Lovely @LanaParrilla saying hi to Swan Queen fans. ❤

see I was cropped out of my own photo B((((((

So I have this Naruto SD shirt and my 4 year cousin was staring at it for a good minute or so.

I asked her “Do you know who they are?”

what she said:
Naruto: “Narutoooooo *starts jumping on the couch we’re sitting on*”
Hinata: “???”
Sasuke: “*shakes head*”
Sakura: “SADURA”
Lee: “>:^( weird hair.”
Kakashi: “???¿¿¿???”
Tobi: “Orange man”

[probably going to be busy/distracted for a while. I need Fennel to get used to me before the Summer Quarter starts. Ugh, there’s so much I still need to get for her and I have no idea when I’ll have the money to get everything she needs. I wish I was already officially diagnosed so I could just take her to campus with me. Probably be easier to get her on campus than a dog. She’s smol too, and when she has chirped, it’s not super loud. It’s pleasant and I hope she begins chirping a little more soon.]


the stages of being a poussey fangirl