The only unit in Vietnam with written permission from the Flying Tiger Association to use their shark mouth nose art was the Shark gunships of the 174th Assault Helicopter Co. All Sharks took great pride in that.

Your smile is like a mirror because when I see it, I start to smile and think I’m happy like you are. But when you’re gone, so is my reflection and I don’t know how to feel without you to show me. I become lost and hopeless. I start to cry because I miss having that simplicity of knowing when or when not to be happy and you have always been that for me. You’re my other half and always have been and now that you’re gone, my identity has left me.
—  who am I

tsoachilles: Hiii! I really love the wallpapers you’ve made! Would you be able to do a sharks and/or predators pride wallpaper? Thank you!!

tater-mashkov: Your pride wallpapers are so pretty!!! Do you think you could do one for the preds?

Anonymous: i don’t know if anybody has requested it yet but could you do nashville predators or vegas golden knights pride backgrounds when you have time?

Anonymous: Hiii! I love those wallpapers could you do the predators one please?

Anonymous: Ahhh I love the pride wallpapers could you do the preds and also thrashers 

Nashville Predators

Pride Month - June 2017

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