Party time. Brooke was usually ready for a party and given that her last party she was kidnapped, she was just a little nervous. Nervous to get drunk that was a simple one. Though for some reason she felt like she’d be okay if Trey was there and that was something that she was getting used to. Looking around, she leaned up against the front door, looking out it as she waited to see people arrive. Everything in her kitchen was perfectly put together, all the drinks a girl could need and well arranged. Moving from the door, she walked into the kitchen and leaned against the counter. Hopping on top of it, she sat on the island and watched out of her open door while she flipped through her phone.

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any other funny stories about tobin at the ceremony

her youth coach said that one game they had it was 40 degrees and raining and tobin got so cold she could barely move, so he put her in goal and she just watched two balls go right by her, so what was learned yesterday is that goalie does not suit tobin 

Chapter Eighty One

Author’s note: I just had so many people picking for both that I did it with a little twist. If you don’t like it well, uhm, that’s your problem I guess. I think Harry’s was rooting for that one and I think Evee wanted the other.

She had no idea what was expected from her. She had been here before though. Here she was again, staring at the luxurious ceiling. Everything was so detailed she didn’t know where to look first. She could imagine being in Mr Darcy’s house, it would make her less nervous. Fumbling with her fingers, bum firmly planted on a Victorian looking couch, which only she could presume was a historical masterpiece, she stared out in front of her.

She had been sitting here for the past twenty minutes, scared to move one inch. She could imagine falling over the carpet, trying to hold on to the little table on her right, curling her fingers around the blue/golden vase on top of it and watching it fall down in slow motion, breaking into a million tiny pieces. It was not going to happen.

Sighing, she bit her lip. She did have to pee though. She remembered going to the restroom when it was Trooping Of The Colour but Harry had shown her the way. She was sure she’d end up being lost if she were to go solo.

Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted when she heard the big ceiling doors open to her left. Turning her head immediately, she stood up when she saw the woman who’s picture was on every post stamp in the country enter the room. She was wearing a light blue dress, in which Evee thought she looked very beautiful. Her hands were clasping on to each other in front of her and The Queen immediately smiled when she saw the blonde standing up.

Wearing her heels, Evee was almost a head taller than her. The Queen held out her hand and the nurse took it as an invitation to shake it with hers. Remembering what Kate teached her, her knees buckled into a curtsy. “Mrs Delamane, now that you’re marrying my grandson I don’t see why this is still necessary in private.”

Evee’s face immediately lit up in a beaming smile as she let go of the woman’s hand, “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything important with my visit, your majesty.” She honestly had no clue what to call the Queen. She always noticed how Kate kept her at respectful distance and thought it would be the best to do the same. She read into many protocols for the outside world towards the Queen, but now being in her inner-circle, she wasn’t sure if those would change.

“Oh no dear, I was delighted to hear from you. I’ve been wanting to get together and discuss a few things. Let us sit down and have some tea.”

Eveline’s eyes widened a little when she could see two butlers enter the room. One of them, the older man with grey hair, held a silver platter that had two detailed bone china teacups, a silver pot and the smallest spoons Evee thought she had seen in her life. The other man, a younger one with a slight startled expression on his façade held two bowls of strawberries and cream and placed them with much grace on the little tabletop in front of the settee.

“Tell me how do you prefer your  tea?” The Queen smiled at the woman sitting next to her. She could tell that Harry’s fiancé was nervous and tried to calm her down.

Evee didn’t dare to tell her she preferred coffee over tea. It was a nurse’s thing, coffee ran through her veins. She survived on coffee back in the days. “Usually just a tiny spoon of sugar and some milk.” She watched how the older butler immediately got into action.

“I favour mine with just some milk and no sugar.” The butler respectfully handed the cup of tea towards Eveline as her hands tried to steady the cup gracefully. Left hand on the plate, right hand sophistically around the ear of the cup. Don’t drink until the Majesty drinks it first. She carefully eyed how the buttler handed the Queen her cup of tea and waited. “Strawberries and cream?” Harry’s grandmother questioned. “I have been craving for these the entire morning.”

“That would be delightful.” Eveline smiled. When then nurse saw the Queen sip from her tea, she did the same. After the butlers set the bowls of strawberries on the table, along with some biscuits, they respectfully bowed at both of them and turned around, leaving the room.

“How is the wedding coming along?” Elizabeth spoke, setting her tea on top of table and taking one of the bowls and a little fork.

“Very pleasantly. Most important things are covered, Harry and I have been in quite a few meetings and the main aspect is covered.”

“I heard from Harry that it is going well, indeed. What about your dress?” The Queen made eyecontact with the blonde, who swallowed her tea deeply and set it aside. She saw how she gracefully reached into her purse, taking out a big brown envelope.

Sitting next to her, Elizabeth was quite surprised with the girl’s manners. Judging from the premiere pictures leaking into the press; the girl cursing around on international television, she improved a lot. Her grandson’s and Eveline’s publically affections didn’t go up her Majesty’s passageway at first. The first time she had met the woman on Harry’s birthday took her by surprise. The blonde was well mannered and a natural beauty. The public seemed to adore her smile and she made her grandson very happy. She could tell that ‘Evee’ (Elizabeth preferred the name Eveline, she didn’t like it when the press called her Evee) would be a positive addition for the family.

The woman had managed to turn into a large, brightly coloured butterfly in almost a year.

Elizabeth thought she was a fast learner and she adjusted well. She was quite different than Catherine. She didn’t think this girl had it in her to be Queen, but then again, she never thought Harry, her grandson had it in him to be king. They were both very free spirited. She promised herself she wouldn’t make the same mistakes as she once did with Harry’s mother.

She would let them be, she wouldn’t interfere (until necessary). They were doing a good job by now.

“That’s the reason I wanted to come here. I have the final sketches and your opinion would mean a lot to me.” Eveline spoke, opening the envelope. Suddenly she felt very nervous, the dress wasn’t white, it was ivory. She didn’t have any sleeves, her long veil would cover her arms. What would she say?

Oh god, what if The Queen didn’t approve?

She was absolutely in love with her dress, it would break her heart if she had to start all over again.

Eveline watched how Harry’s grandmother took the sketches in hand. She almost didn’t dare to look at her facial expression. Her eyes scanned the front of the dress. “The colour’s ivory and I have a long veil, it would cover my arms.” Evee’s voice managed to speak.

“This is beautiful, Eveline.” The Queen paused, again staring at the pearls and diamonds. ”Very detailed.”

Oh thank god. “It is a relieve that you think positively of it.”

“I didn’t expect you to just show me a plain dress. Harry and you seem to have a more, free style. This dress is well balanced. It’s different but still classic. A touch of vintage, if you ask me. I heard my son really liked it.”

Evee nodded her head, silently watching how The Queen’s fingertips trailed the buttons on the back. “He was quite fond of it.”

“How are you managing to keep this away from Harry?” The woman formed a mischief smile on her face. “I can imagine how hard it is. He’s always been a very curious spirit.”    

“I have been keeping them away in a safe. It’s the only way I know his curiosity won’t take over.” The Queen laughed at Evee’s response, gracefully popping a piece of strawberry in her mouth. Eveline still couldn’t believe it. She was having tea with the Queen. She was discussing her wedding dress with the Queen. The woman who’s head was on her money every time she bought pints back at the pub.  “I’m really pleased you like the dress. Your opinion is very essential to me and I’m sure it means a lot to Harry as well.”

Again, the older lady smiled. She could sense that the blonde’s nerves were finally settling down a little. “While you’re here and we have the sketches of the dress, I would like to show you a few things as well.”

Eveline sipped from her tea, setting down the fine china carefully on the table in front of them.

“As you probably know already, every royal bride is entitled to wear a tiara. It is expected from them on their special day. I want to show you the different options. We can compare them to the sketches and which one you prefer most, you can wear on your wedding day.”

Evee slowly nodded her head, trying to ignore her stomach turning. The Queen was asking her which delicate family piece Eveline wanted to put on her head. Things that were worth millions would have to go on her head. “Come on then.” Elizabeth requested, snapping the blonde’s thoughts away.

The doors of the room immediately opened as the nurse kept the Queen at respectful distance but still managed to walk next to her. She noticed that she didn’t walk very fast and tried to patiently stroll next to her with her hands crossed in front of her. “It isn’t very far, there will be a lot of security. We’ve opened the vaults for you today.”

“Oh.” An edge of fear came through Evee’s voice. The vaults. Right. These things don’t cost five pounds. “Thank you for taking your time to do all this.”

“It’s my pleasure, dear. I want you to look well for my grandson.”

It took about a ten minute walk through the hallways of Buckingham Palace to finally stop in front of two doors, guarded by four security men that respectfully bowed at the Queen once again. The doors immediately opened for them and for a moment Evee’s breath was caught in her throat.


Just breathe.

Try not to pass out at all these diamonds.

Don’t touch anything.


Keep your hands tied together and don’t fall.

The doors immediately closed behind them and they were alone once again. No natural light entered the room. There were no windows and the beautiful pieces were all carefully placed upon an individual dark blue suede pillows. “These are your choices. If you want to try any of them on, we have a professional to do that for you.”

Right. Let me just try them on like I’m trying on sunglasses at Primark’s. Eveline almost had to laugh. There was no way she would touch any of these.  “Step a little closer, you won’t see them if you keep standing by the door.”

Evee’s eye immediately turned towards one tiara on the far left. It looked delicate and feminine. The floral design with the rose diamonds stood out. The Queen immediately caught the woman looking at one of the most mystery pieces in her vault. It had been a while indeed since that piece saw daylight, let alone public daylight. “The public has been eager to see this one for a very, very long time. It’s called the Strathmore Rose Tiara. It is in need of severe restoration.”

Eveline’s feet managed to drag herself towards the modern, yet delicate piece. It wasn’t as shiny as the rest of them, but it had something bohemian. The rose diamonds would fit her dress remarkably. “I thought you would like this one. It would definitely match your style. I had always hoped that Catherine would choose this one but she has a more tailored style.”

Evee nodded her head, crunching down to look even closer at the piece but still not touching it. “It is very romantic.”

“It is. It needs a good opportunity to shine once again.” The Queen held back a smile.  

Evee stood up straight, she hadn’t even looked at the other pieces. Her eyes adverted from the Strathmore Rose towards a familiar piece. The one Harry’s mother used to wear. It was as if her heart rate quickened and she wasn’t sure why. This one was Princess Diana’s. Well, it wasn’t owned by her but it was the one she wore most. “Harry spoke to me about this particular one.”

“I’m confident he did. This was his mother’s favourite. The Cambridge Lover’s knot. “ It was bigger than Eveline imagined it would be and it looked quite heavy. “I know Harry would love to see you wear this tiara, Eveline but I personally think you need to establish yourself as a separate entirely before you wear this.”

The blonde adverted her eyes from the masterpiece towards The Queen. She couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. She wanted to do this for Harry. If she had to pick one herself, she would have picked the one that caught her eye in the first place. “You have thick hair, it would look good on you, I’m certain. Just not for your wedding day. I believe I can say this correctly, but why not for once think about what you like and not what my grandson likes. He is not marrying his mother, he is marrying you. Not that I would ever speak badly about Harry’s mother, I’m just saying that you should be yourself as much as you can.”

Evee was a little shocked at The Queen’s words. She didn’t dare to reply. She knew she didn’t mean any harm and in all honestly, her words held some honesty. “It’s not that I’m not allowing you to wear the Cambridge Knot. I’m merely giving you my humble opinion.” The woman smiled at the blonde. “I know you love my grandson a lot, but which of these pieces do you love the most and would fit your gown the best?”

Eveline couldn’t help but advert her eyes towards the piece that caught her attention in the first place. She didn’t even have the time to reply. “The Strathmore Rose it is then.”  The Queen smiled. “I have been wanting to restore it for quite some time now, I just needed to find the right reason. I suggest we do not try this one on before it’s fully done.”

She honestly was a little scared to tell Harry she wouldn’t be wearing his mother’s former tiara. Before she came here, she thought her decision was already made but hearing the Queen’s advice and seeing the other beautiful piece, which fitted her style remarkably, she couldn’t help but beg to differ. “I’m happy with my choice. Thank you.” The blonde smiled gratefully.

“I can still see some hesitation in your eyes. Would it make you feel better if I tell you, you can always wear the Cambridge Lover’s knot at the wedding party itself? You can surprise Harry.”

The Queen noticed how Evee’s eyes immediately lightened up. “Really?”

“I’d like to think the Strathmore will be too fragile to wear the entire day anyways. It’s a wonderful idea and we won’t have the public breathing on our necks.”

Evee gratefully smiled, “Okay then.”

“Now, let us go search for Philip, he’s been wanting to see you for a while now. Very eager to see the sketches of the dress. I sometimes like to think he has more fashion sense than me.”

The nurse couldn’t help but laugh.

             [ ]           The two had been sitting on the tower - it was supposed to be his shift but yet she was still there with him. He looked down at she rested her head down in his lap and hesitantly he rested his hand on her head, gently carding his fingers through her blonde hair. “If you are tired - I can stay up here by myself..”

She could feel his fingers moving through her hair and she took a deep breath. 

“No it’s fine, I just need to close my eyes for a moment.” The cold air was whipping around them and she pulled her legs up and moved up on his chest, her hand resting next to her.  She could hear his heart and it was so calming.  “I just don’t want to be in that huge house alone.”

Dating Tracy Stewart would include :

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● Helping her with her night terrors.

♢ At first she didn’t want to worry you with them.
♢ After you told her that you want her to wake you up because you hate it when she has to deal with them alone she’d wake you up.

● Her not telling you about the black goo,  because she doesn’t want you to freak out.

● Calling her Trace.

● Tracy playfully leaning in for kisses than pulling away.

● Being friends with Lydia.

● She’d keep a picture of you and her in her locker.

● Hanging out in her room.
♢ You could spend hours staring at her drawings.

● For your first date, Tracy prepared a picnic on her roof so you two could stargaze.

● She’d be the one who made the first move, surprisingly.

● Tracy wanting to introduce you to her father as more than a friend, but he’s always too busy.

● Sneaking into each other’s rooms.

● Tracy getting lost in thought while looking at you.

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● Looking for her when she went missing.

● Going to the sheriff station, to ask for help because you think Tracy is missing, only to see the huge mess it was.
♢ Following Malia down to the basement when you saw her running.
♢ Rushing towards Tracy when she starts transforming back into a human.
▪ Reassuring her that it’s not a dream.
♢ One of the Dread Doctors holding you back as they kill her.
▪ Refusing to leave her body.
¤ Malia trying to comfort you.
▪ Backing Malia up when no one believed her about the guys in the masks.

● The Pack checking up on you after Tracy’s death.
♢ Telling them you want revenge on The Dread Doctors.
♢ Joing the pack.
▪ Stiles loving you because you two are ‘The Human Duo’ according to him.

● Tracy seeing a card from you on her dad’s table at the hospital, since you visit him since he’s the only living connection you had to her when she was dead.
♢ She’d quickly take the card before they left her dad’s hospital room.

● Tracy keeping an eye on you from a far.

● You going with Scott and Stiles into the tunnels.
♢ Tracy seeing the way you flinched and stepped back when you saw her chimera form.
▪ Her heart broke when she saw the fear in your eyes.
♢ She’d make sure the rest of the members of Theo’s pack don’t hurt you.
● Going into Eichen House to get Lydia out.
♢ Keeping watch for the rest of The Pack outside.
♢ Trying to stop Theo’s Pack.
▪ Tracy pleading with you to get out of the way.
¤ Refusing and Theo knocking you out of the way so hard that you were thrown against a wall; causing you to crack a rib, dislocate your shoulder and have a ton of bruises.
•Tracy trying to hold back tears when she heard your scream of pain.

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● Which leads to Tracy attacking Theo who proceeded to slam her to the ground; Theo and the rest of The Chimera leaving you two in the hallway.
♢ Tracy rushing towards you and taking you to Mrs McCall, so she can help you.
▪ Scott and the rest of The Pack coming to check up on you and being super pissed when they see how badly you’re injured.

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● Tracy not leaving your side when you were stuck in the hospital.
♢ At first none of The Pack would want her to be alone with you.
♢ While you two were alone you tugged Tracy down to kiss her gently.

“Let’s go out to the movies after this whole mess is over?”

● Theo expecting her to come back to his pack and being shocked when she hasn’t returned.
♢ He’d confront her about it and would be pissed when she said she’s not longer a part of his pack.
▪ Theo would try killing you after that since he sees you as her weakness.

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● After you were released from the hospital Tracy accompanied you everywhere.
♢ At night she’d sit on a chair next to your bed, refusing whenever you told her she could sleep next to you because she’s terrified she might hurt you.
♢ Eventually you were sick of seeing her sit uncomfortably so you pulled her to lie down next to you.
▪ She’d still try creating distance between you two, until you told her you were cold as an excuse to have her hold you.

● Gradually going back to your old relationship.

● The Pack slowly accepting Tracy and eventually being welcomed into the back.
♢ Coming up with a believable lie so she can return to school.

“She was kidnapped.”

● Tracy being a lot more confident since she became a Chimera.
♢ Although she still becomes flustered around you.

● Getting flowers and letters in your locker constantly.

● Tracy surprising you with gifts.
♢ Like that necklace you really liked.
♢ Or that new book you’ve been looking at.

● Tracy blushing whenever you kiss her in public, even if it’s just her cheek.

● Long hugs.

● Finding her smirk incredibly attractive.

“Trace stop it…”

● Listening to music together while doing homework.

● Tracy kissing the back of your neck.

● Always staring into each other’s eyes.
♢ Both of you getting lost in them.

● Gentle kisses, most of the time.

● Rough kisses especially after she became a Chimera.
♢ She’d grip your hips pulling you flush against her, as the kiss progresses her hand would touch the small of your back and then other running through your hair.
♢ Tracy backing you up against walls placing her hands on either side of your face, leaning to join your lips together.

● Neck kisses.
♢ Also a lot of hickies.

● Pushing lose strands of hair behind her ear.

 ● Tracy straddling you during kisses.

● Sitting next to each other in class.

● Tracy hesitating when you asked to see her Chimera eyes, because she can still remember how scared you looked the first time you saw them.

● Watching horror movies together.
♢ Before she was a Chimera she’d hide her face in the crook of your neck.
♢ Now she still does, she just does it because she likes being close to you.

● Holding hands everywhere.

● Cute couple selfies.

● Tracy shyly showing you drawings once she’s done with them.

● Tracy hugging you from behind, holding you around your waist and kissing your shoulder.

● A lot of cuddling.

● Both of you being whipped AF.

● Carrying each other’s books.

● Not a lot of PDA.
♢ In private it’s a whole other story.

● Stealing her jackets.
♢ Tracy finding you gorgeous in them.
♢ Tracy wearing one of your hoodies when she stays over.

● Tracy getting distracted when you play with her hair.

● Her eyes turning gold when someone flirts with you.
♢ Stiles awkwardly nudging her before someone notices.
♢ Her walking up to you and clasping your hand in hers, kissing you on the cheek.
♢ If they didn’t back off she’d lose her cool and push them against a locker

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● Playing with her necklace.
Lying Is The Most Fun

“He wasn’t worth it, was he?” I asked, a smile spread across my face. My head was titled down looking at (y/n). Her eyes where blood shot and sore as she sobbed her apologies. As I scanned her body, I had an idea. “Come in.” I sighed moving back so she could walk past. She slowly made her way to the lounge, her head still hanging in shame.

My smile remained as I took a seat opposite her. The sobbing had gotten quieter and I could feel the tension. “Was he worth it?” My question caught her attention, her head shot up from her hands; revealing the blacklines running down her face. “Was he worth it?” I repeated growing impatient.

“D-dan, I… I” She stuttered catching her breath.
“For fucks sake (y/n)!” I shouted standing up from the soft brown chair. “Was there a thrill? (Y/n)? Was there a thrill? Scared of being caught, your heart was beating out of control” I said, pacing back and fourth infront of her.

“I, I’m s-sorry” she mumbled attempting to make eye contact with me.
“Sorry doesn’t cut it” I spat, the smile never left. I shook my head and let out a little laugh. “Why are you here?” I asked, she hadn’t answered any if my previous questions and my patients was dropping fast.
“Bea-beacuse I-I love you D-Dan” She whispered, hoping for my forgiveness.
“Ha! Because you love me” I repeated, now sitting back where I had been previously. “If you love me why did you do it?” I was sick of asking her questions to have no reply.

She shrugged her shoulders and placed her gead back in her hands.
“You want me back” I stated leaning back in my chair. “You want me back because he wasn’t worth it. He was just using you” I grinned pushing my hand through my fringe.
“P-please Dan, I, Im so sorry” she cried quietly. The smell of her perfume hung in the air. That smell used to bring me love and happiness, now it just brings me betrayal and sadness.

“Take me back Dan” she pleaded, her eyes where still sore but looked soft at the same time.
“Poor, stupid girl” I muttered, lifting my body from the chair for a second time. Slowly I walked over to (y/n) and crouched down infront of her. “Silly silly girl,” I shook my head “I’m not going to take you back, why would I. So so silly” I said, walking out of the door and closing it behind me. The sound of the cries from (y/n) covered the sound of the door closing.

As I stepped into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water I began to think back on when I found out about  (y/n). I wasn’t going to take her back not after what she did. She was a stupid girl, she didn’t even deserve me inviting her in.


* Toriel sings a beautiful lullaby

* But Chara is already sleeping

If it ever feels like there’s too much joy in your life, just imagine Toriel digging her child’s grave and burying them, alone.

The lullaby Toriel’s singing, if you’re curious.

I hope that she can love again, whether that person is male or female. I hope that she can find that. But for me, personally, I think it was so amazing for my character to really truly love someone. And she has just passed away at this point, and I think it’s going to take a long time to grieve and to move forward. And I want to allow her that time.
I don’t want her to move on to some other girl. She could, but it would be out of grief. It wouldn’t be because she immediately falls in love with some other woman or what have you. I think Lexa was her love and it was so lovely to see her and feel that.

au: after having enough of Rumple’s regular shit, Regina decides to visit Gold’s shop during his absence and makes sure to move every object subtlety one inch to the left without him knowing. Safe to say there are repercussions. 

He was the dark lord,
Who stole away the bride of spring
Of summer
Of warmth
And infused starlight into her veins
And coated her in galaxies.
He was the dreamer,
The wisher,
Reaching his hands out for something that could not belong to him,
She was his salvation-
And he would destroy worlds for her.
He would lay his kingdom at her feet,
Drop to his knees where the stars and mountains lingered,
And offer himself up to her-
Unworthy, death incarnate-
He’d pluck every star from the sky,
Break down every wall,
To tell her that he could hardly breathe when she moved
And he would rather die than be without her.
He spent all his time dreaming, dreaming, dreaming,
That when she told him that she loved him, all he could say was,
I am unworthy but I will build and break and destroy and create for you.
For you, I kneel.
For you, anything.
—  Rhysand. (via @brizzlewritesthings)

I could cry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


RIP Drawing


reasons still/alone are the best (2/?)
beth helps daryl cope with his past
             “you gotta stay who you are. not who you were.”


it hurts to see a “fan” has upset him this much :(


You’re okay?
                       Yeah… I  am.