RFA - Proposals!

✿ This is for @salarinnar​, who wrote, 

Hello! I love your writing style so I thought I’d donate! How about MC asking the RFA + the minor trio to marry her? With all that getting on one knee and giving them a proposal ring jazz. Bless u.:) 

Thanks so much! I actually did the minor trio proposing to MC awhile ago here, so here’s the rest of the RFA!

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  • His mother puts the idea in his head, asking him when he’s finally going to propose to that lovely person he’s been seeing for so long. Yoosung swallows, nervous – it’s not that he doesn’t’ want to marry you. In fact, he’s looking forward to it, and often daydreams about having a happily married existence like his own parents share. But… he’s just…
  • Worried. He’s scared that he won’t be the right kind of guy for you, and he’s worried that you’ve changed your mind and don’t love him as much as he loves you.
  • So he frets. He asks his mom about how his father proposed, he asks his LOLOL friends how they proposed – hell, he asks V how he proposed, being so desperate to get input that he’ll put aside his own feelings for the man.
  • He gets a variety of answers, files them away, and keeps thinking.
  • When he takes you out to romantic movies, he watches your reaction to the lovey-dovey scenes carefully, taking inspiration from what you say about how the characters handle their own proposals. He reads books, he browses forum threads… and he thinks and overthinks the matter, trying to figure out how to best ask for your hand.
  • Yoosung gets the ring while he’s STILL not sure how to propose to you, and as he’s walking home from the store, he gets a panicked call on his cell.
  • You’ve found a baby bird and it’s broken it’s WING and YOOSUNG HELP you DON’T’ WANT IT TO DIE, PLEASE COME QUICKLY.
  • (you’re crying, and so he runs.)
  • Using his veterinarian skills, Yoosung helps you save the bird’s life, and you’re just so… happy and thankful and you hug him, telling him that he’s the best, and Yoosung falls in love with you all over again. You’re so kind! You’re so gentle! You’re so loving!
  • You’re so kind to everyone, even the smallest of animals, and on complete impulse, he gets on one knee and busts out his newly acquired ring.
  • It’s poorly thought out. It’s spur-of-the-moment. But he’ll never forget the way you light up and hug him, saying “yes!” over and over.
  • The two of you laugh about it afterwards, and decide that was probably the most memorable way it could have happened.


  • Zen knows you are completely and entirely perfect and, therefore, he knows that his proposal to you needs to be completely and entirely perfect in return. How he achieves this Holy Grail of Marital Intent, though, is a matter of some internal debate.
  • He considers going to stereotypical route of wining and dining you, but that’s a.) not really very him and b.) he can’t think of any restaurant that matches up to the vivacity that is you. Besides, he’s not really on-the-ball on the whole… restaurant scene, being that he’s a loser who can barely keep anything more than beer in his fridge.
  • He also considers surprising you on a date, like – at the zoo, or the aquarium. Or maybe on television in front of thousands during one of his on-screen appearances? But then it’s pointed out to him that, oops, a public proposal basically pressures you into saying yes, doesn’t it? And, if you do say no, it’d open you up to the onslaught of thousands of his angry fans.
  • No. He wants this to be between you and him, where you make a decision about your future that he’ll respect and appreciate either way… so he thinks more, and decides to go back to the roots of your early relationship.
  • He decides to take you stargazing.
  • Zen parks his motorcycle in front of your apartment one night, furiously texting you and begging you to come outside for an impromptu date. He already kind of checked to make sure you didn’t have anything planned, but he’s still over the moon when you a.) don’t get mad he rolled up the street at 11PM and b.) he hadn’t given you any notice.
  • (he thought it would be more romantic like that.)
  • You come outside to find him with a picnic basket strapped to the back of his motorcycle and a big smile on his face, and shaking your head, you get on behind him and let him take you on whatever wacky adventure he has planned.
  • He takes you up to your special place in the mountains, his jacket protecting your body from the cold and his back shielding your face. You have your arms around him, and you’ve never felt someone’s warmth as intently as in that moment.
  • The basket is full of all of your favorite foods, no matter how ‘dumb’ and ‘unromantic’ they are. Do you get all of your nutritional content from potato chips? That is ok, Zen has packed all the best flavors. There’s also a blanket, which he spreads out for you, and you lie back and look at the perfectly clear, beautifully expansive sky.
  • You and Zen talk for awhile, pointing out constellations and making your own, when he gets quiet and reaches into his pocket for something. He starts talking about how big the world is, and how happy he found you – you’re like his north star in the darkness of the night. And then he turns on his side, opening the box and looking at you with complete and total sincerity.
  • Will you marry him? He asks, with only the chirping crickets and the sound of the wind for company.
  • Of course you say yes. How could you not? And when you put the diamond on your finger, you reach out to touch the sky, and admire how the stone looks like one of those stars glimmering above.


  • Jaehee takes you to the aquarium.
  • It’s an atypical spot, which makes since given that she’s an atypical woman. You’re kind of expecting that Jaehee is going to pop the question sometime soon, as she’s been asking about your feelings regarding the future, settling down, etc, but when she invites you out that cool, rainy Saturday, you don’t really expect it’s going to happen then.
  • She does it near the end of the day, after she’s taken you to the dolphin show and endured you stopping at every exhibit and pointing out which fish represented which members of the RFA. (She bust a gut laughing when you said the flounder was Jumin.) You’ve already had lunch, and are thinking about going when you stop in the shark room, which is more of a tunnel than a room, really. The walls are completely made of glass and, all around you, you can an awe-inspiring assortment of fish swimming around you (and above you!) in a mysterious room lit by an ethereal blue glow.
  • You find an empty spot to stand, and you press your hands against the glass, completely entranced. Jaehee watches your profile, and then taps twice on your shoulder, sinking onto one knee when you look down at her.
  • She tells you, as she presents a ring to you in the dim light, that her entire life… she’s felt like she’s been living in a fish-tank. Confined, restrained, where she’s just been surviving under people’s apathetic gazes. She’s never felt like she could explore. Never felt like she could go on an adventure, because her entire world was defined by walls of unbreakable glass.
  • …Until she met you.
  • Now she believes in things. Now she dreams. Now she smiles, laughs, and no longer feels like she’s just some specimen kept behind a cold, unfeeling wall. And – no matter what you say, yes or no – that knowledge will always stay with her.
  • Will you… accompany her beyond the glass walls you’ve helped her shatter? Together?
  • (In the flickering, wavering light, you smile as wide as the sun and say, yes.)


  • It takes a little bit for Jumin to propose, and before he does so, he takes you on a whirlwind tour of the globe using his private jet and vast amounts of money.
  • You eat baguettes in France. You see the architecture of Prague. He takes you on a tour of the castles of Scotland, and says that one day, he’d like to build one for Elizabeth the III. You go see the mountains of Iceland and the parks of Oslo, the beaches of Bermuda and see the sunset off the coast of Fiji. You sip margaritas, daiquiris, and pina coladas, you go horseback riding, you take pottery classes with Jumin and laugh as you make mistakes.
  • You go to art exhibits. Concerts. You go to parties and meet people, and you drag Jumin out on forest hikes in the dim, lonely woods. You see snow, rain, sunshine, you go to street markets and film festivals – you even go fishing with him and watch him pay a five-star chef to prepare what he caught into a delectable dish for the local catlife.
  • The two of you go to Istanbul, a land famous for its large population of street cats, and Jumin is content in a land that’s devoted to his favorite feline friends.
  • And… at the end of it, on a quiet, deserted beach at the end of the day, he pops the question.
  • He wanted you to see the world before he asked you to marry him, because he doesn’t want you to ever feel confined when you’re with him. He wanted you to know what’s out there before you settled down, and now that you’ve gotten a taste of so much the earth has to offer…
  • Do you want to stay with him still?
  • You say yes, saying that – while travelling was fun – it wouldn’t have been half as amazing without him there by your side. Wanting to go feed cats, falling off his horse, sharing food with him and laughing… The world’s amazing, yes, but it’s twice as amazing when you get to experience it with him.
  • For once in his life, Jumin is chosen because he is him, and because he made your travels worthwhile… and he smiles, thanking God once more that he got a chance to experience what life is like with you.


  • This man has an entire notebook full of ideas on how to propose to you.
  • There are so many good options! In the climactic moment of an epic laser-gun battle? Waved in the sky on the banner of a sport-class airplane? Using a small army of drones? Via youtube video? Oh man, he could do the classic “write it using the high-scores on an arcade machine”… but is that too cliché, by this point?
  • He only gets one chance to propose, so he should make it th-
  • Wait.
  • Who, exactly, said he had only one chance to propose?
  • (Seven sits down and begins to imagine the possibilities.)
  • He launches off the 2017 “War of Proposals” through a singing telegram delivered by a man cosplaying as Starshine Nyah-Nyah (from your favorite magical girl anime). Said war is a contest of strength, skill, and one-uppmanship, where the both of you compete to give the other more elaborate and unexpected proposals until one of you emerges the victor – and is allowed to have the “canon” one true proposal.
  • HELL YES, you say, and begin to plot.
  • You propose to him at the pool, by getting a dance studio to perform a choreographed routine in the water which ends up spelling out, “Please marry me!”
  • He proposes to you in the movie theatre, where he rents out adspace that he uses to play a video he’s constructed where he waxes eloquent about how amazing you are.
  • You propose to him in the air and space museum, where you drop out of one of the airplanes with an explosion of balloons and the words, “Seven, will you marry me?” emblazoned on your face like war paint.
  • He proposes to you by paying a bunch of newbies in LOLOL to die with their corpses spelling out “Will you spend your life with me?”
  • You continue to trade blows like this for an entire month. Television, radio, the internet – everywhere, there are traces of your continual war. It isn’t until he takes you on a trip to New York and then hacks into the Time Square billboards to deliver his heartfelt and impassioned request that he finally wins, because you cannot think of a way to one-up that.
  • You do, however, help Seven evade the cops after that, which he is content to call a “draw” in the end.
  • (The two of you were so busy plotting that neither actually bought a ring, so you go to the jewelry store and chose matching ones together.)
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Written for Day 7 of NurseyDex Week 2017 - “Future NurseyDex”

The twins are talking to each other over the baby monitor.

Spooned around his back in a long line of heat, Will tightens his arms briefly, then bites Derek’s shoulder. “Your kids are awake,” he mumbles.

Derek cracks his eyes open, looks at the clock, and then groans, shoving his face deeper into the pillow. “Before seven a.m. on a Saturday? Fuck no. Those are your kids.”

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Mystic Messenger Menu Screen Texts








I don’t know why V has four texts and Saeran only two, while the others have three texts.

If I forgot any let me know :)

Characters and texts are from Mystic Messenger (Cheritz)

“When the skies are filled with crossing shooting stars, Britannia will be visited by an immense menace. It is an omen of the beginning of a trial of ancient origins, a holy war between The Guiding Hand Of The Light and The Bloodline Of Darkness”

Waitress MC

Someone requested a HC for RFA+V towards a waitress MC, so here ya go~~

P.S. This might’ve deviated from the actual request, but I found it interesting ^^


–College life = no money + no time to cook because LOLOL = eat cheap food at a family restaurant to get a student discount

–Pleasantly surprised to find the food was pretty good and decent quality?

No please don’t feed onto (get it?) his shitty life schedule and giving him more of a reason to be a NEET

–He needs to get his shit together, and he knows that with this good and cheap food he won’t progress from Cute Boy to Manly, Responsible Man

–So he’s just internally screaming, a skill he’s mastered throughout his college life 

–But before he can spiral into thoughts like how to beat Seven in LOLOL, he hears bickering at a nearby table, and turns his head to look at MC looking very Pissed

–He almost mistook her for Jaehee with the resting Bitch Face that she had all the time while working for Jumin

–Curious, he peeked his head over the booth behind him and he saw that you were arguing about the price of a smoothie

--Lowkey him when he’s broke, but the customer was so disrespectful damn like have some chill bro

–He saw that the customer was about to snap at MC after minutes of pointless arguments, but MC shut em up real quick

–”Excuse me, sir, but we are past haggling in this time and place. If you’d kindly leave the premises and try to catch up to the present timeline, that’d be very much appreciated.”

–Yoosung internally screamed and fanboyed there and then

–He’d occasionally go to visit MC and chat, but he tried to be more responsible to suit her mature tastes


–He was eating out with his coworkers after rehearsal, because he’s a lil shit who only has beer and instant noodles at home hungry, and he hadn’t expected to see MC, with rags in your hands, in a dimly lit restaurant at 2 am

–”MC! What are you doing here?” MC gave him a tired smile, “College fees.”

–Ah. MC had told him about her financial troubles recently, but he didn’t think it would worsen to the point that she had to overwork herself at 2 am, probably getting very little sleep and less-than-enough eating

–Gdi, he knew his premonition dreams was trying to tell him something

–With his smooth charm and suave, he convinced the supervisor to let you eat with him and his coworkers

–But he had made a Very Huge Mistake

–His coworkers started to flirt with MC,and even though it was friendly (hopefully) he saw that MC was uncomfortable and kept smiling politely

–Eventually, Zen has had enough of it, and tells his coworkers on MCs behalf

–”Guys, I don’t think she likes to violate work ethics with flirting…”

—One of the guys saw this as jealousy and decided to target Zen’s insecurity which was a Very Bad Idea “What, just because we get a little bit more decent casting roles than you, you’re going to swoop away this young lady?”

–MCs polite smile immediately thinned into a disappointed scowl, “Excuse me, but shouldn’t you be able to discern my fake smiles from my genuine ones? If Zen, who you claim to be worse than you is better at that, then where do you stand, really?”

–They shut up immediately, and MC just sips her mango smoothie in silence

Zen thought that was slightly hot oh no


–Here she was, buying cat food for Elizabeth the 3rd during her lunch break. I didn’t fuckin sign up for this man what the shit

–But alas, she did it anyway because she’s a responsible lil bean <3

–So, as she was walking towards C&R with a bag of premium cat food, she heard a very familiar voice yell out: “Thief! Stop the thief in the ugly Christmas sweater!”

–Jesus Christ MC, you still have time to yell that part out? I mean considering she told Seven in his route ‘I love you’ when she was grabbed by Saeran I wouldn’t be too surprised

MC saw Jaehee, “Jaehee? What are you doing here?” and wordlessly, Jaehee threw the bag of cat food to MC and ran after the thief

–She went Sanic The Hedgehog because she’s Gotta Go Fast™

–She just judo-flipped the fuck out of the thief RIP You won’t be missed m8

Then she just. kinda dragged the thief to MC lmfao and asked for her cat food back

–She saw MC wearing a waitress’ uniform, and asked, “What did this man steal, MC?” Other than her time of course

–”We bought premium coffee beans recently, and couldn’t find a place to store them immediately and so we just put it under the kitchen counter, but he just…leaped over the counter and stole a jar of them.”

–Jaehee was pissed. How dare he even try to steal precious coffee beans? DIdn’t he know how pricey they can get? Furthermore, it was stocked for a restaurant, so it must’ve been of some degree of quality product—

–Jaehee subtly stepped on his stomach a little bit more

–MC made Jaehee a cup of coffee, which was perfect because Jaehee missed her whole lunch break just to get a bag of cat food and to catch a thief smh

–”Don’t worry, it’s on the house. But you can come to my house….anytime. ;)”

–Gdi MC you smooth fucker

–Jaehee’s face was red the whole time as she stomped to C&R


–So he had this brilliant idea of finally progressing from cat-obsessed man to cat-obsessed man WITH  A BUSINESS

–So one day he visited a cat cafe to see what it was like and to get ideas of opening his cat-themed business

–The first thing he saw was MC in a waitress uniform with cat ears on her head

–He looks calm but he’s actually like AAAAAAA WHAT THE HELL

–Additionally, the first thing he asked was “Do you have financial problems that you need my help in?” and MC almost looked offended if she didn’t know that Jumin was just a concerned Friend and Cat Mom

–Jumin was quick to dissipate the amused but Jumin doesn’t know that lol frown on her face by assuring her that he found it respectable for her to get a job at her age Dude I’m like in college what do you mean by ‘your age’

--MC recommended him a latte with cat art on the foam, which he immediately said yes to

–But he saw another customer giving you a hard time, and he just zoomed over there

–”Excuse me, is something the matter?” holy shit he sounded like he owned the place

–”Yes, your employee refuses to repay me for what my money is worth!” he nodded sharply to MCs direction, who just shut her lips even more and glared icily at the customer

–He pulled out his wallet and threw a 20 on the customer’s table, shocking both the customer and MC.

–”Didn’t you hear? People don’t serve things that have worth to worthless people. Take this as compensation and go.” DAMN SON YOU’RE MORE DRAMATIC THAN ZEN

–After the ordeal, he confronted the manager and tried to buy the shop from him, just so he can keep an eye on MC

Saeyoung / Seven / 707

–Okay so this boy is a secret agent, but he doesn’t do a very at good job at keeping it a secret

–For example, he just deadass went to restaurant to eat something other than HBC and Dr Pepper

–This would’ve been fine, were it not for the fact that he was oN A MISSION AND HE’S STILL IN HIS DISGUISE AS A MAILMAN


–So there he was,a mailman ordering a Happy Meal at McDonalds (not sponsored) and he’s waiting at the counter just chillin and waiting for his cheeseburger with fries and a limited edition toy on the new Cars movie

–A few minutes later, a bunch of suspicious looking dudes entered the restaurant, and their clothes were bunched with, what he suspected looks like firearms

–Secret agent instinct: ON

–And his suspicions were confirmed, as one of them approached the counter with feigned bravado and trying to exude some sort of confidence maybe??

–EIther way, it didn’t work very well, because even MC looked like ‘really m8 you coulda tried harder’

–Saeyoung didn’t know what he was thinking, but he didn’t want to cause a ruckus and any unnecessary trouble for MC

–He walked up to the guy, and pecked a kiss on his cheek.

–MC is wtf’ing

–The guy is definitely wtf’ing

–Saeyoung is DEFINITELY wtf’ing like what the hell what am I doing, why am I here, I want to walk away, Jaehee where are you pls help me get out of this BS

”Honey!” Saeyoung cooed, snugging closer to the man and cuddling his arm as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He caressed his arm, and stopped at his hands gripping his handgun in the pocket


–The man was so traumatised that he just,,, signalled his friends to scram

–”Saeyoung? Is that you–”


V / Jihyun

–I…..he’s blind….

–Well, he’s getting more blinder, anyways, MC couldn’t convince him to get the surgery. :’(

–He decides to spend the last days of his sight by looking at ordinary, normal, beautiful things.

–So one day he just walks along the roadside, camera hanging from his neck and his mind swarmed with sentimentality. 

–He saw a family restaurant, and it saddened him. He would be able to hear and smell, but he wouldn’t be able to see the bustling warmth of families. He wouldn’t even be able to see, or witness the birth of his own child that he’d someday make with MC.

–So he stopped by. He wanted to remember, and he if he couldn’t do so, he would leave an evidence of his memory through his photgraphs.

–”Jihyun!” There was only person that could call his name out like that, like they were excited to see him, that they anticipated his arrival. He smiled, feeling grateful that even if his sight would disappear, one thing that remained a steady constant in his life would stay that way.

–”MC,” he turned, and squinted. and widened his eyes as he vaguely recognized MC in a…waitress uniform?

–”You work here?” “Yep!” “Do you have financial problems?” Gdi no wonder you’re friends with Jumin 

–MC grinned impishly. “No, but I’m helping a friend with her shifts. Plus, the kids here are so adorable and well behaved!”

–MC turned around as she heard her name being called. “Coming!” then she turned to Jihyun, “Sorry, I’ll get back to you later, okay?” her hasty footsteps left an imprint on his memory, as if she herself radiated passion and warmth.She crouched down, wiping a little girl’s tears, and making goofy faces to cheer her up.

–Jihyun smiled. He took his camera, hands tentative. A shutter of a camera was heard, and he felt a smile curve his lips. It’s a good picture, he thought.

–The next day, he lost his sight.


Hey,,,you didn’t tell me I couldn’t write angst, okay. Plus, in the words of @mysplaced-pen, V is too easy to angst. This was requested by @herecometheohs ^^

Requests are open! 

P.S.: I’m really proud of Seven’s lmao

anonymous asked:

So asks are maybe open? Nice, can I please request RFA + Saeran and V having an MC asking them to help them go Victoria secret shopping :) thanks love ~

This is for Cappuccino


  • He went to the store with you to get out of the house, get some fresh air
  • What he did not sign up for was going to Victoria’s Secret
  • He became a stuttering, blushing mess when you did anything intimate at home, so this only made him worse
  • As you tried on different sets he just nodded and gave thumbs up with one hand as he tried to cover his reddening cheeks with the other
  • “Yoosung, you need to help me here. That’s kind of why I brought you.”
  • “R-right, um, I liked the purple one a lot, and the black one.”
  • Kid couldn’t even make eye contact
  • He was just, so, so awkward please help him


  • Zen is actually the one who suggests you go shopping 
  • And of course you’re all for it because you’re gonna look hot as hell
  • When you get there Zen is already scoping, finding anything he thinks would be flattering
  • Which is the whole store, but you manage to keep him in check and take the sets that you like
  • You began trying them on and Zen was literally no help in picking out the best sets because he was just,
  • “That looks amazing MC, we should get that one. That one’s my favorite.”
  • He would say this about every set you came out in. Like I said before, he was no help in deciding which sets to buy
  • “Okay Zenny, you have to pick your favorites of your favorites.”
  • He looked so distressed, how could you make him pick like this?
  • “Okay, the first white set, the pink set, and the white one with the blue trim.”
  • He went back and bought three sets without you and tried to nonchalantly put them in your closet
  • You pretended not to notice


  • You and Jaehee had both gone to Victoria’s Secret together
  • The two of you were going through different sets trying them on for each other, adjusting straps and helping with whatever one of you couldn’t reach
  • “I still think that red one looked best on you.”
  • Jaehee had been adamant about one red set which you’d tried on first, she needed you to buy it because it highlighted all of your assets
  • “Jaehee, I got paid last week I’m buying more than one set. For each of us.”
  • You were both laughing and having a brilliant time as you tried on different sets telling each other which ones looked best and which ones didn’t
  • By the time you had finished trying all the sets on you both had four each


  • “All you need to do is tell me what looks good and what looks bad.”
  • “Everything looks good on you, though my love.”
  • “Then tell me what looks best.”
  • “It all looks-”
  • “Jumin I swear to God.”
  • After Jumin conceded defeat you began trying on different sets
  • As you expected he told you everything looked great on you, and that you should get them all
  • You explained that Jumin should have a little self control
  • After your second conversation of self control you began trying on different sets again, Jumin now giving his proper opinions and helping adjust them as you stepped out of the changing rooms
  • When you left, you’d gotten more than expected but you didn’t leave with the whole store so that was something


  • “How do I look?”
  • “Like a potato wearing lingerie.”
  • “I fucking hate you Saeyoung.”
  • You’d been at the store for what felt like ages and Seven had been pulling this shit the whole time
  • You were ready to murder your boyfriend
  • “Can you just help me choose.”
  • He did not help. He only got worse
  • You have no idea why you brought him in the first place, you should’ve just brought Jaehee, the best wing-woman the world has ever known
  • You ended up having to do this alone as Seven kept being a little bitch, but as soon as you were about to put back the red and black set he almost ripped your arm off and shoved it back into your hands
  • You could only assume that it meant that he wanted you to buy that set


  • Child is blind, he can’t help you pick anything
  • He’s just moral support, standing exactly where you left him at telling you you’re beautiful
  • He’s trying, give him an A for effort
  • He carries your bags for you when you’re done


  • He fights you the whole way there, and then fights you while you’re there, and then on the trip home for good measure
  • He makes sure to tell you if a set doesn’t particularly flatter you, and is actually really good about helping you pick
  • He’s the one who looks around and picks because he’s decided you can’t find a flattering color for the life of you
  • Literally the only colors he comes back with are blue and black
  • “Okay, so that one purple set you grabbed made your boobs look better than any other set you tried on so you should get that one, but that blue one you tried on three sets ago made your ass look great so get that one too.”
  • He is honestly the most helpful person out of the whole RFA, he acts like he hated every second of it but he wasn’t letting you leave there with anything that didn’t make you look amazing


livtheweeb  asked:

hiya! if its not a bother, can you please do headcanons on how the rfa(plus saeran and v bc i adore them) helps mc out of a really bad slump. i've been out of it lately and it would really help, thanks!

Oh man, I feel you buddy. I’m sorry this is so late. I reeeeally feel you lolol ^^;;


  • You have never been pampered like this boy will pamper you
  • Two words: Spa day.
  • Whether that means going to an actual spa together or sitting at home and letting him pamper you himself is up to you. He’s fine with either option.
  • Spa day, makeup day, hairstyle day, he can and will do it all for you.
  • After all, how can you be upset if you’re busy feeling beautiful?
  • The fact is that you’re always beautiful of course, but he understands if you’re not feeling it. And even if you are, it never hurts to pile more beauty on.
  • He’ll do your face, your nails, your hair, you’ll look like a mythical deity when he’s done with you.
  • Or, you know, exactly like you but with colorful eyes and nails.
  • He’ll even let you paint his nails too, if it makes you feel better. 
  • You can braid each other’s hair~
  • Once you’re all beauty-ed out, he’ll offer to take you on a scenic ride on his motorcycle too as long as you wear all the proper protective equipmentSafety first
  • Or he’ll take you on a relaxing walk around the city, maybe even on a picnic.
  • You’re not sure how but Zen knows all the best spots
  • Of course, your outing will take you through at least some crowded areas. Nothing boosts your confidence like having people halt to a stop to stare at you with awed eyes and slack jaws.
  • When you finally get home you’ll definitely get some massages from Zen.
  • He looked up a how to video online
  • You two sit together on the couch while he puts on whatever you want to watch
  • (Preferrably something he can sing along to. Bonus if you’ll sing with him~ <3)
  • And you can plop whatever body part is most in need of de-stressing right into his waiting hands
  • Take that as PG or R as you’d like


  • Oh boy. He gets it.
  • You’re talking to a depressed university student here, he totally understands what it’s like to be in a slump. 
  • He decides that you need to take your mind off things for a little while.
  • And the best way to do that? Video game day!
  • It’s the closest a poor university student can get to taking a vacation hahaha
  • On our menu today we have a light appetizer of some Mario Party, followed by your choice of Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros depending on what you want him to kick your ass in
  • Honestly he’ll play whatever game you want. He’ll probably even try and go easy on you.
  • Key word: try. He may or may not be a little bit competitive. He’ll do it for you though.
  • Unless you notice and are offended. Then he’ll stop.
  • He just wants you to have fun. 
  • He’ll even let you be player one in all the games, because you’re player one in his heart E>
  • Yoosung stop that’s cheesy
  • Once you’re all gamed out and refreshed he’ll hold you and play with your hair
  • And he tells you that he knows you can do anything you put your mind to 
  • So don’t worry
  • This’ll pass
  • And he’ll be by your side through all the ups and downs to support and encourage you
  • He’ll make you dinner too, to energize and refresh you with his love. Every night. Whatever you want. Pick your favourite food, he can look up a recipe for it if he doesn’t know how to make it.
  • He’ll let you help if you want. Cooking together is a great mood fix!
  • He’ll even find a way to arrange your food in smiley faces and decorate it with hearts to try and cheer you up because he’s a dork like that


  • This woman lived in a permanent slump for years when she worked at C&R.
  • A slump formed of endless exhaustion and over-exertion 
  • And yet even when she’s at her absolute worst she’s still the hardest worker you know
  • So obviously she’s the best one to go to for this.
  • Step One: Coffee.
  • (Most of Jaehee’s plans start with coffee, to be honest.)
  • She’ll use all the fancy tricks she’s learned from running her coffee shop to make you the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Some days she’ll change it up and make you a latte instead
  • Because she’s been practicing latte art
  • And how can you not feel energized after drinking beautiful art that’s filled with caffeine?
  • She also has a ton of little tips and tricks on how to make it through the day when all you want to do is scream into a pillow and go to bed
  • One of them happens to be scream into a pillow when you first wake up. Let all the frustration out so you don’t end up snapping and blowing up right in the face of your rich ass slave driver of a–
  • …Jaehee are you okay?
  • Ahem. As she was saying, stress release is very important.
  • She’s also an advocate for exercise as a form of stress relief. 
  • She invites you to go for a run with her (she won’t even invite Zen unless you request it, which is super flattering. She wants to run with just you~)
  • Even if you’re not feeling up for it the sight of her in a tank top and shorts with her recently grown out hair tied back in a short adorable ponytail and her bangs held out of her face by a golden yellow hairband that brings out the soft, gold glow of her eyes is a sight that would brighten anyone’s day
  • You tell her as much and her responding blush double-brightens your day
  • If you’re not, she’ll encourage you do to some kind of exercise around the house.Preferably while listening to one of Zen’s musicals, but she’ll put on whatever you want. She only suggests it because she knows one that’s particularly inspiring.
  • If you are feeling up for it she’ll make sure she matches whatever pace you’re up for going, even if that means not going above a brisk walk.
  • This outing is for you, after all. 
  • She’ll reassure you that wherever you’re at right now, you’ll be back on your feet eventually.
  • Until then, she’s more than happy to take care of you, whatever that may entail.
  • Jaehee wins girlfriend of the year.
  • Every year.


  • Slump? What’s that?
  • “Slump” is not in this man’s dictionary.
  • (Which is kind of a lie, although it’s very rare for him. If there is work to be done he always feels like doing it, since not doing it would bother him more than most other problems do.)
  • You tell him you’re just feeling really low, and that you’re having trouble doing the things you need to get done.
  • Why don’t you just… do the things?
  • Forgive him he’s trying
  • He’s honestly not quite sure what to do?
  • First of all, if he can, he’ll do the things for you or hire someone else to do them. He certainly understands the frustration of things not being done when they need to be done
  • Outside of that, though… he’s not sure. 
  • Tell him what you want and it’s yours?
  • He’ll make you strawberry pancakes even if it is dinnertime.
  • And wine, because, well. Wine. It’s a cure all.
  • Pancakes and wine, the finest of fine dining
  • At night he’ll hold you close and whisper reassurances in your ear until you fall asleep.
  • He’ll basically do anything and everything he can to fix the problem
  • (He’ll even rub your clothes with catnip while you’re asleep so that you get extra cuddles from Elizabeth the 3rd the next day. Kitty cuddles are another cure all.)
  • He might back down slightly if you tell him that it’s not something that needs to be fixed so much as it is a time you need to work through
  • Then he’ll switch from speedy problem solving mode to unconditional love and support mode.
  • There will still be wine and kitty cuddles though.


  • ~*~*Defender of Justice 707*~*~ will pull out all the stops to make you smile
  • “What do you call it when Batman doesn’t go to church? Christian Bale!”
  • “How many ears does Spock have? Three! A left ear, a right ear, and a final frontier~”
  • Yeah, that’s right, he’s bringing out the big guns.
  • Seriously he’s spent his life fighting off constant slumps using humour and damn if he’s not gonna use his leet memer skillz to help you through yours
  • He also decides he’s going to make you dinner
  • Oh God please no
  • Don’t worry, it doesn’t take him long to realize that he does not, in fact, know how to make dinner.
  • He does, however, make a kickass mac and cheese.
  • He knows all the tricks to make it perfect.
  • Adding just the right amount of milk, and putting real melted cheese on top.
  • Yeah, that’s right, he even has real food in the house. Look at him, it’s like he’s a real adult.
  • Except that it’s only there because you bought it.
  • He garnishes each bowl with a couple Honey Buddha chips. (You know, like fancy restaurants use those leafy things? Except it’s a sprinkle of crumbs and one single chip sticking up in the middle.)
  • Also he built you a small robot watch that generates one (1) meme per hour. 
  • (It looks kind of like the Apple watch except the screen is shaped like a pop-tart/cat it’s nyan cat okay and the band is a rainbow.)
  • It’s called the iMeme
  • He also builds you a cat robot that’s sole purpose is to compliment and encourage you
  • (Well, “built”. He just reprogrammed one of his old projects and taped a picture of his face on the front).
  • It’s called the iSaeyoung
  • And he also–
  • For serious though, he’ll support you through it. Whatever you need, he’ll get it for you. If you need a day off, he’ll arrange it so you’re both free to lounge around and watch or do whatever you want. If you need a shoulder to cry on, what a coincidence, he has two. If you need encouragement, he has tons for you.
  • If you need someone murdered–
  • Saeyoung stop


  • V notices that you’re not feeling your usual self.
  • He almost immediately arranges a nice sit down conversation about it over tea
  • (V has the best tea. You don’t know how he can make tea taste so good but he does? Maybe it’s because he has fancy rich people tea?)
  • He expresses his concern for you.
  • He tells you he’s here for you, whatever you need.
  • He tells you he understands. He’s been there.
  • Which is a little surprising to hear, since you can’t imagine the man before you flopping down on the couch and whining the way you are. 
  • (He casually does not mention that hes done exactly that before. Just ask Jumin.) 
  • But he’s had artists block before
  • Another surprising one, considering how great literally every picture you’ve ever seen of his turns out
  • Seriously even his selfies are goddamn art.
  • You ask him how he gets past things like that
  • He smiles and tells you to that you just have to step away from the situation for a while and approach it from a different angle
  • And sometimes it’s easier to do with a cup of tea in one hand and the hand of someone you love in the other
  • V how do you take pictures if your hands are full, huh? You’re full of shit V.
  • …It’s a metaphor.
  • When you’re done your talk, you’re surprised by a sudden flash of light.
  • You briefly wonder where the camera came from, but it’s V. He always has a camera within reach.
  • At your confused look he’ll give you a smile (you know, the one that looks like angels painted it on his face themselves)
  • And explain that it’s a “before” picture. He’ll take a matching one “after” you find your way back out of the slump into the sunlight. To show you how far you’ve come.
  • Hopefully his cheesiness and ever present faith in you will lift you up. 
  • If not, then he’ll just be there for you to fall down on. 
  • (You’re working on him not feeling responsible (and guilty) for all of your problems. He’s trying his best.)


  • Oh god you’re upset what is he supposed to do
  • When he’s upset he usually smokes but he’s certainly not going to suggest something so dangerous and unhealthy to you
  • He’s a hypocrite that way
  • What do normal people do when someone they care about is upset???
  • Saeyoung would probably make you laugh
  • (Although he’s not sure Saeyoung is the best example of a “normal person”)(It’s all he’s got to go on, he’s not exactly Mr. Popular)
  • “Uh, hey.”
  • Okay, so he’s got your attention. Now quick, think of something funny.
  • “Imagine if clouds could like… fall on people.”
  • …what the fuck Saeran
  • “I mean like, if blankets of cotton just fell from the sky and squished people.”
  • Oh my god stop talking, quick, think of a joke
  • “I-I mean… How do you make seven an even number?”
  • abort abort why is that the first joke that came to his mind goddamnit Saeyoung oh my god he needs to leave right now immediately before you respond–
  • “…I don’t know, why?”
  • great. no escape now saeran, you have to answer. well, having friends was nice while it lasted.
  • His response is quiet, muttered out like he had to forcefully drag it out of his increasingly flushed stupid face with a tow truck.
  • “…you take off the S.”
  • He tried, okay? And it’s not his fault. He has a good memory and his idiot brother keeps filling it with trash. He hates that his brain has a database of shitty 707 jokes more than you could possibly know.
  • But then you laugh.
  • And he turns even more red because he’s still embarrassed and holy shit you are godsend how could his shitty attempts cause such a wonderful sound?
  • You realize that this is his way of trying to cheer you up and the fact that he cares enough to tell you such an embarrassingly bad joke
  • Saeyoung is offended
  • is enough to lift your spirits even if only slightly
  • This is your chance to explain to him that you’re fine, you’re just… down lately. 
  • Which gives him an opportunity to awkwardly ask what he can do to help, since he obviously doesn’t know. And he’s still working on this whole communication thing.
  • You tell him to just… be there. 
  • And he nods. He can do that. He’d love to do that.
  • “And watch my back in case of falling clouds, okay Chicken Little?”
  • He doesn’t even get the reference but he is so red
  • It becomes an inside joke, which eventually leads to a day of Saeran sitting out of sight somewhere and throwing cotton balls at people while you point and scream “the sky is falling!”
  • (Please refer to my go-to “evidence Saeran is a troll” story here if you don’t believe he would)
  • Saeyoung is super proud


  • Vanderwood would notice immediately that something is up with you
  • They are a secret intelligence agent after all
  • And 707′s babysitter
  • So they’re used to recognizing the changes in someone’s behaviour
  • (Not that they’re overly focused on you or anything
  • You’re just.
  • You know.
  • You’re there.
  • So.
  • Of course they noticed.)
  • …now what
  • They’re good at the noticing part. They’re not so good at the doing emotions thing.
  • They’ll just spend more time around you.
  • They show up at your door muttering some story about how they were bored or needed somewhere to stay or whatever 
  • They bring you their favourite books (which is saying a lot like they only own like two books and they’re giving them to you???)
  • They kind of… awkwardly drop (read: neatly stack) the books on the nearest table with some excuse about how they’re a pain to move around from place to place so you should just have them 
  • and then they just
  • Stand there.
  • Which leads to them cleaning the nearest cleanable thing
  • (One upside, no matter how down you’re feeling your house will always be clean. Cleaning is Vanderwood’s thing.)
  • While they’re cleaning they would talk without looking at you because that makes it less awkward
  • “This’ll pass, you know.”
  • Their voice is just the slightest hint softer than usual.
  • “You just have to keep on going and it’ll pass. Everything does. Just ride it out and things will get better.”
  • “And, uh. Remember that you’ve got people who can help you. Like the RFA. And you have m–…”
  • They’re red now. Their voice raises as they continue, as though the volume can hide their embarrassment.
  • “A-And clean your goddamn house once in a while! Geez, anyone would be upset in this mess. I guess I’ll keep doing it, if you won’t.”
  • They don’t mind, really. If you look guilty or anything they’ll quickly tell you that. They like cleaning. And it gives them an excuse to come check on/hang out with you. 
  • They will not tell you that last part.
  • Also, while they suck at talking about feelings they’ve actually gotten pretty good at listening to them so if you ever need someone to talk to, Vanderwood is your person.
  • They even give good advice, Sometimes.
  • They have lots of life experience. Although their life experience is, uh. Not always transferable to the average everyday person.
  • It’s occasionally slightly illegal advice. But still pretty good.