I was standing at my bus stop alone and this guy was walking past me and he was in his early 20’s it looked and pointed to my headphones telling me to take them out, when I did he told me “smile , you’re beautiful” and all I could do was smile and say “thank you” he then again looked at me and said “ you really are” smiled at me and kept walking. I started to cry because I was so shocked that someone I didn’t know, a complete stranger told me that.

I was feeling awful crappy before that happened, and I have never cried so much from a compliment because I actually believed it . If I ever see this guy I’m going to hug him and tell him thank you. He made me feel so good.

If you ever feel no one ever looks at you or passes you and thinks you’re beautiful then you’re wrong, they do, they just never say anything . I felt the exact same way, one person just decided to say it and it makes you realize that you are.

anonymous asked:

My mom is being very hard on me after I told her that I was ace aromantic . And that I'm too young to know . ( I'm 15) So got any ideas for my problem? (my mom is very old fashioned when it comes to sex and dating )

First off, you’re not too young, Anon. As soon as you’re old enough to question your sexuality, you’re old enough to identify however you see fit.

But as for how to deal with your mom, I’d suggest laying low about it for a bit. You didn’t say much here, but from what you did say it sounds like she’s really not going to be accepting. I know being in the closet sucks, but sometimes it’s the better option. When dating or questioning your dating life does come up again, I’d try telling her things like “I’m focusing on school right now” or that “there’s no one at school I’m interested in at the moment.” Things that aren’t necessarily lies, but aren’t about your romantic and sexual orientation either.


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How do you initiate a conversation about possible diagnosis? I've taken countless of the depression screenings like the BDI and they all say I show signs of major depression. I told this to my therapist and she brushed it off and said I wasn't depressed bc I wasn't showing symptoms. It's becoming increasingly hard to function and I'm struggling to finish this semester, but I don't want her to brush my concerns off like the last time.

Hi Anon,

It sounds like you’ve got a really crappy doctor. Please don’t feel like you must keep seeing them if they are not helping you. There are many others to choose from, probably off campus, and you deserve someone who cares about you to help you through this. If you feel that your doctor isn’t helping or listening to you, then you need to find a new doctor. 

Getting & talking to a therapist



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okay so im assuming u know about the jet scene cause of the [ ;) ] with callistawolf. i saw a convo on twitter where the woman that SA told the spoiler to answered a question about the jet scene that said, "will the jet scene in 3x20 blow our socks off." and the woman replied, more like *melt* your socks off. is there ANYTHING you'd like to add? maybe even a one word tease. im having a crappy day, and some good info would be super cool :)

*blinks* Oh my goodness! My first anon! I’m no longer an anon virgin. I feel so… I don’t know… All tingly. *ahem * Yes, to your question. Let’s see. Since you are my first anon, you deserve something, so I’ll try for one word. *Types a word* Nope too spoilery. *Tries again* Nope too retro, if you’re too young you wouldn’t get the reference. Hmm… This is hard. How does Marc do it? Ok, I think I’ve got it.


Thanks for the question! By the way, I’m the woman on Twitter who said it will *melt* your socks off because that was my reaction. Of course my reaction could have been tainted by location and proximity. Lol. And thank you to @callistawolf for teaching me how to set up my ask box and anon thing to begin with. (How did I do?)

Any more questions?

Now it is certain, ladies and gentlemen: I am going to Popcult 2015!!! I just bought the ticket and I’m excited as hell, not only because Tolkien fandom will be somewhat precent, but because I’ll be able to meet you guys, some maybe for the first time and others for the first time in forever :DD 

Truth to be told, for a long time I thought of not going. That is why I won’t be doing any cosplay debutes (I quess?), all my projects are in progress but there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Most likely you’ll see me in Melian or some crappy OC I invented night before the con. But who knows, maybe it’s time for miracles…

I’ll see you guys there! ^w^/

Santa stopped at my apartment today...

I got home from work and felt like something was different. Like the furniture had been moved. Then I realized the lamp that was once on the ground was now on a side table…the side table that had be serving as our “Entertainment center”. Then I looked at the table my tv was sitting on and realized it was the table my mom and I saw at Target this weekend. When I called “Santa” to verify what I was seeing I was told that the Sleigh had a chair too, but the chair was broken so Santa had to order a new one.

…and this my friends is why you work on having a good relationship with your parents. They may not just stop by and drop off new furniture, but they are always their for you when you’re in need.

It was also nice because I was having a crappy day

While writing a heartbroken note, research prof emailed…wow…at 12:30am, I guess I will not have summer break. Research right after final week. Well, he’ll get to see my crappy face after final week is over.  Looking forwards to it, but he sounded the project go to be lol…about precision, precision…yikes…making me nervous. Anyways, need to be optimistic as much as I could, i need to stop having negative thoughts. And it suck to type in another language w/out accent,  can type accent on phone, wonder if i can select language to write on mac. Speaking of mac, had most embarrassing moment in Apple’s store, but told the sales, “hey man, you have to help me out b/c I’m a PC-er” and he laughed :D and he couldn’t stop laughing b/c i kept doing my double-clicks -_-” Oh well. Need to do Pchem pre-lab, gosh these last two TAs speak soo soft that I couldn’t even hear them, and i don’t blame b/c they’re asians, and I too speak to the volume that nobody could hear me. (suck i know, I wish I could be loud like I used to, well I blame to society because whenever you talk loud people think you’re scolding at them lol…how ironic).

Pulling all nighter tonight and skip work.  Few more weeks than done w/ working.  Not work in fall/spring anymore. 

i guess you could call this an update or reason of absence?

Hello there little snowflakes.
Agreed, ive appeared to have abandoned this blog. I’ll try and get back to it soon…
Ive been on the other side of tumblr, you know, that place where you post your personal feelings and reblog about inner thoughts, yeah, I know, its not a great place to be and it gets a little dark. Truth be told little snowpeople I’m not in the best frame of mind. And not wanting to burden people with my crappy talk means I needed somewhere to dump it and smile at everyone else. So…long story short, I’m having a tough time, and due to that this blog has suffered in activity. I have insta and snap chat you can bop me there if you want. Just gimme a private message for them.
See you hopefully soon.
Keep blogging. ❄
Hugs and pugs, me. (?) ♥

Alec Lightwood

Was getting stuff for dinner at food lion and got to the checkout lane. I was minding my own business being perfectly polite, then I saw the cashiers name tag. Alec. Okay not thaaaat uncommon a name right? I mean id never heard or prior to 2011 when I started TMI and have lived all over the country and have been in this small town for over 3 years so I have probably met nearly everyone, but that doesn’t mean anything. But I noticed hi name so of course I then noticed his black hair. I didn’t want to be that creeper who tried to check out his eyes to see if they’re bright blue, so I waited until he told me the change due and looked up. Bam. Bright blue shining eyes.

His name is Alec, Jet black hair, Bright blue eyes. I was having a really crappy day but that was like my fandom heaven said hello. You people have no idea how tempted I was to make some sort of reference to CC or Magnus or Isabelle or Mayrese or Jace or SOMETHING!! But there was a line behind me and I had to go. It was an insane Coincidence. Of course, coincidences don’t exist in any fandom.