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Hi....looking to see where the zootopia costume is from or how I can find the person who sells?

I’m afraid that all the costumes on my blog are made and worn by other people - I just reblog them. I’ve only posted a few Judy Hopps cosplays though, maybe I can at least point you in the right direction.

Are you talking about this costume?

If so, the artist is lucyselfie on instagram (link). She has stated that she’s currently not selling costumes for others, she just made something for her daughter. But she had the following conversation on her blog:


so cute! My daughter is going to be Judy Hopps for Halloween. Where did you buy the ears? Or did you make them? I’m having such a hard time finding gray ears😔 as for the feet, did you just lay faux fur over the tips of the boot ? What is the black line you used for the toes ?

lucyselfieHey @loo_c_loo  thanks. The ears were actually customised from a pair I found in the £ shop! But that was back at Easter so not sure they’d sell them now. And yes the fur overlaid the boots and then i sewed the lines in. Good luck Xlx

Google searching “kids bunny headband” seemed like a good way to try and track down the ears. This (link) seems close, but I don’t know the size.

On the other hand if you’re talking about this costume

you’ll need a cosplay wig (link) and ears (link) at the very least.

Basically a good Judy Hopps costume is something you would have to make piece by piece, probably doing a little of it by hand.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!


Kerry Washington on ET 9.23.15 [x]

I mean, it’s tricky. If Olivia is doing what she’s doing in the promo, what the heck is happening over at OPA?

Cosplay Assumptions

So tonight, a friend tagged me in this photo from Wondercon 2012:
(I’m the Martian Man-Eater. As an aside, someone referred to me as the Martian Man-Chaser. Excuse me, no. It is the men who chase ME, not vice-versa *snap*)

I (mistakenly) decided to read the comments on this particular photo.
When I post pics on my personal page, people are mostly cool and respectful, because they know that the sharpness of my tongue is legendary and they had best not mess. And while most of the comments were tame or expected (cute a bazillion comments on the hotness of the ladies involved, paticularly Joan Stewart, because let’s face it, she fine), I did see a lot of ignorance seeping out of the woodwork. And it occurred to me just how many assumptions people make about cosplayers, and just how incredibly wrong they are. So I’m going to address a few of those today.

Assumption #1: Cosplayers WANT to be hit on, ogled, or fetishized. Otherwise, why would they wear what they do?!
Le sigh. This attitude is SO incredibly prevalent, even among other cosplayers. Where to start.
This is slut-shaming at its finest. The assumption that someone is “asking for it” by dressing a certain way. If you have somehow managed to exist on tumblr, the internet, and the planet in general without being aware that this attitude is wrong, allow me to direct you to some important information on the subject. The bottom line: NO ONE is EVER “asking” to be abused, harassed, hit on, fetishized, or otherwise treated as a sexual object. With the exception of the person in question actually walking up to you and saying PLEASE SEXUALLY HARASS ME. YOU CAN TOUCH MY BOOBS. DO YOU WANT TO TAKE PICTURES OF MY BUTT? It is NEVER OKAY TO ASSUME that they want any kind of sexual attention from you, or anyone. Period.
With regard to the GBJLA (Gender-Bent Justice League of America, of which myself and the girls depicted above are a part), we had a specific goal in mind: to illustrate some of the most blatant sexism in comics by pointing out the differences in male and female costuming. With the exception of a couple of characters (Martian Man-Hunter and Hawkman, particularly), nearly all of the originally-male costumes are completely covered up, while the originally-female characters, well…

This. (cosplayer is Steven Meissner, photo by EBK)

And sure, there are plenty of male characters who wear nothing but a pair of briefs. Namor, the Hulk…hell, Dr. Manhattan is well-known for not wearing a stitch of clothing. But somehow, it’s not considered slutty or attention-seeking for guys to dress like that. They’re not “asking” to be sexually harassed just for HAVING A BODY THAT THEY WERE BORN WITH AND ALLOWING IT TO BE VISIBLE.

I could go on about this for ages, but that’s not what this post is about. Let’s move on to the next assumption.

Assumption #2: “You guys have no lives. Get a job or something, and stop spending all of your time on this.”
Actual comment posted on the above photo:

For some reason, people seem to think that all cosplayers are useless leeches who mooch off of their parents and don’t have jobs/school/anything “better” to do with their time than dress up like superheroes.

But. Uh. How do you think we support this hobby? Of COURSE we have jobs. We are adults with responsibilities just like anyone else, and we have no more spare time than anyone else. We just choose to spend it differently. While you’re binging on netflix, we’re binging on netflix AND SEWING. Instead of spending our time and money at the club or the bar, we work on costumes (or sometimes, work on costumes AND THEN go to the bar/club as a reward). Most normal humans have a hobby. This is ours. So no, we don’t have “too much” time on our hands. Most of us would argue that we don’t have nearly enough.

Assumption #3: So, this is like, a sexual thing, right? Like a fetish thing? You guys are kinda like furries, right?

(Yep, that’s my butt. You are welcome to kiss it.)

No disrespect to the furry community here, but people often associate their community with intense sexual undertones (or overtones…or tones in general). And for some people within the community, that’s certainly the case. For some people in the cosplay community, that’s probably true as well, but only a VERY small percentage of cosplayers do it for sexual reasons. If you ask the vast majority of cosplayers if they’ve ever had sex in their costumes, their answer is going to be “HELL NO! I spent WAY too much time and money on that to risk it getting torn or stained!” People cosplay for a multitude of reasons, but it’s very rarely because they’re turned on by the idea of strutting around for hours in a skin-tight, sweaty, spandex onesie. So while superhero costumes are frequently sexy, and yes, nerds DO have sex, it’s generally not the prime motivator for cosplay, and it’s almost never an actual fetish (most people don’t know the real definition of “fetish, so I’m linking it here for reference).

Basically, this analogy sums it up: There are people who are turned on by the sight of a woman’s feet in heels, but not every woman who wears heels is doing so because she’s turned on by it or wants to attract those kinds of people. Some people just like wearing heels. Same goes for cosplay. Yes, cosplay porn exists. No, Comic-con is not one giant four-day orgy. Moving on.

Assumption #4: "You have to be in perfect shape/a super hottie in order to cosplay. I’m too short/fat/ugly/old/whatever.”

(Myself and Tallest Silver as Terra/Atlee and Power Girl, illustrating the differences between our body types)

The short answer to this question:

The long answer:
There are people of every size, shape, race, religion, gender, orientation, nationality, age, and variation thereupon who cosplay. Literally ANYONE can do it. You don’t even have to be human:

(photo from

It legitimately does not matter. At all. Can it be nerve-wracking getting suited up for the first time, worrying that people are going to judge you? Absolutely. But if anyone tries to give you shit, kindly direct them to me, and I will give them a piece of my mind. It won’t be a good piece. After you take the first plunge, you’ll be surprised how much fun you have, and how little anyone else cares about what you perceive as imperfections. And on that note…

Assumption #5: “Cosplayers are judgemental bitches. If you aren’t pretty enough, or your costume isn’t good enough, you’ll be shunned. It’s like high school.”

I can’t begin to tell you how wrong this is. I’ve met some of my absolute best friends through this hobby; hell, cosplay even helped me find my husband.

(commence D'awwwwwww-ing)


Seriously, this community is awesome. Yes, it has shitty moments. Yes, there are assholes and elitists and sexist douchemonkeys. But for every jerk being a jerk, there are twenty people waiting to take you into their fold and make you feel comfortable and at home. Don’t focus on the negativity. We are all nerds; we all know what it’s like to feel shunned and alone, to be awkward and uncomfortable in your own skin. Cosplay is about getting past all of that. If you’re hesitant or nervous about trying it, don’t be. Just jump right in. Trust me, the first time someone asks for a picture, or squees and fangirls over your costume because they love the character, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing.

Welcome home, friend. <3

I decided to give lineless art a go at the same time as checking out! Thank you @grey-the-goose-art for posting the name!

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  • My grandma after my grandpa died
  • Unlce:So what are you going to do now that Dad's gone?
  • Grandma:Well, I'll have a lot of free time, maybe I'll find myself a boyfriend. Well heck! It's 2015 maybe I'll find myself a girlfriend!

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of coord posts lately. I’ve been really busy! I just adopted a new Charcoal Bengal kitten. She’s super cute! That’s her in the top two pictures. The bottom three are of her parents, so she will probably look similar when she grows up. Her name is Labyrinth and she’s been quite a handful so I haven’t had much time to do other things. I brought her home when I went up to San Francisco over the weekend. I’ll take more pictures when things settle down n_n/

SO First to start the posting here a little animal crossing new leaf prucan crossover I did to warm up during the holiday.:) 

My sister had the game but didnt liked it enough and so she let me have it now.:) 

Its so freaking cute and fun! (I have a new au for it too where Matthew is isabelle and gilbert the new mayor.XD)

It’s still technically the 5th for me so… Happy 30th Anniversary, TMNT! X3

LOL, I wanted an excuse to draw Ice Cream Kitty again AND I wanted to use the sketch of Mikey that was on that last sketch sheet I posted. He just looked too cute to not be cleaned up and finished. So, yeah, combined the two.

I kind of ended up rushing this a bit, but hopefully it still looks fine. I wouldn’t have had to if it wasn’t for the nasty cold that I just came down with a few days ago. =A= When I’m not having a coughing fit, I’m having a sneezing fit. When I’m not having a sneezing fit, I’m having a coughing fit. It’s an ugly cycle. Hopefully I get over this soon…

Bts Reaction Where They Sleep Over For The First Time And They Find Out You're A Sleep Cuddler

Guys I am actually guilty of doing this on occasion haha.Hope you guys enjoy!

I do not own any of the gifs in this post.

-Admin Min

Namjoon- “What is she doing?’ At first he would think you were just fidgeting in your sleep, but as soon as he saw you latch onto him and nuzzle your face into his chest, he would softly chuckle at your cuteness and wrap his arms around you.

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Suga-"Yahhh what is this?” We all know how much this boy loves his sleep so at first he’d wonder why you were moving around so much, but then once he realized that you had put your head on his chest, he would roll his eyes and give you a soft pat on the head and then fall back to sleep.

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Jin-“Ohh so cute” Momma Jin would give you a large smile and a soft kiss on your forehead once he saw how cute you looked while sleeping and he would definitely make sure to snuggle you back, making sure you were nice and warm.

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Hobi-“Aww my Jagi is so cute” Hobi would be like Jin and would want to cuddle you back while admiring how peaceful and cute you looked.

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Jimin-“Aw jagi you could have just asked to snuggle” Jimin would laugh at your cute little sleeping habit and softly poke your nose, wondering why you just didn’t snuggle him from the beginning.

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V-“Jagi, are you awake?” As soon as you would start fidgeting he would probably just think you were waking up and start talking to you, but once he realized that you were still asleep, he would shake his head and softly laugh at his mistake and then continue to look at how cute you were.

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Jungkook-“Don’t worry Jagi, i’ll keep you warm” Kookie would giggle to himself as you wrapped your legs around him as well as your arms and he would wrap you up into his arms and hold you tight, causing him to fall asleep with a huge grin on his face.

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I just find CL to be so naturally adorable… Look at how cute she is..

When she just sits there

Or stands.

When she plays with balloons

when she loses them

When she’s dancing in a ball

when she walks in a ball

 gif: gdtopdream

How she can’t do the gangnam style dance right

how she looks when trying to figure out what’s wrong with her mic

when she’s doing silly things with Dara

When she’s with rilakkuma

gif: sanblaq

I don’t know what she’s doing here but still so cute

when she’s bring trolled by a fan

when she’s with kids

gif: sanblaq

And especially, her facial expressions

 gifs: littlepeacefulrunner

gif: no-8

She’s just so cute

gif: clxssact

How does one resist such adorableness