Does the fashion industry truly encourage self-expression and the banishment of gender roles?

With the fashion industry supposedly breaking down these gender barriers by encouraging gender neutral clothing – Selfridges being the first ever British retailer to release gender neutral clothes.[1] Has it actually created a movement for other fashion retailers to follow?

Reece King, an English model and social media influencer recently did a shoot and interview for Risk Magazine. He spoke about the issues of sexuality and how people view his self-expression. 

“At the end of the day, I am a human being, so of course having people insult my sexuality and creativity sucks, especially when they take it to the point of no longer being mad at the picture, but deeper angrier hateful views on a human living their life. It’s sad people can’t accept all other parties, but I stay away from bad energy like that because it feels too good to be me, and the party I fit with.”[2] 

I feel like having models like Reece King encourages the younger generation to see beyond the norm, showing that you don’t have to be the same as everyone else but rather be self-accepting and be your own individual.

King is a model that supports breaking these gender barriers, however, some fashion brands may appear to be for gender roles/equality and individuality but are actually against this movement. He recently spoke out on Instagram about getting dropped from Primark for doing the Risk Magazine shoot and interview. Primark supposedly ‘didn’t want to be associated with that type of person/influencer’[3] 

This was shocking to me as Primark appeared to me as diverse however this makes you question what other companies/fashion brands that are notably popular are showing a façade of encouraging individuality, but find it a hard concept to grasp upon.

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No, I don't regret getting the piercings I have. No I won't regret getting other piercings. No, I do not regret stretching my ears. No I will not regret stretching them more. No I do not regret dying my hair different colors. No I will not regret doing it again soon. No I will not regret getting a shit ton of tattoos. But hunny, if you have a problem with the way I express myself you can walk right out the door, and please let it hit your ass on the way out, I would love to see your face bounce off the pavement.