Right after they got married in February 1992, Kurt and Courtney went to Seattle to search for a house and Wendy [Kurt’s mother] took the opportunity to throw the couple a baby shower/wedding reception. They showed up five hours late.

While staying in Seattle, Kurt and Courtney love waltzed in to Orpheum Records and found several Nirvana bootlegs in the bins. She got indignant, scooped them all up and walked up to the desk and announced that they were illegal and she ‘taking them’. When the person behind the counter said she’d have to “talk to the boss", Courtney grabbed the notepad next to the register and wrote this below note to “the boss”. Kurt wrote “macaroni and cheese for all”.

“Between January and December of 2014, while Seatac’s business owners (and their customers) were absorbing the cost of paying minimum wage employees $15, unemployment decreased 17.46%, falling from 6.3% to 5.2%. It turns out that you CAN increase the minimum wage (even in large increments) and increase overall employment at the same time.”

Economics 101: lower unemployment by raising wages.



Using this miracle of science, I created a fully playable set of Pacific Rim CAH cards, 40 black and 140 white. Three sets were given away at Shatterdome Seattle this past weekend, but if you missed it, you can download a PDF of each page of cards here:

Black 1, Black 2, White 1, White 2, White 3, White 4, White 5, White 6, and White 7 (the ”after dark” page, aka the NC-17 cards - this page was not available at the con!)

You can also check out my Hannibal edition of Cards Against Humanity here[x].



Okay, apologies (Canadian: sorry, sorry, sorry) no time to properly edit or tag the superb cosplay, but wanted to get some preliminary photos of the wonderful Shatterdome Seattle Convention up before scooting out of town. Will come back and fix when I return (should have the bulk of the photos and tagging done next weekend). SUCH a fun event. 

Photos by Amanda in 2015 and they belongs to me. For more go to or

Welcome to the SELF-e Family, Seattle Public Library!

Seattle Public Library (SPL), which includes nearly 30 branches throughout the area, is the first library in Washington State to opt into SELF-e! 

By utilizing the SELF-e platform, Seattle’s self-published authors can submit their ebooks through a SPL portal for circulation at the library and at other participating libraries throughout the state. If selected as one of the best-of-the-best self-published books by Library Journal, the books will also appear in a curated module soon to be available nationwide.

Seattle Public Library also supports “Seattle Writes,” a project including a spectrum of free author-benefiting activities such as writing work shops, write-ins, author panels and classes on digital publishing. SELF-e is the next step in fulfilling Seattle Writes’ mission to support their local author community and connect them with the library’s large and avid community of readers. 

Seattle Public also plans on celebrating the official launch of SELF-e with an Indie Author Day event in July. More details to come! We can’t wait to see what the talented folks in Washington submit.

To learn more about SELF-e, click here