Little baby Harry, screaming and crying in his crib, not understanding why no one is coming to fetch him. Seeing his mum laying on the floor and not understanding why she’s not getting up and helping because his head hurts and dads not coming either and he should be.

Sobbing and sobbing because his head is hurting terribly and everything feels wrong. Mummy’s still not getting up and dad’s still not here, even the scary man from before has vanished.

Everything hurts and there’s dust in his mouth and parts of the ceiling in his crib.

And then someone is in the room and he recognises that face, so he reaches out and tries to say ‘Pah-foot’ around his sobbing but he can barely say it and he keeps his arms up because he wants his godfather to come pick him up. Sirius does and that makes everything a little better, he’s shushed and rocked while he’s carried out of the house. When they’re outside he buries his sore head into Sirius’ neck and listens to the lullaby his mum usually sings to him at bedtime.

But then all too soon there are loud voices and too much motion and his godfathers touch has gone from gentle to gripping and it’s a bit too tight so he starts crying again. Then he’s being pulled away from Sirius’ comforting, familiar arms and, one kiss on the forehead later, is passed to this gigantic, hairy man who’s hands feel all wrong and unfamiliar so he just cries harder and reaches back out for Sirius. Sirius looks at him and he doesn’t understand why his godfather is turning around and walking away and leaving him with this strange, scary man who’s not mum or dad or uncle Remus or uncle Peter. Then Sirius disappears and Harry is left stretching his little arms out towards nothing.

Everything Changed Luke Series Pt.2

Part 1

Luke’s P.O.V:

Why did I let her leave? I could have done more to convince her to stay, maybe I did cross a line with her. She just doesn’t understand how much I love her though and how bad I want her to feel safe with me. I come to the realization that I can’t let the woman I love leave me, I quickly search the kitchen countertop for my car keys, as I scramble to find them I come up short, I think y/n has my car keys in her purse. She took the car yesterday when she went to work and I had taken hers…shit. I walk to the front door reaching for the door knob when I heard a ringing. Maybe its y/n, I think to myself. I run back into the kitchen and grab my phone off the kitchen table but it’s an unknown number. I answered it coldly thinking it may just be my number being leaked to the press but sadly it was how everything changed. The nearest hospital is 2 blocks away, I think to myself. I run back to the front door and run out into the streets, it’s hard to hold back. I run as fast as I can towards the nearest hospital, my mind is racing with all possibilities of what could happen to y/n. I start to see the bright emergency sign on the front of the hospital, I run as fast as I can trying hard not to lose focus. Becoming short of breath I run into the hospital emergency doors heading to the front desk, “Sir, no running” a woman yelled at me, I didn’t listen. I got to the main desk and gasped for air “My girlfriend was in an accident her-“I couldn’t get the last bit of my sentence out because I’m so breathless from running. “Sir?” the receptionist said to me, I catch my breath “Her name is Y/n  Y/l/n, she is my girlfriend, I need to see her”. The receptionist sighs and looks unamused, “Have you booked an appointment?” she said giving me a glare. “No, I do not think that I need an appointment to see my girlfriend, she was just admitted into the ER” I say back at her trying not to cause a scene. She glanced down at her computer and typed something into it, she looks back up to me “You didn’t tell me your name, sir?” she says looking up at me.  “Luke Hemmings” I say anxiously staring back at her. The receptionist clears her throat then looks up at me, “Miss Y/L/N is through those doors” she says pointing to the left set of doors “it will be the second on the right, but Mr. Hemmings I will warn you she may not be herself when she regains consciousness”. I walk off to the doors, pushing them open and looking for Y/n’s room. I look on the right side of the hall and see the second door, I run into the room to see her attached to various machines. If I would have just shut up when we were arguing then she wouldn’t be here holding onto her life, I think to myself. I walk up to her bed and lightly place my hand on top of hers, I grab the guest chair that is beside her bed and slide it over to me. I want to marry her, but what if I don’t get the chance anymore? I have the ring and everything all planned out. We were going to fly to the Caribbean and I was going to ask her to marry me, she means everything to me and I can’t lose her. I sit in the highly uncomfortable chair holding her hand praying that she makes it through this. I can’t stop thinking about everything we have been through, the nights where she broke down crying and I had no idea why but I still held her and told her everything was going to be fine. The times that I came home and she worked her ass off to cook a meal when we both knew she couldn’t cook, I smirk just thinking about the time she tried to bake a cake and nearly caught the house on fire. Y/n can’t leave me in this world alone, not yet at least I mean she’s the one I want to grow old with, have children with and to die old with. Someone cleared their throat from behind me, I turned around to see a doctor “Mr. Hemmings, it’s nice to meet you” he says placing his hand in front of me. I shake his hand “It’s nice to meet you, y/n is going to be okay, right?” I ask the doctor, he looks down at his hands “Mr. Hemmings, Y/n is in a rough condition, when she was brought in we saw the trauma to her head. The police had caught the driver in which case he ran the red light and hit Y/n’s car, the left side of her head had hit against the car window and the right side of the car is completely smashed. Y/n is in critical condition but she is a fighter, it’s a miracle she has made it this far but between me and you, I strongly believe she is going to make it.” The doctor say smiling at me, a huge weight of stress is relived from me. “What about her memory?” I asked the doctor worrying she may not remember me. “Luckily, her memory has a high percentage of making it, Y/n will most likely wake up will her memory, Mr. Hemmings I am sorry but I should get back to my shift” the doctor says, he smiles and walks out of the room. I sit back down to stay with Y/n, I place her hand in mine and rest my head back and close my eyes so I can relax. Just as I start to fall asleep I feel something move in my hand, its y/n. I shoot my eyes open and place my other hand on top of hers “Babe, can you hear me?” I ask praying that her hand moving wasn’t just my imagination. Her hand didn’t move again. I sit back praying that I don’t lose her.

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Where did you hear that Hope named her chicken French fry

it’s from this v nice article that ESPN did on her before the WWC

A few minutes later, in the kitchen, Stevens starts cooking an omelet for Solo’s breakfast using eggs from the chickens they keep on the property. Out back, behind their garage, his wife gives a tour of the coop. Stevens warned her she should never name her food, but Solo ignored his advice. She points out some of her brood of six. French Fry, Penny, Cruella. She scoops Penny into her arms, pulls the bird to her neck.

“Thanks for the eggs,” she whispers, before gently setting the chicken down.

CARYL Analysis Season 5 META Collection

CARYL-Centric Meta (or meta-like) Collection written and posted during TWD Season 5. 

The focus of each is the progression and observation of the Carol and Daryl relationship mainly throughout Season 5 but content from the other seasons is included when necessary. 

Each post is observational and my own personal interpretation of what we’ve seen as CANON on TWD screen AND any all FACTS made in the posts are backed-up by sources and links. 

*The Page can be found directly on my blog as a link on the very top of MY, She’ll Understand", main blog BUT if you are on mobile, the content is accessible to you under the CARYL Analysis TAG too. 

*Please keep in mind that this page is a master post BUT new posts will be added, edited and updated to its inventory as they are completed! 

 ❤️Basically A Lot Of Positivity, Flailing And CARYL Gushing❤️ 


ok so there is this book that i read when i was younger and it was about this girl that had like family problems (i cant remember if like her father abused her or her mother or something?????) and then she has to live with her other family like cousins and uncles and stuff in like a cabin…. and then her uncle rapes her in the woods near a pond and she writes like a diary about it and she doesnt think its a bad thing (because shes young and she doesnt understand, and her uncle (??) tells her its a good thing) and anyway ive been looking for it for like 3 years and i cant find the book pls help me

gone aesthetics: perhaps the smartest 14/15 year old in the world astrid ellison

“before the FAYZ the ratio of success to failure in her life had been hundreds to one. but since the FAYZ the ratio had reversed.


You know me, i’m not a fan of Hook, BUT.

Rumple just kill himself. It’s to save Bae&Belle, it’s to save SB…..doesn’t matter. But Hook is the only one who from moment one looks at Belle, he hates rumple but still, understand she loves him. 

Snow tends to look at them like they are tl, like she believes in them. Yet, in this scene she doesn’t give a damn about Belle. Hook I’m usually defending the other but in this scene, he UNDERSTANDS. Just look at his face. So much respect (also, charming seems to care but stopped. I think he would care as well, but I might be wrong)

Al the others are shocked (Emma goes for Neal. but I totally get that). Hook is rethinking how he saw RUmple. Hook is understanding. I love that

Flier Headcanons

rebelliousbatchild I was thinking of this 

  • Some fliers start learning English only after they finished their first year of life, some fliers learn later, some fliers learn sooner.
  • Aurora, being given the name of a Roman deity rather than a Greek one (like most fliers), was raised by a human who struggled with flier naming systems. As she was raised by a human, she grew up with both Flier and English, and she thinks in a mixture of the two languages. For her age, she has the best understanding of English out of any Flier.
  • Thalia, knowing English as a child and having no known parents, was also raised by humans.
  • The fliers’ land is split into regions, much the same way that human countries and kingdoms can be split into counties or districts. The royal caves are smack in the center of the centermost region.
  • Rather than semi-nuclear family unites that humans grow up in (though, of course, humans have some variation), Flier children are raised communally by the mothers. Flier males aren’t taught to favor their children; instead, they are taught to protect the colony as a whole. However, sometimes one can tell who their father might be by seeing who is showing a little favoritism. 
  • Flier monarchy is strictly matrilineal (this is a bit of a stretch, but we only see Queen Athena and Princess Nike. Also, this is based on the above headcanon of paternity not being kept track of, and a King wouldn’t keep track of who his children were). However, males can take important political positions, such as generals, judges, guards, and royal advisers.
  • Fliers have a justice system similar to humans, and a prison system similar to rats. However, instead of pits, bats have a chamber of caves that serve as prisons. Bats are insured that their prisoners stay in those chambers by tearing the prisoners’ wings. Guards have ledges to hang onto, but the prisoners can’t access them.
  • Fliers practice echo-art. Fliers projecting certain sounds to a place is much like humans using certain lighting to get a better picture. Echo Art, at this point, is getting the surroundings to project a certain atmosphere or feeling based on the sounds produced. Sometimes, Fliers project specific songs for specific occasions.
  • Homosexuality is not treated with the same stigma that it would in certain human societies, and since bat females can “suspend” a pregnancy, nor is promiscuity.

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I'm in love with a girl. The universe is simply the pedestal she stands upon. Issue is we are in highschool and I know most highschool relationships don't last but I want to marry her, she feels the same way, how do I keep the relationship alive?

It takes a lot of work, a good level of honesty and open communication, and an understanding that she is going to change a lot and so are you. The girl she is now, is nothing like the woman she is going to be, and the same goes for you. You have to be open to that, and know that will be the case, and love and stick with whomever she becomes if that’s what you want. 

Nat didn’t know about Clint’s family until after New York. She was understandably hurt, as she had developed feelings for him. When she finally worked up the nerve to tell Laura that she found her husband extremely attractive and nice to be around, Laura didn’t really hear anything past “really attractive". She looked over at him, sighed and said. “Yeah, that’s kinda why I married the big lug.”

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I have this friend who's always saying that we need boyfriends but like I'm fine without one but every time I talk to her it's always oh boyfriend this boyfriend that, she always says that I should get a boyfriend but 1. I'm too big for a guy to like me and 2. Like I said I don't need a guy and it's starting to annoy me, idk what to do without making her mad

First of all, you’re not too big for a guy to like you. No matter how much you weigh, there will be guys that find you attractive.

If you don’t want her to talk about it just tell her. If she’s a real friend she’ll understand.