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So... Those mutch up you did for me was so-so-so adorable and cute and I loved it. Can I ask you about scenario now? Yoosung catch his s/o while they draw him. Thank you for your amazing blog! ^___^ (yeah, it's Polly again xDD Maybe, I should stop send anonimus requests, ahah :DD)

“Hmm~ ~ this is really difficult… ahh…” the blonde sighs. He lets his fingers slide through his hair to scratch his scalp. “Hmmm,” he hums a little louder, hands now nearly furiously ruffling his already messy hair.

“Aahhh! This is stupid!” he whines dramatically, throwing his arms in the air. “___, help me, please~!!”

“I won’t be able to help you during the exams either, Yoosung,” they sighed with half a smile on their face. “I’m sorry.”

The boy drops his head onto the textbook on the table in front of him in defeat. “Studying is no fun,” he grumbles annoyed and blinks at his s/o out of the corner of his eyes. “Are you at least more successful?”

“Me? Oh, I… I’m practicing, yeah…” they smile shyly and instinctively adapt a firmer grip onto their notebook, pressing it against their chest as if trying to hide it from their boyfriend.

“Can I see?” he asks with a huge grin on his face and excitement shining in his eyes. He raises his head again and gets up from his chair, approaching his s/o sitting opposite to him.

“No, it’s not finished yet!” they quickly say as they frantically try to hide their drawing from Yoosung.

“Awww, please. I’m sure it’s amazing already!” he begs with a puppy pout on his face as he leans over their shoulder a little to take a peak. “Pretty, pretty please.”

“…I– ugh, fine. But don’t judge me, alright. Like I said, it’s not done yet,” they sigh, how could they not give in to this adorable begging of their boyfriend anyway? It feels like it could be deemed as cruelty if they’d still deny him access to their drawing.

They slowly puts the notebook on the table so that Yoosung has a clear view of the drawing his s/o has been working on for the past hour. His breath hitches upon seeing it and he rubs his eyes, as if he had to assure himself his mind isn’t playing any tricks on him.

“Y-you drew… me?” he asks, looking back and forth between the sketch and his partner, eyes wide open and jaw dropped.

“Uhm, yeah. What do you think? Is it okay, do you like it?” they ask with a slightly embarrassed blush on their cheeks.

“Are you kidding me?” Yoosung almost screams. He carefully picks up the sketchbook to get a better look on it and his smile widens. “I LOVE it!!! OH my god, this is so good. And incredibly sweet, too!! Ahh, I feel so honored!”

“You were just sitting there all focused and it was so cute, I had to sketch it out.”

“So I was modeling for you without even knowing it? Hahah, but really, I love this. Thank you, ___” he smiles sweetly with a hint of pink on his cheeks as well.