Henry/Mekhai in ‘200’

The funniest shit happened, like, okay, so I have this friend from high school and his wife just gave birth to their first baby, and he posted a picture of her in the hospital bed, and he was so proud and happy and he was like “look at the beautiful new mommy” and I sent him a message going, “Dude, you better take that shit down or she is going to kill you dead” and he was like “nah, you just don’t see how gorgeous she is, you have no idea what she just went through, she brought a life into the world, she’s amazing” and I was like, “yeah, you’re real cute, but she’s going to murder you”

Well, that was like yesterday, and now the picture is gone and he’s not answering texts.

i HATE this movie they lie about raja wanting to abort the kid and now she gives birth without him even knowing i’m gonna sue the writer bhen chod aisi filmein likhta hai tu 

something that’s always bothered me about steven universe is how did rose give birth to steven??? like i get that she gave up her physical form to give him her gem and life and all but like…how did greg even get her pregnant if her physical form is an illusion like surely they couldn’t have had sex but how would greg’s dna be passed onto steven and how would rose’s?? and even if he did get her pregnant how did she gestate and how did she give birth to him??? i just dont get it?? how did it work?

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Lmao at jenelle thinking she got the right to be called mom. What has she done for jace to be called "mom" other than conceive and birth him. She don't even pay child support for him. He should be calling her may-may or whatever. Her delusion is seriously fucked up if she thinks she deserves to be called mom. She don't know what a mom is...

She thinks being a mom is birthing a child.

She thinks that having a kid automatically gives her the title.

She’s a deadbeat

Probably unpopular Steven Universe theory

So a friend and I were discussing SU, and we talked about Rose and how odd her death seems. We both also think Tose isn’t all that good. This is what he said:

“Well, when you think about Her death is very suspicious, because no one would willingly let their spouse die, even if to bring a child into the world. Rose, wasn’t stupid, and she must’ve willingly chosen to give birth to steven. So, it means Rose has some ulterior motives. I dont know why we’re sitting here thinking Rose is good, no. She gave birth to him, likely to later use his human body for herself. She’s probably in his gem, or half of her is in lion. Whatever the case may be, she’s using Steven’s body. Why? Who knows, but most likely to become human herself and grow old, and die with greg or something. But we’ll see the gems have to pick between rose and steven.

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Can Simon (female) where she gave birth to a child, and next to it is David? (she gave birth to him, so I just like this couple.) = ^ - ^ =

Thank you for the request!
I also love this couple. I want happy to draw the two people.

*nangis sambil nyanyi lagu saloma*

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You know it really pisses me off how people keep saying Babs is not Jace's mom. HELLO! She raised him from birth. Ppl keep defending by saying she made mistakes and Babs should let him go back to his "real mom" . You know sometimes I wish she would have put him up for adoption so she can see she cant just go snatch a kid back just because she finally wants to play Mom. They think since her mom has him, she can go get custody back just like that.

Omg yes! Exactly this! I doubt Jenelle will ever get custody

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Well they don't have genitalia anyway because they're magic space rocks and their bodies are basically holograms. But since the writers confirmed that Steven's mom shapeshifted to grow a womb so that she give birth to him, I think it's possible that they could in fact grow dicks if they wanted.

Nice B)

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also hope u don't mind two but: etienne trevelyan was bastard born, the son of a young orlesian noblewoman who's family paid off the man who they thought was his father to take him in. Said man also believed himself to be the bastard's sire because he was indeed banging the girl, but he was unaware that his mage brother was also sleeping with her as well. Ser Richard, who Etienne thinks is his uncle, is his actual father. Only etienne's mother knew this, but she died birthing him.

Holy cow. :D Laughlin Lavellan was born into clan Lavellan as the only child of a young couple. His parents live on. Laughlin, because he’s a cute and charming bastard (if not an actual one) was spoiled nearly rotten when he was younger.


All things truly wicked start from an innocence.


Born with a sharp tongue and an even sharper mind, Elijah De Vincent desired three things: money, power and glory and oh my, did he know how to get exactly what he desired. The game of life has and eternally will be rigged in his favor. But let’s rewind to March 1919, in Stockholm, Sweden. A girl with hair as golden as honey, cheekbones sharper than blades and orbs like milk chocolate that those who looked into them got lost gave birth to a baby boy – Tobias Erikson. He had his mother’s beautiful features, and while he was born with looks, he wasn’t born into wealth. Tobias’s mother, Julia was the tender age of nineteen when she gave birth to him and when she told her baby daddy she was with child, he ran for the hills, leaving Julia and Tobias to fend for themselves. However Julia was a child herself – a child raising a child and quite frankly she had no clue how to be a mother. As soon as Tobias could walk and talk, he was forced to fend for himself – being heavily neglected by his young mother who would leave the boy home alone while she dressed up from head to toe only to bring home a different man every night and dress down for them … [ ELIJAH’S BIOGRAPHY. ]

My Short Headcanons - The Walking Dead

-Daryl and Merle are half-brothers but Daryl does not know that. His mother was seventeen years old when she got pregnant with him, and soon left after she gave birth to him. Daryl grew up thinking Merle’s mother was his mother too.

-Daryl died drowning when he was 15 years old but was revived by Merle. Daryl didn’t want him to know that he want to die.

-During when Merle was in prison, teenage Daryl tried to runaway from home but was brought back by the police as they found him sleeping in someone’s property.

-Daryl was 17 years old when he first killed a man. The man was beating up his brother and Daryl grabbed a handgun hidden inside the kitchen drawers and shot him in the back twice. Merle helped him to hide the body in the woods.

So many people are like, “Hahaha Voldemort’s parents must have played the ‘I’ve got your nose’ game a little too siriusly with him’ and I’m just like, “but his mum died after she gave birth to him and he killed his father…?” (And yes I meant to spell seriously like siriusly. If you don’t get my Harry Potter references there is something siriusly ron with you. I’ll let myself out.)

When Worlds Colide by Rebekermc

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by Rebekermc

When Rick’s wife dies during child birth, she leaves him lonely with two children to look after. But what happens when one day, out of no where, Daryl Dixon turns up in his bed.

Words: 7225, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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