So here’s a “sketch” I made yesterday lol, I will try to finish it today! I swear I won’t just forget that drawin’ just like i did with the last SES’s sketch that i made and said that i would maybe finish :’D

This has made ‘cuz i went to see the reference sheet of Sam that Megane made a while ago, and it said that Sam dislikes everything that’s not jacksepticeye related, and it made me wonder if it means that Sam, that grumpy-sassy smol bean, would be more happy and friendly when he’s around Jack… So i drew Sam and Jack just like having a bro-time together! Like, it’s a really simple sketch (I haven’t even sketched the background yet.) and i suck at anatomy, but i think it’s cool, i’m proud of myself!

I think something wrong it’s not right in this drawing… Imma just ignore it.