Just wondering but could it be that Yuri got the wedding rings = lucky charm idea from JJ???

Because when he checked the photos of other skaters on instagram in ep10, he was looking at JJ’s pic with his girlfriend for almost 5 seconds (for reference, he looked at Chris/Victor pic for 2.7 sec, Phichit’s pic for 2.9 sec and Yurio’s pics with his fans for 2 sec) and I’ve been wondering why he would stare at JJ of all people, but then…

Maybe he wasn’t looking at JJ and his girlfriend but their rings???


So since I don’t have 6 selfies of myself on my phone, I’m mixing up the selfie tag and the 6 Selfies of 2016 tag! (:

asdkflglgh (sorry I suck)

I was tagged by @festivezeungkwan @wenwonhao @kwonzaa @zhabthra @mingyoose and @seokminssnowflake because yall wanted to see daddys face so bad

And because I love a bunch of people on here, I’m going to tag a mass of my friends and people who I would like to get to know! I’m tagging all these people that have put up with my lame self for this long @pardon @minyoongaby @sehunsbulgingboner @eatchae @2seungforlife @hit-the-kwon @shining-wonwoo @uhilikechicken @sunshinevernon @fluffyfluffybunbun @pinkihyunnie @senshiofwisdom @i-dyology @xinqs @sment-homo @vernonpapi @shookscoops @sugabtskookie @spacetaehyung @lizfallsover @agikasapiworld @defsoulhasmysoul @vitaminniedk @banging-bangtan-boys And some people that I have not yet annoyed hahaha ~~~ @grapefruit-kwan @tangyurines @im-a-hoe-for-hoseok @gingerbread-gyu @khalifasunbaenim @winterwonho @haowin @babejeonghan @wooziology @svtdiamondcarat @seokwoo-sf9 @stop-thirstin-dae @poutyhoshi @goldenmaktae @minsugaaah @lemon-jun @sugasfatgf @im-too-tired-to-care @eating-weeping-and-sleeping @holyhao @soonpai @seventeen-hell


@sneilix tagged me to post 6 selfies from 2016 or something I actually didn’t read that very carefully but here’s some highlits of this poor excuse of a Year

Taggin’ @auroreamethyste @moogotron @doktordyper @contrabassmellotron and whoever else wants an excuse to post up to SIX selfies I am giving this to you right now,