me with pleading eyes, begging to be rescued from her predicament.

Once the clean up was done, she has clung to me like a limpet ever since. This is how I’m working today, peering around a frightened and mischevious puppy with boundary issues.

Lesson on Gender Identity

I was just the subject of a lesson about gender identity acceptance and I am totally okay with that:

I was standing in line at UPS trying to ship off packages wearing a loose-fitting graphic tee and shorts.. A woman and her 4 year old daughter were waiting in front of me having a light conversation.

The moment I set my (very heavy) box on the ground, the little girl began to stare at me. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Through her grin she kept staring at me in a very curious manner.

A few minutes later the little girl pulled on her mom’s arm and whispered (still very audible to me) that she didn’t know if I was a girl or a boy. The mom looked at me and saw I was smiling and mouthed, “I’m sorry.” I smiled and waved; it really wasn’t any offense.

The mom looked at her daughter and back to me and then leaned down and began to explain to her daughter the idea of a woman identifying as a man. The little girl would occasionally look at me, her curiosity intensifying. After a short lesson about acceptance the lady told the little girl to ask me.

The little girl presented her right hand to shake mine and very sweetly said, “Hi, my name is Penny. Would you like me to call you a miss or a mister?”

It was so sweet, I laughed and told her I was born a girl and identify as a girl, I just like having my hair short.

That may have offended other people in a similar situation, but that little girl learned a very very powerful lesson. I hope all parents craft such wonderful consideration and acceptance to their children. ☺️

“You loved her?” She questioned him,

He nodded,

“So why did you guys end? Why did you leave her?”

“Because,” he paused.
“I don’t know. I wasn’t good for her, I hurt her, you know? I hurt her all the time and sometimes, sometimes.. I meant to and I hated myself for it but I couldn’t stop. I loved when she stared at me with her big brown eyes that were glistening from the tears. She was so in love with me and I took advantage of it, I was toxic for her. But I loved her, I still do love her. I think a part of me always will. But she deserved so much more and when I left her, I swear the cracks in her heart were visible through her eyes. You could see the pain she was feeling just by looking at her face. But I guess sometimes, you have to hurt someone to help them.”

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

Appointment in Samarra

A merchant of Baghdad was sipping tea in his garden when his servant ran up to him, breathless and trembling.
“Master,” he cried. “I have just seen Death in your garden. She pointed at me with such a ghastly stare that I knew she had come for me.”
“So you have seen Death,” the merchant replied, “as each man must. I understand your alarm.”
“I must leave Baghdad and go far away from Death. I have a brother in Samarra. I will go there tonight, Master, and escape my fate.”
“Then take my swiftest horse, and go with my blessing.”
As the hoofbeats of the fleeing servant faded in his ears, the merchant, curious, walked through his gardens to confront Death.
“My servant has done no harm. Why do you disturb him with your ghastly stare?”
Death smiled. “I did not mean to. I was merely surprised to see him in Baghdad when I have an appointment with him this evening, at his brother’s house in Samarra.”

old illustration from last year
published in Cricket magazine

Django, Boxer (2 y/o), Spring & W Broadway, New York, NY • “She’s incredibly protective of my son, Skyler. If I scold him, she gets in between us and stares at me like I did something wrong. She looks at me like, ‘If you get closer, I’ll f*ck you up.’”

Creepypasta #889: My Wife Says I’m Spoken For

Length: Medium

I strained a smile and sipped from my cup.

“It’s going to be okay, Steven,” Laura said, leaning over the table to touch my hand.

The lights flickered; I pulled my hand away, an anxiety filling my stomach. She was confused.

“I’m sure she’ll be found, you just need faith.”

“Sure,” I responded, taking another sip.

She stared into my eyes, interrogating me silently, “You need to get out of here. How about we go out and get a bite to eat.”

I don’t like her, get rid of her!

I shook my head.

“It was only a suggestion,” Laura said, slightly deflated.

“No, no, no! It’s not that. It’s….uh, complicated,” I said, nervously chuckling.

She smiled again.


I slammed my fists on the table and shot to my feet.

“NO!” I shouted.

Shock filled Laura’s face and I panicked.

“Oh no! Not you! It’s her! She’s still here!” I pleaded.

Laura backed away, “Who? Emily, your wife?”

“Yes! Yes! She doesn’t want you to be here, you have help me.”

“That’s why I’m here, to help you.”

The cup flew off the table, the scalding tea scorching her fair skin as the ceramic material disintegrated against the bone in her face; she screamed. Blood streamed down her nose, hitting the floor with a light slap. I ran over to her, reaching out my arm.

“Get away from me! Please!”

“I didn’t throw that! She did!”

With one last glance, she ran for the front door, it banged as she swung it open.

I heard Emily chuckle, in the surroundings, in my ears, in my head.

I fell to my knees and cried out, “Please, leave me alone!”

You never left me alone when I asked, that’s why I am here; that’s why I’m here forever.

“What do you want?”

I want you, like I always did; no-one else can have you. Not until they find where you put me and you suffer; but until then…

With a slam, the front door shut.

I’m not going anywhere.

Credits to: ecrowe


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During high school, I was doing really good and I had my eye on this girl. Her name is Chung Lien and she was the top of my class with me a close second behind her. But she never noticed anyone around her, always preoccupied with grades. 

One day I inched my way next her as she was studying and I guess I stared awkwardly enough that she finally looked up at me.

And me, being the smooth operator that I was in high school, well…

… kinda just looked back without saying a word. 

Finally I asked her out in the cheesiest way possible, her father approved since he worked with my dad and I was alongside her with grades. We had our whole future planned out; we’d go to Harvard together since I was recruited to try out for an  American football scholarship and she would be pursuing her doctorate in Gynecology. 

But, one day my leg broke in a skirmish practice and I lost my chance for the try out that would have led  me to the rest of my life. I couldn’t go on athletic scholarship. Which was fine, until one of my closest friends committed suicide promptly two weeks after. 

Suddenly life wasn’t lining up perfectly with my plan. I went into depression, and soon my grades started dropping until I barely passed to walk at graduation. I soon asked Lien to break up, since I was only holding her back from her future. 

She didn’t leave without a fight. I loved that about her.

It was a year or two after moving out, I was still in my slump until I met Emma in the city. She told me I was good-looking and offered me a job that payed well if I worked hard enough. When I walked her to work, we were in the club.

And the rest is history. 

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C.H. // He Thinks You’re Going To Break Up With Him

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Calum couldn’t process when he read your tweet from earlier today.

@(Y/t/n): It hurts when the person you love needs to leave. Sometimes things need to change for the better.

He couldn’t think straight. Obviously he tried to tell himself he was overreacting, and it was easy to anyways, seeing as he hasn’t seen his girlfriend in months and was worried sick, but he couldn’t believe it.

Thoughts ran through his head. She’s breaking up with me. She’s finally realized that she’s too good for me. God, I should of taken her on tour with me. She could’ve still been mine if she had been with me.

“Cal, mate, you’ve been staring at the wall for 5 minutes.” Ash tells me and the rest of the boys notice me. I just nod, still wrapped up in my thoughts. Luke grabs my phone and reads the tweet and looks at me confused.

“What’s up, mate? What happened?” Luke asks, passing the phone around.

“Uh, I don’t know, really. I mean, what does that tweet mean?” I ask, my chest hurting just thinking about it.

“It probably doesn’t mean anything Cal. She loves you. Away or not.” Michael reasons.

“Did you call her?” Ash asks and I take my phone and dial right away.

It rang 3 times before someone answered the other end.

“Hello? Cal- hey I’m coming!” I hear her say in a rushed tone.

“Y/n?” I ask.

“Sorry, I’m kind of- hey, Cal, I’m gonna call you back later okay? We need to talk anyways.” She asks.

“Uh yeah, I guess, I love-“ I couldn’t finish my sentence as she cut the phone call off.

“Oh my God, I’m done. It’s over.” I say, mostly to myself.

“What did she say?” Mikey asks and I groan.

“She didn’t- I mean, she said she was busy and that we needed to talk and damn, she’s gonna break up with me.” I whine, “ I wasn’t good enough. I should of told her to come with me. I can’t lose her, guys.”

“We don’t know that. She didn’t say that, did she?” Ash confirms. “No? Right. Besides, we’re heading to the airport now. You can talk to her when you get home.”

I nod, but I can’t think of anything other than her. I could’ve been on the brink of losing her and I don’t know if I could handle it.

“Y/n? Baby?” I call as soon as I walked in the door.

“Cal? You’re back!” She calls as she runs down the stairs. She jumps onto me, giving me a hug.

“Yeah, we-we came back early. Hey, Y/n, um, what did you need to talk about?” I ask nervously.

“Oh yeah, look Cal-“ “Y/n, don’t do this. Please. I’m sorry if I’m away all the time and I promise I’ll be home more but I can’t lose you. I can’t. You’re probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Y/n.” I spit out, afraid of what she was going to say next.

“Cal I-“ “I know I’m not the greatest boyfriend and I know you deserve better but, god, I love you so much.” I cut her off again.

“Cal-“ “Please Y/n, I’m-“ “Calum Thomas Hood, shut the hell up.” She growls and I sigh, seeing as if I had already lost.

“What are you talking about Calum?” She questions, raising her eyebrow. My head tilts.

“I thought you were- you were going to break up with me.” I spill and she smirks a bit, tilting her head and raising her eyebrow.

“Why would you think that?” She asks.

“Well, you tweeted that thing and you said we needed to talk.” I tell her, rubbing the back of my neck.

“No,” She laughs, “Calum, my tweet was about my sister, she went off to college today, remember? I told you that last week. And I said we needed to talk because you leave your clothes everywhere when you’re trying to pack. You left at least 5 shirts behind, babe.”

She steps closer, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“Why would I want to leave such a great boyfriend?” She asks. “I love him too much.” She presses her lips on mine and I practically almost died from relief.

“I love you too, Y/n.” I tell her, burying my face in her neck.