I started this blog in 2011, the summer that I graduated from high school.  Tumblr marked a new point in my life.  I’ve met so many cool people on here and without it, I wouldn’t of been able to meet my awesome boyfriend, Gastricktank!  I really appreciate people liking, reblogging, commenting, trading, commissioning, and buying my art.  It’s unfortunate that this has been a rough year with lil art output.  It’s the only thing I’m good at and I try my best.  You guys are rad for sticking around!

Okay, alright. Let me pretend I am cute irl, kay?

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I am sorry for the lack of work this week, I have been out of control sick, I am so sorry. This is the only thing I have been able to do all week.
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Holy smokes, @obsoletesystem I’ve been playing this goof so long I can barely remember all the stuff she’s been up to. Probably one of my favorite sessions would have to be when they went into a city and the party at the time consisted of Talon and Fluffy, a Druid and his three Awakened dire wolves, a Nezumi shugenja, a gnome bard, and a human sword master and a spellscale beguiler.
The city folk would not stop talking amongst themselves wondering if a circus was in town.
Finally, in a tavern with an ale in her, Talon could take no more. “Yes, blast it, we ARE a circus!!”
Headed back and told the rest of the group we were putting on a circus now gosh darn it. The beguiler thought this was great and we spent the whole session planning out and then performing the best circus that town had ever seen.