Vanessa grabs Jared’s hand forcing him back down the hall with her to meet Shannon. Jared follows behind her, catching a glimpse of the way her ass fits in the jeans she’s wearing. Suddenly he wishes he’d sent her away in a skirt instead. He snakes his free hand around her waist, pulling her against him as they walk, kissing her exposed shoulder and neck, making her giggle in his arms. “Stop, please. I can’t take any more,” she begs through her laughter, leaning her head on his shoulder, not really wanting him to stop.

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Reigning Madness – Chapter 74


Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: None

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Caroline’s POV:

Jared had been acting squirrely ever since the proposal. After quite a bit of insisting I got him to postpone the trip to Vegas until we could make arrangements to have family there. I still loved the idea of running off with him like that, I didn’t want a big wedding, especially after everything that had happened this year. The planning and drama of a huge ceremony wasn’t something I was looking forward to, but I did want my parents and my sister there, and of course Shannon and Connie. Jared took my objections well and promised we’d set everything up as soon as he got back into town but he’d been back for a week now and every time I brought the subject up he changed it quickly. I was beginning to worry that now with the baby here and things getting back to normal he was considering returning to his old bachelor ways.

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anonymous asked:

YOU HAVE OTHER STORIES???? I must read them immediately! What are they called?

💁🏻 Hello Anon!!

I do!! 💗

Here are the links to ‘Fallen’ - A Jared one shot and ‘The Fantasy’ which is a bi-leto one shot.

And I also wrote ‘You Had Me at Hello’ - A Shannon short story.

Happy Reading!! I hope you enjoy them, babe!!



If Shannon wasn’t the other major artery in 30 Seconds to Mars, it would have been easier to walk away. He’s the one that lead me here. He’s the one who broke new ground. He was the one who had the drum set when he was fucking four years old. He was the creative one. He’s the one who has always being passionate about music.” -Jared