…there’s nothing I could say that you haven’t heard, but I’ll sing you love songs ‘till the day I die. the way I’m feeling I can’t keep it inside I’ll sing you a sweet serenade whenever you’re feeling sad and a lullaby each night before you go to bed I’ll sing to you for the rest of your life the way I’m feeling I can’t keep it inside.

Love me like love is more than just a word. Make it action, make it choice, make it commitment. Don’t try to be perfect. Don’t try to love me perfectly because you are not perfect and neither am I, some days we will crash and burn but it’s whether or not we escape from the wreckage that matters. So when we have those arguments that make peace seem like a distant memory, take the time you need to cool off but make sure you come back.
Motivate me. I’ve always been quite the dreamer, but some days the world gets the best of me. My body keeps moving but everything else feels dead, and everything including you feels further away than it should be. When that happens, pull me close. Tell me that you’re here, tell me that there’s more to live for, call it soul to soul resuscitation. Bring me back to you.
Don’t give up on understanding me. I know that on most days my mind is more like a really messy bedroom and finding sense in all of the chaos may prove to be difficult but please, don’t stop trying. Keep talking, keep asking questions, refuse to get tired. See, I know a lot of words. I know temporary. I know brief, short-lived, fleeting. I don’t quite get the word stay. It tastes weird on my tongue, probably because I’m more used to people doing the opposite. I guess that’s why I’m always prepared to write goodbye poems, and why I’ll be expecting you to leave once you see the person behind all of this poetry. Please, don’t go. Prove me wrong. Stay.
—  How I desire to be loved. // Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (362/366)
…I was born in 1990 and I was sort of raised in America when it was a cult of self-expression, and I was just taught, you know, express myself and have things to say and everyone will care about them. And I think everyone was taught that and most of us found out that no one gives a shit what we think. So we flock to performers by the thousands ‘cause we’re the few that found an audience, and then I’m supposed to get up here and say “follow your dreams,” as if this was a meritocracy? It is not, okay? I had a privileged life and I got lucky and I’m unhappy. They say it’s…it’s like…the ‘me’ generation. It’s not. The arrogance is taught or it was cultivated. It’s self-conscious. That’s what it is, it’s conscious of self. Social media is just the market’s answer to a generation that demanded to perform, so the market said: “here, perform everything, to each other, all the time for no other reason.” It’s prison, it’s horrific. It’s performer and audience melded together. What do we want more than to lie in bed at the end of the day and just watch our lives as a satisfied audience member? I know very little about anything, but I do know this that if you can live your life without an audience, you should do it.
—  Bo Burnham, Make Happy

Hey, loves. It’s late but I have to get this out.

With the rise of social media and creatives (specifically visual artists since this is my field) posting their work online, this looming cloud of judgment (self and others) and e-validation has spawned.

Now most seek to create what garners attentions. Most judge themselves too harshly almost to the point of losing all motivation. Most live in the constant suffocation of comparing their work to peers’. Most drown in bitterness and envy. Most give up when they don’t get instant results.

I speak from experience and slowly I’m breaking free of this by doing my best everyday to spread support to everyone I can. It hurts to see myself and others slowly forget why we do what we do. BECAUSE WE LOVE IT.

Create what YOU like. Don’t be too hard on yourself; did you enjoy the process? GOOD. ON TO THE NEXT! Don’t compare yourself to others; you are the only you! That’s what makes your creations awesome! Didn’t work the first time? Try again! Down the line you’ll be glad you got back up. Patience.

ART (anything creative!…and anything can be creative, really XD) IS AN OUTLET. IT’S BEAUTIFUL. As long as your creating with your heart: IT’S GREAT BECAUSE IT’S YOURS. There is no “bad” art and there’s no “right” or “wrong” in self-expression! And there’s always room for “improvement” no matter how much you practice so you might as well enjoy the ride!

Doing creative work for a living is a battle of remembering how to stay in love with what you do and why you do it. Even while you “work”.

I get so many messages from discouraged artists who don’t realize that what they’re creating is already great.

Don’t let society/feedback/anyone mold your creative outlet. We have enough sameness as it is. Encourage self-expression and encourage EACH OTHER!


This is so sloppy guys but I couldn’t sleep. Please stay making awesome stuff. Goodnight 💞

Your feelings are valid. You have every right to feel whatever emotion you want. You aren’t being dramatic. You aren’t over exaggerating. You’re simply feeling. And that’s okay. 

Midnight Reminder:
It’s okay if you’d rather sip tea and read a book than go to a party.
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be quiet in a world that seems too loud.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Midnight Reminder #2

Same chick, same outfit, minus almost 90 pounds. My “secret” is not expensive diets or punishing workouts, just smaller portions. I didn’t give up anything, I still eat sugar and carbs, just in smaller portions. My best advice is to talk to a nutritionist, this can help ANYONE, not just people who want to lose weight. Also, figure out what makes you happy and cling to it, don’t let anyone tone you down or snuff your light because it intimidates them or makes them jealous. Don’t stop because they point and stare, be who you are and someday they’ll ask you your secret 🤓🍁🦊❤️💋🌹🥀☠️💀🖤🌑🦄🗡

Open up your heart and open up your mind.
We have created these messages in which you’re to find.
Your brazen words of “wisdom” and your attitude worth no dime all expel no confidence that has wasted all our time.
You say you make “informed” decisions for a country you know, living life by standards you’re not willing to let go.
And blaming other people for subjects you don’t know only shows how little knowledge you’re willing to for show.
You say climate doesn’t matter as the icebergs are melting slow, leaving other species warm and without a home.
Let’s build a wall dividing them from us staking claim that it will be the best for the both of us.
Leaving all these people in a sorrowed rut, making sure there all thrown out on their butts.
The fact is you have money claiming its just luck, but the truth is you wouldn’t even spend a buck.
Leaving people homeless doesn’t come as shock, but next time I really hope the world has better luck.
The holes in the ozone really truly suck; it’s just a matter of time before our galaxy becomes unstuck.
You say let’s wreak havoc on some places on this earth; let’s unleash that atomic bomb that started hell on earth.
We’ll wipe out masses with radiation and become just like Hitler without all of the idolisation.
You’re making tasteless statements about our babies, proclaiming that you know just how to treat the ladies.
Yet you ridicule all the media with conflicting allegations saying that they just “don’t know how they’re treating you.”
You just sit in silence while our people protest hate crime and gun violence; you claim that there is no need to create an alliance.
Our world is filled with people who are afraid of what they show, just because their skin isn’t as white as snow.
We are here to let you know, that you won’t make us feel that low.
And that just goes to show that we will never let love go.
You never say you’re sorry for all the pain caused by the worry.
But here you are with your head held high making brazen statements that seem to be all a lie.
Since it is now up to you, I’ll leave you with this.
Please just make sure our world still gets to exist.
—  gaybyday-gaybynight
I’m not searching for my other half because I’m not a half.
—  Realizing this is one of the things that made the biggest difference in my life, not just in my relationships.

When legendary anarchist Emma Goldman said “If I can’t dance, then I don’t want to be part of your revolution”, she meant that any overturning of oppressive social relations which denies joy, beauty and self-expression doesn’t liberate anyone.

Not, “Alright, the way to smash the state is to get all of your friends together, cover each other in glitter, fetch a technicolor rave tricycle, go and throw some really radical shapes at the fuzz, and wait for capitalism to implode.”


Rebecca Sugar on Self Expression: Part 5