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100 reasons not to give up on your target language
  1. You will always wonder “what if…”.
  2. You might save someone with your knowledge.
  3. It will be handy in your future to know another language.
  4. It’s an impressive skill to have.
  5. Your future lover might speak that language.
  6. You can make new friends that don’t speak English.
  7. You could travel to a country without a guide.
  8. It will get easier, grammar, vocab, everything will get easier with time.
  9. You have something extra to add in your CV.
  10. You delay Alzheimer and other illnesses.
  11. You can shock people.
  12. You will think more rationally if you think in another language.
  13. You are more confident.
  14. Your brain power will increase.
  15. You become more open-minded.
  16. You can read more books.
  17. You can watch more movies.
  18. You will discover new TV shows.
  19. You can prove to yourself that you could.
  20. You can show to your French teacher from 9th grade that you’re better than what she said you are and you aren’t a failure!
  21. You will be able to live abroad.
  22. You can study abroad.
  23. You will understand new memes.
  24. It will be easier to learn another language after.
  25. You learn more about your native language.
  26. You become more interesting.
  27. You become very attractive. 
  28. You will be more understanding with yourself.
  29. You will appreciate your efforts more.
  30. You won’t judge people as much.
  31. You’ll have better analytical skills.
  32. You’ll be more positive.
  33. Your communication skills will improve.
  34. You’ll be more creative.
  35. More people will want to hire you.
  36. More opportunities in life.
  37. Your memory will improve.
  38. You’ll be more respectful.
  39. You will be more patient.
  40. You will compete with the younger generation. You don’t want to be left behind, am i right?
  41. You’ll be more sensitive when there are cultural differences among people.
  42. You’ll be paid more in the future.
  43. You can get a job abroad.
  44. You can help more people.
  45. You can hide your frustration behind foreign swear words that no one understands.
  46. No one will be able to talk trash behind your back.
  47. You’ll be more romantic.
  48. Keep your brain active and healthy.
  49. You’ll be more comfortable in new situations.
  50. You can discover new dishes! Who doesn’t like food?
  51. More music to listen to.
  52. You can get a scholarship.
  53. You’ll be more flexible with your way of thinking.
  54. You can speak with your friends no one will understand you.
  55. Languages aren’t that hard.
  56. Your future self is counting on you.
  57. Your past self had hope and dreams.
  58. Your test scores will boost.
  59. Imagine the face of a native when you start speaking their language.
  60. You’re treated better by natives.
  61. You’ll be more empathic.
  62. You’ll have a ear that recognize music better.
  63. You can make someone feel less anxious/stressed/nervous.
  64. Travel is more fun.
  65. Show to that people who kept saying that you can’t learn that you are more capable than they think.
  66. It’s fun.
  67. Not many people succed.
  68. You have everything you need to study, you just have to start and keep going.
  69. No one can take that skill away from you.
  70. It’s worth.
  71. It’s time well spent.
  72. You’ll improve your native language too.
  73. You’ll have bigger dreams.
  74. Your parents will have show off.
  75. Learning a language is never boring.
  76. You can have a lot of funny stories in the future.
  77. You can make people never forget you.
  78. You’ll be better at multi tasking.
  79. New celebrities to have a crush on.
  80. You’ll make an amazing first impression.
  81. You’ll be sexier. (you’re already sexy but there’s always space for improvement ;) )
  82. Watching tv is considered “studying”.
  83. You won’t be that embarrassed in your future, you’ll get comfortable.
  84. You’ll be wiser.
  85. You’ll be more perceptive.
  86. You’ll be in the center of attention at parties! Woo-hoo
  87. Many people will look up to you.
  88. You’ll be a new person.
  89. You’ll forget your native language while you’re speaking it. Doesn’t it sound fun?
  90. You can annoy people in more languages.
  91. You can teach other people.
  92. You’ll have a gigantic collection of books in different languages.
  93. You can talk alone on the phone and pretend you are practicing. You don’t want to miss out this.
  94.  You will be bilingual or better, a polyglot.
  95. You waste your time daily, at least waste it wisely.
  96. Watching cartoons is studying.
  97. Listening to music is studying.
  98. You can do whatever in a foreign language and it’s considered studying.
  99. You have support from every single language learner. You can do it!
  100. You can express your love in more languages.
On The Significance Of Names

Summary: Despite living in a world where romantic or sexual relationships with witches could be punishable by death, you, a witch, still feel confident enough to ask your friend Taehyung, a werewolf and prince, to allow you to relieve your intense curiosity that could’ve only sprouted from years of sexual repression, and give you the chance to feel what it’s like to pleasure a man. 

Genre: Smut, just pure filth

Word Count: 5k

Author’s Note: You can think of this as a parallel universe to the Stealing The Bite au but YOU DON’T NEED TO HAVE READ THAT TO UNDERSTAND THIS ONESHOT AS IT’S MEAN AS A STAND-ALONE AND HAS NO RELATION TO THE PLOT OF STB. So new readers are welcome. 

Gif Credit

“___, you can’t be really asking that of me.” Taehyung looks at you apprehensively, as if knowing that a single wrong word could set you off, and he wasn’t wrong about that. But you also see that there was something dark swirling in the depth of his brown eyes that wasn’t there before you had made your bold request.

“Why?” You say, tone charged and daring him to say what you prayed he wouldn’t. This was Taehyung you were talking to. He wasn’t just another one of the mindless sheep. He could think for himself and he wouldn’t regurgitate those baseless superstitions about your kind. He was your closest friend, that alone can testify to how different he is.

You knew that what you were asking of him was no small thing but it’s not like you were telling him to bed you. All you wanted was to touch him, to know what it felt like to bring pleasure to a man for once in your life. Taehyung was your only hope of satisfying the curiosity that progressively ate away at you through your nearly two decades of life. Were you not also a woman? Did you not deserve to know the company of a man like any other, even on such a small scale as this?

Taehyung should at least allow you that much, being himself the primary cause of your affliction. Not that you’d tell him that.

“Because you’re my sweet princess.” You snort at the ridiculous term of endearment he uses for you. You were no princess. If you were, you wouldn’t even be having this conversation. If you were a princess, you would be able to shout out to the world, to Taehyung, how you truly felt about him. But you’re just a foul witch.

“All I want to do is protect you. I would lose it if someone even thought those dirty things about you. How can you ask me to be that person? It’s completely unthinkable.” He says earnestly but still smiles at you, hoping you’d smile back and forget all about this madness. But you don’t smile. How can you when he’s basically told you that he’s never thought about you the way a man would think about a woman. Did he even think of you as a woman or was the fact that you’re a witch stopping him from viewing you as one?

“That’s complete rubbish, Taehyung, and you know it. Why don’t you tell me the real reason you won’t let me touch you?” You challenge, calling him by his full name, instead of Tae or Taetae like you’d normally use, daring him to say the worst. Daring him to say that it’s because of what you are and that he’d sully himself if he let your dirty hands touch his pristine skin.

“That is the real reason!” He says defensively. Too defensively.

“Do you not find me arousing?” You ask.

“Gods, no!”

“Has my body never stirred something within you?”

“Princess…” He protests, clearly uncomfortable with the question.

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How can someone say ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ and not think about Tom Hiddleston?

I mean, he’s charming, enticing and of course sexy.He’s got it all, the looks, he’s so smart, great actor, can even sing, gentleman, sexy brit accent, great impressions, perfect body, loves to dance, a sexy voice that could melt your heart (and do even more..)

He even made maths and physics sound sexy (type 'Tom Hiddleston makes maths sexy’ on youtube and you’ll see it yourselves)