Ballbounce Short/Reel

In animation, it’s the most basic of tests, and often one of the first things you ever learn as an animator. But Tomas Jech decided to take the iconic ball bounce to the next level by turning it into a story, in a way. In this short he shows off the various physical properties that different kinds of balls—and things that aren’t exactly balls—exhibit in a “ball bounce.” 

The sound in this short is also of particular note. From the sound effects to the xylophone scales that are the sound of each impact, this short is probably as immersive as a ball bounce test has ever been.

- Christopher


“What appears on those screens was not computer-generated. Carpenter wanted high-tech computer graphics which were very expensive at the time, even for such a simple animation. To get the animation he wanted, the effects crew filmed the miniature model set of New York City they used for other scenes under black light with reflective tape placed along every edge of the model buildings. Only the tape is visible and appears to be a 3D wireframe animation.”

Escape From New York


Director: John Carpenter     

Cinematographer: Dean Cundey, Jim Lucas

Mystic Messenger Valentine’s SFX Voice - Korean


1. 그쪽 생각하면서 초콜렛 만들어 봤어요. 맛!…있을거예요, 아마!

2. 씁쓸한 초콜렛을 먹다보면, 어른스러운 사랑을 하는 느낌이 들어요.

3. 초콜렛에 당신 이름 쓰느라 고생했는데, 엄청 예쁘게 잘 써진 거 같아요. 뿌듯해요.


1. 나 오늘 초콜렛 하나도 안 받았다….딱! 하나만 받으려고.

2. 초콜렛에 어떤 마법을 건거야…? 네가 훨씬 더 예뻐 보이잖아!

3. 니가 만든 초콜렛… 너무 소중해서 먹는데 몇 달 걸릴 것 같아.


1. 제게 초콜렛을 주시다니, 감사해요! 잘 먹을게요.

2. 초콜렛을 먹으면 피로가 풀린다고 해요. 피곤하실 때 드세요.

3. 비싼 건 아니지만, 저도 모르게 당신에게 줄 초콜렛을 사고 있었어요. 받아주세요.


1. 그대가 준 초콜렛을 평생 보증하고 싶은데…어떻게 하면 좋을까? 고민이 되는군.

2. 당신은 내가 지금까지 먹어본 어떤 초콜렛보다, 달콤해.

3. 그대가 만들었다고…? 정말…? 이건 전문가가 만든 것보다 훨씬 더 맛있는데!


1.초콜렛을 먹으면 사랑에 빠진 것과 비슷한 느낌이 든대요…실험해 볼래요?

2. 내가 만든 초콜렛 먹어볼래요…? 내용물은…복불복이지만…헤헤

3. 남자가 초콜렛 주는게 이상해요? 이제는 그런 거 신경쓰는 사람이 어딨어요? 좋아하면 그냥 주면 되죠!


1. 멤버들이 당신이 준 초콜렛을 좋아하는 것 같아요.

2. 제겐…리카의 초콜렛만이 의미가 있어요.

3. 발렌타인 데이…리카를 잃고 난 후에, 그런 것조차 신경쓰지 못했어요.


1. 그 초콜렛…조심해서 먹는 게 좋을거야.

2. 지금이 더 달콤할수록, 절망의 시기가 오면 더 고통스러운 건, 알지?

3. 발렌타인 데이…? 그런 상술에 놀아날 정도면, 내가 만든 함정에서는 못빠져 나올걸?


1. 해피 발렌타인 데이!

2. V에겐 특별한 초콜렛을 줘야지.

3. 우리 남자 멤버 5명에 제희씨까지 포함해서 6명분 재료를 샀는데, 모자르려나?

GAHHH I’LL TRANSLATE IT ASAP @mysmess-seol here’s the korean version for now hehe it was fun listening to their voices (707 is so qt bai)


“Enjoy your sleep, Billy.”
And with that, ACen is over, and Billy returns to his grave.
Prosthetic is custom sculpted and slush cast in latex, and painted with Mehron fantasy FX paints and alcohol activated paints by I Love FX Makeup.

My first cosplay photo on this account ! Also my first cosplay photo using my new camera ! In celebration of their new album coming out, I cosplayed 2D, the lead singer of a virtual band called Gorillaz. I love the new album so much oh my lord. I can’t remember exactly where I got my contact lenses from in this photo but I know sells them and they’re good quality. (That might’ve been where I got them actually but I honestly can’t remember). So yeah, enjoy !