Supercorp: boardrooms

Lena would be touched but right now they’re not speaking.  It had been three days without word from Supergirl after having her mother locked up, and Lena had taken that as a message that she could do more.  So she moves herself to the boardroom next to her office and gets her best engineers and scientists and they spend nights going through what little Lena can find of Cadmus tracks.  She can find all sorts of experiments and weapons and they do their best to reverse engineer those and hand their findings over to the DEO to a grateful Agent Danvers, but there is little to be found in terms of captives or documentation of Cadmus activities.  

It’s the fourth night, when she’s talking to her staff, that she sees Supergirl fly by, checking to see if she’s in her office.  This happens for two more nights and Lena realizes Supergirl is checking up on her rather than keeping tabs.  The next time she knocks on the glass as Supergirl flies by and it nearly jolts her out of the air.  Lena gives her an apologetic smile but holds up a finger and gestures to her office.  

“You’ve been busy, I hear” says Supergirl once Lena joins her on her balcony.  

“Yes, well, your…. absence gave me time to think.  Like Lex, my mother has left quite a trail of mysteries behind her.  I’m doing my best to help solve them.”  

“I wanted to come and see you before, actually but business got in the way.  I wanted to thank you for your part in what you did.”  The sentence is simple and Supergirl frowns because it both does and doesn’t convey what she wants to say.  Being a Luthor means that Lena’s no idiot.  She’s like a mixture of Winn and Alex but feels that comparison doesn’t do her justice either.  She thinks of Winn.  The Toy Maker’s son.  Never once did they think that Winn was in league with his Dad and yet with Lena….. despite her eagerness to rename L-Corp and make it an corporation for good… 

“I wanted to also apologize.”  

“Apologize?” asks Lena, thrown for a loop.  

“Since arriving here your goal has been to make people see the name Luthor differently, and you have time and time again.  There was no reason to think you wouldn’t continue to this time.”  

“Except for my little speech about being a Luthor” mutters Lena.  

“Except that you’ve proved that can mean something else.  I won’t forget that.  So, thank you.  I am sorry though that your family let you down again.”  To this Lena shrugs.  

“Par for the course of being a Luthor.  Lillian let me down my whole life.  I only really had Lex.  I should have excepted something…. and maybe I did, not on this scale, but something, after all, Lex wasn’t the only on effected…. anyway, thank you.”  

“I look forward to working with you again Lena” says Supergirl, and then she’s off, leaving Lena watching her soar against the sky.  

for @ albedosoyna; elena/cissnei.

Being a Turk recruit meant meeting all sorts of characters, the endearing of them and the downright bizarre. There was never a dull moment in the department, it seemed. And there was never a moment where she could breathe – always on the move to do her assigned tasks, always on the lookout just in case one of her superiors decided to surprise her with an impromptu training-session.

Honestly, it was hell.

Elena’s latest task was to sneak an attack on one of the senior officers, Cissnei. The strength of it didn’t matter, just managing to land one.

She watched Cissnei like a hawk, had tailed her around the base with intense fervor. Despite the occasional cruelty of her training, Elena took it all too seriously – enough for one her superiors, Reno, to tell her to cut herself some slack.

When the perfect moment to strike presented itself, Elena didn’t hesitate, had lunged with all her might… only to find her face pushed against the cold surface of the wall, her arm held twisted against her back, her body pinned in its place.

“Next time, make your steps lighter,” Cissnei whispered into her ear, every word she uttered a soft, warm breath caressing her skin. Elena’s heart skipped a beat, and she swallowed thickly. Even as Cissnei let her go, Elena didn’t move from her position, waiting until she completely composed herself before she turned to face her.

“Let me guess, Reno and Rude?” Cissnei asked when Elena did finally turn around. She sighed, fondly exasperated. “They assigned me to Tseng when I was a recruit. It wasn’t a pleasant experience…”

Elena could only imagine how that would go for her. “So it’s safe to say that you didn’t make it?”

“No, not yet.” At that, Cissnei looked at her, thoughtful. “Maybe you’ll have a better shot with me than I did with Tseng…”

So Elena tried. She tried and tried and tried, always ending up failing, Cissnei’s amused laughter ringing in her ear – and it was unfair how electrifying failure had felt, how lovely.

She would’ve kept trying if it weren’t for Cissnei’s disappearance, her quiet withdrawal from the Turks’ ranks. And weeks afterwards, Elena realized that, brief as their meetings were, she missed her – missed her words of advice, her tales from her recruitment days, her voice, the weight of her body pinning her own.

As the years passed, Elena found her thoughts drifting to her. Was she alive, or was she damned along with Midgar and ShinRa?

It was four years after Meteorfall that Elena thought of Cissnei again, briefly exiting the annual celebrations held in the Seventh Heaven bar – which the remaining Turks showed up to crash without fail – taking in the chilly night air.

Her body moved on instinct when she felt a strike aimed her way. Pinning the offender against the alley’s wall, Elena’s eyes widened. She recognized that red hair, the warmth of that laugh. “My, did I get rusty.”

Taking a page from Cissnei’s book, Elena leaned close to whisper into her ear, “It’s either that, or I finally have you beaten.” A Turk never got rusty. They both knew that perfectly well.

When she let Cissnei go, Cissnei looked at her with a mix of amusement, pride, and a hint of heat. “You look good in blue,” she murmured, smirking when she saw the astonishment in Elena’s expression, because this was the highest praise a Turk could ever hope to get from another. “Let’s get something to drink.”

Later on, Cissnei breathed, “Happy Meteorday,” against Elena’s lips, before closing in and kissing her, tasting of whiskey and nostalgia and rewards.


Vee was stepping through the front door of Demon’s mansion, having received a text from Lilith saying she needed help moving something. Which was weird since he could’ve sworn she had all her stuff moved to the castle already. He went up to her room to see what she needed, but she wasn’t there. He scowled and figured she was in the dungeon, so that’s where he went, stopping dead in his tracks when he saw not his daughter, but Demon himself. And fuck did he look good.

“Demon! I-uuh…I was looking for Lilith…” The vampire backed away towards the stairs, his gaze never faltering from the man’s chest. And arms. And…oh god that groin…

how would moving in with junhwe be
  • until he convinced her to move in, he would be bugging her about it like.. every second but having different approaches each time
  • and even though he would tell her it was just so they could meet more often so she wouldn’t nag at him, it was like one of his life goals
  • so he’d be all happy and try to make the house look nice
  • then he’ll walk in with her and gasp, like he was surprised
  • like the house was surprisingly clean and nice as if he didn’t know
  • because he had done it before she could move in
  • after she unpacked and got her stuff over his house, he’d be all smiles for a while
  • but then he’d start nagging if her stuff were over his
  • but then he’d get used to it anyways
  • and he’d gasp dramatically if she was wearing his stuff, lowkey loving it
  • but still nagging
  • ‘’baby.. i’m hungry’’ this would be quite frequent for him even if he doesn’t exactly like asking things from her
  • and he’d be just real happy that he got to be with her
  • having people over would get him quite mad if he had little time to spend with her
  • and he’d nag the hell out of himself
  • but in the end, just getting to have her in his arms by the end of the night would get him happy
  • unless they were fighting
  • he’d probably bang the front door and leave after shouting quite a few things to her face
  • finally talking out to her would get him happy since he got to be with her again
  • so the house would be lively
  • and full even though it was just the two of them
  • cause he’s loud as hell
  • and it’d look like the house has just way too many people
  • but that’s just junhwe
  • noisy house is happy junhwe

14. Getting beaten up 

Dead Master started coughing up blood once the kick hit her abdomen once again. She was too weak to move. She could look at her reflection through a piece of shattered glass. Dead Master could she her face was bruised up while the monster continued to use her as a punching bag. 

Dead Master was so focused on herself, she didn’t even notice the woman stepping into her home.


She does a tremendous amount of her own stunts. She did something last night, which I won’t say, but it was shocking. All I’ll say is I went on set and I was watching the monitor and the camera was moving but she was doing something that I could’ve sworn, for sure, she had to be in a harness and, I kid you not, she was not in a harness. I was just blown away. She started training back in September 2014! Her double is always on set, most of the time she stands there and watches. She keeps thinking she’s going to have to go in, but then Robbie just keeps pulling the stunts off herself.
–– Suicide Squad’s producer on Margot Robbie’s stunt work


* Toriel sings a beautiful lullaby

* But Chara is already sleeping

If it ever feels like there’s too much joy in your life, just imagine Toriel digging her child’s grave and burying them, alone.

The lullaby Toriel’s singing, if you’re curious.


“For me, personally, I think it was so amazing for my character to really truly love someone. And she has just passed away at this point, and I think it’s going to take a long time to grieve and to move forward. And I want to allow her that time. I don’t want her to move on to some other girl. She could, but it would be out of grief, it wouldn’t be because she immediately falls in love with some other woman or what have you. I think Lexa was her love and it was so lovely to see her and feel that.” - Eliza Taylor. 

He was the dark lord,
Who stole away the bride of spring
Of summer
Of warmth
And infused starlight into her veins
And coated her in galaxies.
He was the dreamer,
The wisher,
Reaching his hands out for something that could not belong to him,
She was his salvation-
And he would destroy worlds for her.
He would lay his kingdom at her feet,
Drop to his knees where the stars and mountains lingered,
And offer himself up to her-
Unworthy, death incarnate-
He’d pluck every star from the sky,
Break down every wall,
To tell her that he could hardly breathe when she moved
And he would rather die than be without her.
He spent all his time dreaming, dreaming, dreaming,
That when she told him that she loved him, all he could say was,
I am unworthy but I will build and break and destroy and create for you.
For you, I kneel.
For you, anything.
—  Rhysand. (via @brizzlewritesthings)
I hope that she can love again, whether that person is male or female. I hope that she can find that. But for me, personally, I think it was so amazing for my character to really truly love someone. And she has just passed away at this point, and I think it’s going to take a long time to grieve and to move forward. And I want to allow her that time.
I don’t want her to move on to some other girl. She could, but it would be out of grief. It wouldn’t be because she immediately falls in love with some other woman or what have you. I think Lexa was her love and it was so lovely to see her and feel that.

au: after having enough of Rumple’s regular shit, Regina decides to visit Gold’s shop during his absence and makes sure to move every object subtlety one inch to the left without him knowing. Safe to say there are repercussions. 

I could cry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


reasons still/alone are the best (2/?)
beth helps daryl cope with his past
             “you gotta stay who you are. not who you were.”


it hurts to see a “fan” has upset him this much :(