• Mackie:When Captain America was whooping your ass, how did that feel?
  • Grillo:Captain America was not whooping my ass! I don't know if you saw the reel, but...
  • Mackie:Oh, I did. It was funny because it was twelve of y'all and one Captain America, and he said...
  • Grillo:No, I fell down. I tripped.
  • Mackie:And you hit your head?
  • Grillo:I hit my head, and then he hit me with that shield.
  • Mackie:Oh, ok.
  • Grillo:He's got a shield. I don't know, have you ever seen that thing?
  • Mackie:Yeah, yeah, yeah. But I saw you had two tasers, and he punched you.
  • Grillo:One of the tasers wasn't working.
  • Mackie:So why were you carrying it?
  • Grillo:It wasn't my taser, I picked it up from the ground. You didn't watch the...
  • Mackie:Are you scared of Captain America?
  • Grillo:A little bit.
  • Mackie:Oh ok, alright.
  •

So imagine, if you will, Bucky has come in from the cold but he can’t seem to shake his funk, and Sam and Steve are at their wits’ end after a few weeks of near silence.

So Bucky’s gazing soulfully out the window when suddenly music starts playing.

And Steve boogies into the room.

“I can mash potato!

(“He can mash potato,” Sam assures Bucky, boogeying in behind him.)

“I can do the twist!

(“He can do the twist,” Sam echoes, nodding and twisting.)

“Now, tell me, Bucky!”

(“Tell him, Bucky,” Sam urged.)

“Do you like it like this?”

(“Do you like it like this?” Sam seemed skeptical).

“Tell me!”

(“Tell me…”)

“Tell me!”

(“Tell me…”)

“Do you love me?”

(“Do you love me?” Sam asked, quite seriously.)

“Do you love me?”

(“Do you love me?” Sam asked, brows waggling, and Bucky narrowed his eyes.)

Together, they asked, “Now, that I, can dance?”

“You still can’t, you punk!”

Bucky was yelling.

But he was also twirling and dipping them both.

So they counted it as a win.

headcanon steve and sam have jolted awake to find natasha aggressively snuggling down in between them in bed

they both go into full crisis management mode but no, shush, snuggles

and they finally settle down again with natasha smushed up against one of their chests and their legs all tangled and both of them have their arms around her

and they’re still really not sure how she manages to get out of that without waking either of them but she’s warming up the breakfast burritos she brought so they’re not gonna complain

omg now i can’t stop picturing it

de-aged sam, cap and buckyyyyyyyy

there’s a pillow fort that sam is defending and steve and bucky are creeping up on it, crouching, holding stick rifles and flapping hand signals and “whispering” at the top of their lungs

and just when they’re about to take the fort sam leaps from behind the couch and tackles steve

and then all three of them are rolling around wrestling and the pillow fort’s demolished and natasha doesn’t even look up from her tablet

and when fury gets back from a snack run they’re all sacked out in the pillows with their thumbs in their mouths