This is the second photo, my eyes are still closed from the moment before. it’s kinda weird how these moments were so long ago.. but I remember the way I felt in this exact moment so well, even though it was months ago.

I WAS SO HAPPY IN THIS VERY MOMENT. there is another picture that was taken right after this one where I was smiling so hard.
but I think in this photo my eyes were closed and I was listening to the sounds of SF from 12 stories up. then I smiled because I was 12 stories up with a beautiful view and great people.

I needed that laugh today.

I really did.
Thank you tmz for giving me the opportunity on Twitter to name the men that look better than SF. If it wasn’t for that PR stunt, I would’ve never laughed that hard as I typed a response.
I named every hot guy on tv now and even included some old politicians too.

Truly thank you for that laugh.