“@MzKatieCassidy Please send a shoutout to your fan @derbykid. She’s a huge fan, whom you and Laurel inspired to beat cancer. She is a hero.”

If you have a twitter, we would kindly ask you to retweet this. It is for our fellow fan, Rebecca Johnson, who was inspired by Laurel and Black Canary to beat cancer. And while that is a huge thing, she gets comments like “you deserve cancer for liking Laurel” on Facebook by people from the same fandom she is in. This is not only disusting, but also a really terrible thing to say. So please, even if Katie doesn’t see this, show your support for her by retweeting or favoriting this tweet. Show her and show each other that we are awesome, and show her our support.

And yes, I am going to tag this with characters that it doesn’t include, because I want as many people on board as possible. This is not about ships or hates or actors. This is about a person who is just like us. Show some support!

This represents everything wrong with Arrow this season

Marc and co took the time to film a scene of the fucking fern being resurrected, so their fragile, precious, delusional Olicity fans can sleep at night, knowing that the symbol of their love is alive and well. 

Meanwhile Thea is lucky if she gets 5 minutes of screen time, she had no story line in S2 and her story line in S3 consists of being victimize by men and for men, being lied to and having her agency taken away from her.

Roy had more character development when he was a guest character in S1 than the two seasons he was a regular. Are you really telling me you couldn’t make killing the cop an actual story line? There was no mention of it for about 10 episodes before he brings it up to Thea, couldn’t they have shown him looking up the cop, finding his family, wrestling with what he should do, debating if he should turn himself in, still having nightmares, wanting to do something for the cops’ family, etc? If they knew in advance he’d only be there for 2 seasons, you’d think they’d actually want to do something with Roy freaking Harper, an iconic comic book character.

What has Diggle gotten to do? When was the last time he did something other than be background in team scenes or play matchmaker for Olicity? When they throw him a bone with the Suicide Squad, 1-2 times a season?

Did Felicity’s back story episode reveal anything we didn’t know before? Was it worth waiting 2 seasons for the writers to even give her a back story? Did she ever get a story line that wasn’t about her love life or being a superhero guru? Is there anything she can’t do, because her list of skills just keeps growing and growing to the point where if you told me she can perform brain surgery because she saw it in a movie, I’d believe it.

And finally Laurel. I’ve never seen a show treat their female lead this horribly. I’m sure just like in S2, half the deleted scenes will be of Laurel and Thea, because when in doubt, cut their scenes out, who cares about their development. She’s had inconsistent screen time wavering between not showing up/less than 5 minutes and getting the same as Diggle and Roy. 

Nyssa was announced as Laurel’s new trainer, only for it to be off screen, Laurel keeps getting marginalized, even when she’s meant to be part of Team Arrow. She fights alongside them, but both Diggle and Oliver on two separate occasions don’t count her when listing the team; despite knowing Roy for years and fighting alongside him for months, she’s not there for his goodbye (but Ray is, just for more love triangle BS) and despite being a sister to Thea, we apparently (haven’t seen the episode yet) don’t get a single scene from Laurel about it- not her finding out, not her being there at the hospital scene, she’s of course left behind while the TEAM goes to Nanda Parbat, because God forbid Laurel want to be there for her oldest friend and for a girl she loves like a sister. Oh and her one other scene gets cut, because of course it does. 

I bet Laurel had more screen time on the Flash than the last two episodes of Arrow combined. They also treated her better, because Cisco appreciated her, he didn’t belittle her, berate her, tell her she wasn’t good enough, wasn’t a hero or an addict or ‘you’re not your sister’. Even Nyssa, who along with Felicity, is one of the few who treats Laurel well on Arrow, made a comment on Laurel needing more training, so they could set her up to be her off screen trainer. Nobody cuts Laurel a break, nobody appreciates what she’s doing or the fact that she’s always been a hero, trying to get justice and putting herself at risk to do it and she didn’t need an Island and to suffer in order to not be selfish and start thinking of others.

 Laurel has had self defense training since before the show started, but we have to keep seeing her fumble or struggle while fighting to keep it “realistic”, while Felicity gets to take out her ex and apparently a member of the LoA in the last episode, Roy got Mirakuru, slapped water, went into a coma and woke up with fighting abilities, I have yet to see any amazing training for Oliver in the flashbacks and both Sara and Thea get the benefit of “off screen training”.

This season has been filled with characters making insane and illogical decisions, love triangle angst filled with speechifying and tears and doing nothing to convince me Oliver and Felicity could actually last as a couple, since the two broke up before they even gave it a real try and just skipped to the “I love you” stage instead of building their connection. The flashbacks have been boring, Merlyn is useless and ruined, Rugby Ra’s is a joke and they’ve been ripping off Batman left and right.

But by all means, film a scene especially with a plastic plant, that’s clearly what you should be focusing your energies and writing on.

My sibling and I made matching mugs.

So he comes to me and shows me a photo where a person hand-painted Alphonse Elric’s armor on a mug with a bloodseal inside. He said, “I’m going to make one. And you’re going to make one.” 

Because I am Fullmetal Alchemist trash to the hundredth power, I said, “HELL YES WE ARE.”

Today we went to Color Me Mine where we chose our ceramic mugs and got to painting. Or rather, I got to painting. My brother commissioned my best friend Sarah who so happens to be both an art major and cinnamon roll too good and pure for this world to do his mug. (His payment was a basket of wings from Flannigan’s. Which, I suppose, is pretty great.) 

Sarah asks me, “Do you want me to paint yours too?” And I reply, “What’s the fun in that?” She agrees and the two of us get to painting while my sibling watches, more useless than Roy Mustang in the Sacred Star of Milos movie.

Meanwhile, I’m sketching the blood seal over and over again, trying to get it right. As it turns out, it’s quite convoluted. And my respect for Ed went up by a thousand. I could barely put it together after multiple trials and errors while eleven year old Ed was able to draw it in blood with his finger while dragging his dismembered body across the room. 

I mean, I know he’s a child prodigy but still.

So I paint the blood seal and eff it up. I wipe it clean, paint over the smudges, and start anew and I finally get it down. 

In the end, my mug looked like this:

And my sibling’s mug (done completely and absolutely by Sarah):

And that was my Sunday.

I also did an outline for a speech due tomorrow.  Productive all around.

We get to see the finished products next week, whereupon they will be glossy and the colors will be darker/brighter. Until then, behold! Our shameless replication. (All credit to original artist, honestly. We just liked the idea and wanted our own mugs because we couldn’t find anywhere to buy them. haha)

anonymous asked:

literally what the fuck? first of all, a+ on maturity for tagging your shitty logic so that you get more exposure and insulting a bunch of strangers but i'll bite. If you're so propped up on comics, you'll get the only reason roy left and thea died (to be ressurected) is because she'll become speedy. How is this not favorable to thea? didn't laurel get a trilogy arc this season unlike idk any other female character? move on from the show and let yourself not be a bitter rude ass person anymore

So its ok to kill a female character to turn her into a superhero..Thats favorable?

Even more a teenage girl?

Kinda fun information for you…



What you are telling me is that its completely and utterly fine to slaughter, female characters to promote Male Characters into actions, as long as they come back as superheroes..

Which, newsflash!: Has nothing to do with the superheroes they are supposed to become in the first place.

*starts clapping* Good job mate, come on people give some applause here!

Know what that is called?!

Women in Refrigerators.

Was it ok for Jade to be killed by Major Force and then Stuffed into a Refrigerator, only to promote Kyle Rayner into action..Because she came back later, being resurrected in Blackest Night?


By that logic i could kill felicity smoak and let her return 2 episodes later because…Hell its not like its important right?

You not only get rid of the Importance of Death on your show, you continue your trend of fucking up Female Characters.

Oh and Laurel got an arc this season?

Oh yeah tell me about it.

You mean the complete Retcon of her Fighting Skills?

The Constant exposure to Hateful comments by EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER ON HOW MUCH SHE SUCKS?!

Or that Oliver Queen literally told her to go fuck herself? 

Furthermore..How is that a Trilogy Saga?

You mean picking up the costume, training, going out there? thats not a sage you uneducated twat thats a basic 3-Act story.

Yes she got a story.

One that was horribly executed and left no chance unused to just force down our throats: “Look she sucks at this! Yay!”

And you tell me thats ok?…

Dafuq is wrong with you man?!

Furthermore, you arent even convinced of your “Treat women like shit, if they become superheroes” theory yourself, because why would post it as an anon then?

Get of my lawn peasant! 

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Hello I'm a comic book fan here and yes I have "picked up a comic" and I really really think Sara represents the black canary from the comics much better than laurel she's just too weak and falls apart whenever something happens not to mention she can't even fight Roy and Oliver practically have to save her ass every time she gets into a fight

if you have picked up a comic book then you’d understand that there are traits besides fighting that laurel and BC share, and that the “she’s not a good fighter!!” argument is tired as fuck, since she is currently training and developing. and how is she weak? are you referring to her “falling apart” emotionally? cos if you are, that’s not really a good point because she has lost almost everything, so its pretty understandable. if not, still doesn’t stand for shit in your favor, because every time she is bested in the field she gets back up and fights.

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Louis and Roy--human!Roy AU X) (not a pairing, just them interacting)

“I still can’t stand you,” Roy pouts in his seat across from Charles’ High Steward, and Louis’ eyes widen substantially.

“I-” the butler begins but is immediately cut off by the now human best friend of his fiancée, “I mean, I don’t get it; why is she so attached to you?”

Roy’s eyes narrow in suspicion, and Louis frowns at the ginger’s next words, “And, why are you so adamant about taking her away from me?”

(If you’d shut up for even a moment, maybe he’d tell you, Roy)

If Things Would Have Been Different

[Part 1]  [Part 2] 
Part 3 is here! Enjoy reading! 
[]  [AO3]

Notes: I took the freedom to deviate from the character’s behavior especially Laurel. Since they are all like a family, I can see them interacting on an everyday basis doing what they do. So, you can say major deviations! :P 

“Hello, am I speaking to a Miss Smoak?”

“This is she.”

“Miss Smoak, I am speaking from the principal’s office of Starling’s School for The Elite. You are listed as the guardian of Mr. Roy S Harper. You are his aunt, am I right?”

“Yup, one and only. I am sorry, but I thought all the paperwork for his transfer was filed two weeks ago. I don’t believe anything was missing.”

“Miss Smoak, I am not calling regarding the paperwork. The principle would like a word with you regarding your nephew. How soon can you get here?”

Felicity let out a long sigh. She had a nagging feeling that she was going to get a call of such nature after Roy joined school but she had never thought that the call will come within the first week of school reopening.

“I can be there in half an hour. What kind of trouble did he cause?”

“I think that it’s best if you come down here and talk.”

Keep reading

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What do you know about Chrono Phantasma Extend's three new stories? Bullet's "The Rat", Kokonoe's "Collision", and Kagura's "Determination".

  1. The Rat - Details Bullet attempting to find information on her squad. I believe she breaks into a Sector Seven base but that might be mistranslated. It’s only three days away from release so I’m sure to get more details then.
  2. Collision - focuses on the plentiful events that occur around 2196 in Sector Seven. It first focuses on Kokonoe finding Hakumen in the Boundary, then moves onto Roy becoming increasingly corrupted by the Boundary. Finally, it shifts onto Azrael’s capture and imprisonment. Given the time period it’s in, we’re likely to see the games versions of the short stories Borderline, and The Diary.
  3. Determination seems to focus more on the relationship between Kagura, and Jin. Not a lot has been stated on this one as of yet, but Hibiki appears in it, and it seems like Tsubaki (or a member of the Zero Squadron) does as well.

nothinginmymadness asked:

4, 6, 23 and 28 :3c

4. least favorite character

already answered HISOKA, but now that i think about it i HATED KIKYO FROM INUYASHA

6. popular anime you didn’t like

attack on titan…

23. unpopular character you love

hmmm, well this is hard because i noticed that every character in my fandoms gets much love…maybe it could be ennoshita from haikyuu??? i love him so much and i relate to him a lot

28. most upsetting moment in anime, why

i always come back to the same animes but..fmab…when roy tried to kill envy so desperatly that he got to the point where he lost himself, it broke me..and also when riza cried because she thought roy was dead…

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You almost make it sound like Gwyneth Paltrow is responsible for your low income and your hardship. I also think you are missing the point as to why she is doing this. Paltrow, and others mostly chefs, are participating in the challenge ($29 per week) to campaign for Congress not to slash food stamp benefits any further. She is good friends with Chef Roy Choi, who is at the moment putting a project together of providing nutritious heath food for low income people.

First: I don’t live in poverty. I don’t get benifits of any kind from the government. I work very hard for what I have. I have lived in “poverty” (or what is considered below the poverty line) when I was a child but I don’t now. And I’m going to assume that you and everyone else who loves what they’re doing hasnt/doesnt know what it is to be poor.

Im not blaming her for anything. Im not one of those people who hates “the 1%”. What bothers me is that people like you are watching what she and others are doing and your all acting as if it’s some impossible feat. You’re all sitting there in your upper middle class suburbs shocked! Well all of us down here in the working class are saying “so… Whats your point?” we all do it. We do it on a weekly basis and its not.impossible. By saying that its such a struggle or hardship you insult all of us. So cut it out. $28/week per person is a lot of money where we’re from. It only seems like nothing to someone who has more… Its all about perspective.

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omg the one for my muse hurting yours pls

Send me ‘★’ for my muse (accidentally) really hurting yours

     “Jane, I en’t hurt you that bad.” Of course, not even he believes that, because she’s got blood flowing from her head where it made contact with the wall. Roy stands over her, trying to get look at the thing, but she won’t let him. He really just wants her to stop fucking crying.

      “You— y’ quit yer whinin’, Jane. Right now.”