Ok, so Trollenheim tweeted this in response to a question about Oliver’s hand in the new 3x10 promo. And something popped in my head. Remember when in 2x09 Oliver almost died and he hallucinated about Shado? She told him to let go. To join her. To die. But he also heard Felicity asking him to stay with her. To stay. To LIVE. And he stayed. BECAUSE FELICITY ASKED HIM TO. BECAUSE IF IT’S HER ASKING. HE’LL DO IT. SO MY GUESS IS. THAT IN 3X10. HE MAY SEE SARA. ASKING HIM TO STAY WITH HER. TO STOP FIGHTING. TO DIE. BUT THEN HE HEARS FELICITY. "STAY WITH ME", "IF YOU WON’T COME BACK ALIVE, I’M GONNA BE REALLY PISSED", "JUST THE THOUGHT OF LOSING SOMEONE THAT IMPORTANT TO ME AGAIN", SO HE FIGHTS. HE STAYS. HE LIVES. CAUSE IT’S FELICITY ASKING.