Guys. They are PRIDE sharks. So: EQUALITY

Okay so I’m just reposting somethings I said in asks to the lovely punnyneurotic about those adorable and amazing pride sharks so everyone can see because I think I made some important and valid points in a (mostly lel) polite manner.

Hey so I just wanted to say those pride sharks are damn amazing and they represent the WHOLE lgbt community so the WHOLE lgbt community should be appreciative and grateful of this amazing artwork you (punnyneurotic) have gifted our faces with.

After all the acronym lgbt doesn’t include agender, asexual, grey or demi anything but you don’t see people screaming for that to be changed and added to right? Well that’s becahse everyone understands that the acronym includes EVERYONE.

Also of course the cis shark should be there because the lgbt community also includes people who SUPPORT lgbt people, cis or otherwise, and GOD DAMMIT GUYS IT’S ABOUT PRIDE so are cis people incapable, unallowed, or not supposed to have pride in their lgbt friends, family, neighbors, even strangers, etc? Not only that but they’re called PRIDE sharks so while people might just automatically assume that means pride in everything that isn’t cis, cis people are allowed to have pride in themselves too because at the end of the day the issue is EQUALITY.

I changed a few words around since in an ask characters are limited so it’s better worded here.
Please please PLEASE reblog this if you are a part of the lgbt community so that peeps who are hating on punnyneurotic can see it and understand the universe and just hush their faces?

Seriously. Spread this and spread lgbt pride and give love to punnyneurotic for making the pride sharks at all. And please don’t go sending hate or mean ish to people who are already spreading those things everywhere because then you’re just adding more poison.


It’s that time of the year again, and this year I did a little revamp on the sweater wallpapers from last year! This is the final installment and they work the best on the iPhone 6, with the sweater having the clock built into it :) They work on other devices too, though! Give it a try, there’s even bonus NWHL ones! More leagues to come!