Callout post for Sara

• updates regularly and way too fast

• How does she find the time she’s in college????

• Loves her dog

• The only reason I started shipping burrcules

• I once binge read the first seven chapters of her pacific rim fic and only got four hours of sleep and it’s all her fault

• Cries when she writes angst

• Writes it anyway and makes everyone else cry

• Once she updated and I was sobbing in my friend’s basement at a party for fifteen minutes

• Writes too well

• One time I missed my bus stop and got really lost because I was too busy reading a ficlet she had just posted

• Just caused one poor anon to sit on the floor wrapped in a blanket and scream

• Writes so much angst that she created a monster known as the Jeffmads Death Anon

• Muffins

• possibly a superhero

• Was like the first person to ship hamburramy

• reblogs my art bless her

• Is so nice to her fans

• Once I sent her an ask saying I would be leaving for camp on the day she usually updated so I wouldn’t get to read it and she literally worked on it more so she could post it a day early

• She’s just so nice it makes me want to cry

• she’s a ray of sunshine

• I love her so much <33

• Y'all should follow her: @fanciful-follies

  • Dan and Phil: [upload another gaming video]
  • Me: In the beginning, the gaming videos were spaced by twenty four weeks. Then twelve, then six, then every two weeks. The last one, was a week. In four days we could be seeing a gaming video every eight hours until they are coming every four minutes. Marshal, we should witness a double upload within seven days.

Chaleigh co-pilots AU with chuckismycopilot.

Main points:

- Yancy survived Knifehead, but suffered multiple legs and pelvic fractures, and was believed never to be able to pilot again.

- Raleigh still defeated Knifehead and was forced to pilot Gipsy back to shore on his own when Yancy lost consciousness.

- Herc and Scott are Lucky Seven’s co-pilots, and Scott was never kicked out of the PPDC.

- Yancy and Raleigh are transferred to the Sydney Shatterdome for Yancy’s rehabilitation.  In part to help with Raleigh’s PTSD; but also in the hopes that he might be compatible with a very special pilot candidate.  ;  )

- Raleigh becomes the co-pilot of the young 16 year old Chuck Charlie Hansen (based on a headcanon that Chuck got his nickname at the Jaeger Academy, because that’s what the American recruits used to call him.  Here, he kept his original nickname, though).  They are assigned to Striker Eureka.

- Yancy stays with the PPDC, and is reassigned as a LOCCENT officer.

- Raleigh and Yancy get in contact with Jazmine, and she joins the staff of the Sydney Shatterdome, working J-tech.

- In 2025, given the success of Yancy’s rehabilitation; he is offered to be reassigned as Gipsy Danger’s pilots when all the remaining Jaegers are moved to Hong Kong.

- Despite Stacker Pentecost’s initial protests, Mako Mori becomes Yancy’s co-pilot.

- Operations Pitfall turns out to be a mission of completely epic proportions with: Cherno Alpha, Crimson Typhoon, Lucky Seven, Striker Eureka, and Gipsy Danger all making the trip to the Breach and royally kicking Kaiju arses.

Also worth noting:

- Scott Hansen is 17 years younger than Herc.  And only 6 years older than Charlie.

- Romantic pairings include Chaleigh (Charlie / Raleigh), Herculy (Herc / Yancy), and Jazcott (Jazmine / Scott).


Part I: Loki [listen]

 1. Lokasenna - Brian Tyler // 2. Mordred’s Lullaby - Heather Dale // 3. O Death - Jen Titus // 4. Seven Devils - F+M // 5. Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Lorde // 6. End Of All Days - 30 Seconds To Mars // 7. Monster - Imagine Dragons // 8. Broken Crown - Mumford & Sons // 9. Bright Mouths - Electric President // 10. Empire - Alpines // 11. Breath Of Life - F+M // 12. Run Boy Run - Woodkid // 13. A Beautiful Lie - 30 Seconds To Mars

Part II: Tony [listen]

1. Pacific Rim - Ramin Djawadi // 2. Seven Nation Army - Glitch Mob // 3. Light Em Up - Fall Out Boy // 4. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons // 5. No One’s Here To Sleep - Bastille // 6. No Church In The Wild - Kanye West // 7. Kill Your Heroes - Awolnation // 8. What I’ve Done - Linkin Park // 9. Everybody Loves Me - One Republic // 10. Stronger - Kanye West // 11. Ready Aim Fire - Imagine Dragons // 12. Glory And Gore - Lorde // 13. Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

[Edit: I changed Tony’s image. Hopefully it’s less blurry.]

Watching Pacific Rim

…for the first time with my seven-year-old kid is damned entertaining.

Kid:  “What’s a coastal wall?”

Me:  “They want to build a big wall along the coast to separate the land from the sea so the kaijus can’t get through.”

Kid (dramatically):  “Has that EVER worked in ANY monster movie EVER?”