We talk a lot about how Washington’s tax code is wicked regressive, but not everyone has a super-firm understanding of why that is or how it works or if it could ever be improved. Which is fair! Taxes are fucking complicated!

But basically, the issue is that, though tax payers shell out plenty of money each year to keep the roads paved and the schools open and the government officials paid (you may have seen people whinging about this in recent weeks regarding the school levy propositions), the state’s revenue sources are pretty busted. 

This video explains some of why this is—particularly, that we balance a large portion of our books on property taxes and sales tax, both of which a.) disproportionately impact lower-earners, and b.) really don’t allow for much growth or expansion. Despite the additional folks we’re adding to the city, property and sales tax simply don’t keep up. They do, however, place undue burden on poor people:


What this video fails to mention is why we have the 1% property tax cap. Because, though homeowners often kvetch about how they’re getting gouged on property tax, the truth is that actually, property taxes have been artificially kept down thanks to none other than Tim Eyman. And though a re-instatement of the cap was (kind of) bipartisan, the truth is that tax and policy professionals know it’s one of the reasons why the state and local governments are facing huge shortfalls. 

Anyway, the point is that if you really want to see a more equitable tax base—or if you just want to not see most of the budget propped up by sales and property tax—you should probably get on board with a more progressive tax system, like one with an income tax (which basically ensures that people who earn a lot also pay into the system to a more equitable degree). 

So now you know! This is what we mean when we talk about our tax system. 

A few years ago if you had told me that marijuana would be legal for recreational use I would have told you that you were insane and then if you had told me that I would be hired to go photograph a warehouse full of it I would have laughed at you. It’s amazing how things change. Shot this for a new producer/processor called Green Kiss.
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Can’t buy me looooooooove (but you can adopt love for cheap!)

Are you the owner of a lonely heart—and the renter or owner of a home big enough for a pet to run around a bit? Do you have space in your heart and room in your schedule for a new best friend?

If so, shake a tailfeather and get over to one of several adoption events this weekend because **love is in the airrrrrrrr.**

If you’re on the Eastside, head to the Petco in Kirkland, where you’ll find deeply discounted cuties. 

Regional Animal Services of King County is reducing adoption rates by 50% this weekend in the hope of moving some critters into forever homes. 

OR you can stay closer to home and get a new best friend for NO adoption fee (YEAH REALLY) at the Seattle Animal Shelter

Even if you’re allergic to fur or just prefer something cold-blooded our various regional animal shelters have you covered. Here’s a lizard named Susan B. Anthony that’s waiting to go home with you. 

The Seattle Humane Society is also dropping the cost of adoption fees. They’ve got lil buddies like Big Tony:

or Levi:

If you’ve been meaning to go check out some adoptable best friends, this is for sure the weekend to do it.

You might not be able to buy love but you can FOR SURE adopt it. 

Don’t know what to get that special someone for Valentine’s Day? Well this would be a rad surprise for someone! Jewelry from Body Vision.

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Welp! Now that this one is done, I think I’ll hide it in the closet where I’m certain it can’t hurt me. Or maybe outside where the neighbor dog poops.
What’s your favorite scary movie?

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