At church today I saw a man very awkwardly have to enter the women’s restroom to change his kid’s diaper.

Seriously. It’s 2017. Why don’t we have changing tables in both bathrooms? This is exactly why we need feminism. “Women should stay with the children” is very much alive and well.

This is patriarchy, and while it primarily affects women, it hurts men as well.

Petition for changing tables in ALL bathrooms.

//terfs stay away//

Today I wanted to study art style. Rather than examining the styles of my favorite fandoms, I decided to look at the Tumblr artists who inspire me. So here is my (poor) attempt at learning and recreating the art of my Tumblr idols in hopes of improving myself.

@oliviajoytaylor @frootpunch @kaceart @ask-artsy-oncie @dement09 - All of you are wonderful, incredible artists and wonderful, incredible people. I aspire to be as great an artist as you all one day, and I greatly appreciate your hard work and dedication. Thank you for being here to entertain and motivate us little guys, and may your passion for art never be extinguished.

And I’m sorry these drawings are terrible.

To all those stupid fuckers out there

Okay so I need to say something myself. I don’t actually read Tokyo Ghoul :Re anymore because I didn’t have much time and I put it on my wait list. BUT… I am aware of the newest Spoiler AND I AM ALSO AWARE OF THE STUPID SHIT SOME OF YOU ARE SAYING.

Please don’t ever tell someone to kill themselves. People said that to me, too, when I was younger and it was the worst feeling to have when people tell you you would be better off dead.

I can understand if some of you may be disappointed because your OTP didn’t get canon, but guys… Tokyo Ghoul wasn’t a boyslove Manga to begin with. And Touka is not abusive to Ken. That’s bullshit and you know it. And just because they’ve had sex doesn’t mean the chapter or Sui Ishida himself is homophobic. That doesn’t even make sense. So is every romance Anime homophobic to you?

I am a Yaoi fan myself and in the beginning I shipped Kaneki with Tsukiyama until I got interested in TouKen myself. But that’s not the point.
The point is… you can ship whatever you want and you can make everyone and everything gay in your fanarts, fanfictions, doujinshis, etc. BUT FOR GOD’S FUCKING SAKE… DON’T SAY SUCH HARSH WORDS TO SUI ISHIDA!

What would you say if you would release a work you put all your efforts and all your love into and then people tell you that’s complete shit and you should kill yourself? How would you feel? It’s just not fair.
Sui Ishida is always trying his best and puts all his effort in the series. If you are really that desperately in need for HideKane… then just stop reading the manga and switch to doujinshis and fanfictions.

Sorry (not sorry) but if you are one of these guys that send hate to Ishida just because of that sex scene than you are not a true fan of the series and don’t deserve to read that masterpiece. So fuck off and leave him be!
And let’s don’t forget: It’s just a manga. It’s a work of fiction. That reaction of your’s is ridiculous and childish.

Guys. No one said Maxine and Danny are worried. Annoyed and worried are two very different things. Who the hell isn’t annoyed about what happened in this story? Of course they were. They along with Ryan worked really hard on this story and to have Aaron go to jail for something stupid and Robert cheat would annoy anyone, lol.

Please don’t start panicking now that we are going to have some weeks free from the albatross of Rebecca. I fully 100 percent believe it will be fine. Just enjoy moving onto whatever story this next one is. 

A Conversation About Sherlock

My Dad teaches high school film and he is really good at what he does. For reasons besides his being my dad, there is no one whose film criticism I respect more. As a result, I put off talking to him about Johnlock for a long time. I felt that being unable to convince him of at least the possibility that BBC Sherlock is a romance was the one thing that might still shake my own confidence. But last week I got up my courage and tentatively brought it up. Here is (more or less) how the conversation went:

me: So, I found these really fascinating Sherlock analysis videos on YouTube which argue that a romance between Sherlock and John is at the core of the show. I understand if that sounds a bit far fetched at first, but *mentally pulling out and organizing files of evidence*—

Dad: Oh, it’s obviously a romance. I’ve always wondered whether you’d noticed.


Dad: By the way, did you see the romantic subtext in the RDJ Sherlock as well?


Dad: Oh, and are you aware of the sexually/romantically charged nature of Moriarty’s obsession with Sherlock?




me: I love you, Dad.

anonymous asked:

Is it pathetic to spend too much money on buying loot boxes when I'm beyond terrible at playing actual game of overwatch? I'm like lower bronze. 1000 sr. But I have almost all of event skins and emotes by throwing money at it until I get them. I'm kind ashamed that I'm a shitty player only cares about aesthetics and I feel bad. I have almost everything for reaper (except for the refrigerator voice line) so I've got that going for me. Still feel bad about myself :/

absolutely not!!

listen. who gives a shit if you’re “good” at the game or not. games don’t have to be about skill or competition if you don’t want it to be. i don’t even play ranked because I get enjoyment out of just having fun, kicking back and playing the game. enjoying the characters and the lore. coming here and obsessing with the rest of the fandom. I know I’m not very skilled at the game - who cares? if it makes you happy to collect items and skins, do it. it’s not pathetic. it’s your money, if it brings you enjoyment then that is what counts

I have nothing against people who take competitive seriously - in fact, I spend a good amount of time watching competitive streamers play. and that’s because I know I’ll never be grandmaster but it’s still cool to watch others who are really skilled. but don’t let anyone make you feel bad about not being “good” at the game. it’s a game! having fun and enjoying yourself is more important than anything anyway so just do you