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Welcome to my texts Masterlist! I hope you enjoy reading these and please feel free to request! I will answer any requests anonymous or not so don’t hesitate to ask. Requests are not limited to the artists / groups here so request anyone! Thank you!

BTS - Bangtan Sonyeondan

Kim Namjoon

Seeing you on campus texts

Jealousy texts 

Meme texts

Drunk confession texts

Dreaming about them cheating on you

Language texts

Accidentally sexting another member

Accidentally sexting your parent 

Pregnancy texts // One Shot Scenario

Break Up texts

Kim Seokjin

Feeling ‘down’ texts

Dreaming about them cheating on you

Cheering you up texts

Language texts

Accidentally sexting your parent

Accidentally sexting another member

Pregnancy texts

Break up texts

Min Yoongi

Fuckboy!Yoongi texts

Drunk texts

Sexting texts

Running late texts

Bodyguard texts 

Min Holly texts

Passed away girlfriend’ texts

Birthday present texts Ft. BTS 

Mean Yoongi’ texts

Nagging him to clean up the house texts 

Hearing you rap to Cypher

Dreaming about them cheating on you 

Revealing your pregnancy texts 

Writing a song for you texts

Stealing his favourite jumper texts 

Friends with benefits texts

Horny pregnancy texts 

‘First time’ texts

Finding your smut blog texts  Part 2

Sick texts

Revealing relationship texts 

Caught cheating texts

Language texts

Accidentally sexting another member

Accidentally sexting another member - Finale

Accidentally sexting your parent 

Pregnancy texts

Break up texts

Getting back together texts

Sour puss texts

Rough S/O texts

Jung Hoseok

Drunk confession texts

Dreaming about them cheating on you 

Awkward flirting texts 

Finding your smut blog texts

Friends with benefits

Choreographer AU texts 

Night texts

Revealing relationship texts

Caught cheating texts

Language texts

Accidentally sexting another member 

Accidentally sexting your parent 

Pregnancy texts

SnapBack Texts Part 2

Park Jimin

Soccer texts

Finding your smut blog

Accidentally confessing texts

Choreographer AU texts

Revealing relationship texts

Caught cheating texts

MaleReader texts

Language texts

Accidentally sexting another member

Accidentally sexting your parent

Break up texts

Salty to loving!

Kim Taehyung

Asking your older brother Jungkook to date you 

Finding your smut blog

Revealing relationship texts

Airport texts

Caught cheating texts

Language texts

Breaking up texts

Accidentally sexting another member

Accidentally sexting your parent

Best friend texts

Jeon Jungkook

Finding your smut blog

Caught cheating texts

Language texts

Accidentally sexting another member

Accidentally sexting your parent

Best friends texts

Mafia Boss texts

Playboy texts 

Soccer texts 

Asking out texts 

Fuckboy!Jungkook texts


Bangtan teasing Yoongi for constantly smiling - BTS

Choreography groupchat - BTS

Ditching work groupchat - GD & Hoseok 

Invite to the beach - Astro

Sleepover texts - Astro

Big Bang

Choi Seunghyun - T.O.P

Missing your birthday texts

Confessing texts

Coming home texts

Mafia Boss texts

BigBang revealing your crush on T.O.P

Sexting texts

Asking out texts

Military texts

Kwon Jiyong - G - Dragon

German girlfriend texts

Mafia Boss texts

Accidentally sexting Seungri texts

Forgetting your birthday texts

PEACEMINUSONE tattoo texts

Confessing texts

‘The Other Man’ Texts

Confessing thanks to Seungri 

Anniversary texts

Apologising for arguing

Sexting texts Part 2 Part 3

Friends with benefits texts

Daily BF texts

Worrying texts

Joking Texts

Pregnancy texts

Meme texts Part 2

Lee Seunghyun - Seungri

Missing you texts

Hearing you on the phone texts

Finding your smut blog texts

Mafia Boss texts

Sex advice texts Part 2

Overwatch texts

Sexting texts

Kang Dae-sung - Daesung / D-lite

Hospitalised texts

Accidentally sexting another member

Sexting texts

Mafia texts

Dong Youngbae - Taeyang

Unrequited love texts

Worrying texts

Night texts

Sexting texts Part 2

AOMG - Above Ordinary Music Group / Always On My Grind

Jay Park

April fools texts

Fluffy drunk texts

Drunk texts

Simon D

Partners in crime texts


Pregnancy texts

April fools texts

Fluffy texts

Monsta X

Lee Joo-heon - Jooheon

Son Hyun-woo - Shownu 

Shin Ho-seok - Wonho

Body thoughts

Lee Min-hyuk - Minhyuk

Flirting texts

April fools texts

Yoo Ki-hyun - Kihyun

Flirting texts

Chae Hyung-won - Hyungwon

Lim Chang-kyun - I.M

Cheating texts

Bestfriend texts


Kim Hanbin - B.I

The return of superman texts

Pregnancy texts

Missing you texts

Kim Jiwon - Bobby

Pregnancy texts

Bestfriend Bobby helping you with your crush on Donghyuk

Boyfriend texts 

Child’s first words texts

Kim Jinhwan - Jinhwan

Puppy texts

‘Oppa’ texts

Kim Dong Hyuk - Donghyuk

Fangirling over their comeback texts

Finding out about your kink texts

Flirtatious joking texts

iKON teasing you because of your crush on Donghyuk

Sexting texts

Crush texts

Study buddy texts

Song Yoon Hyung- Yunhyeong

Borrowing his sisters clothes Texts

Fluffy texts

Stealing your lip balm texts

Koo Jun Hoe - June / Junhoe

Teasing you because of your crush texts

Jung Chan Woo - Chanwoo

B.A.P - Best Absolute Perfect

Bang Yongguk - Bang

Baby pictures texts

Daily boyfriend texts

Social anxiety texts

Sexting texts

‘Too good for him’ texts

Language texts

Pregnancy texts

Choi Jun-hong - Zelo

Surprise return texts

Sexting texts Part 2 

Revealing relationship texts 

Jung Dae-hyun - Daehyun

Jealous texts

Caught cheating texts

Yoo Young-Jae - Youngjae

Sexting texts

Kim Him-chan - Himchan

Teasing you in public texts

Moon Jong-up - Jongup

Surprise return texts


Yook Sungjae - Sungjae

Bumping into you texts

Lee Minhyuk- Minhyuk

Jung Il-hoon - Ilhoon

Peniel Shin - Peniel

Lee Changsub - Changsub

Seo Eunkwang - Eunkwang

Lim Hyunsik - Hyungsik

Block B

Woo Ji-ho - Zico

Sexting texts

Family life texts 

Friends with benefits texts 

Jealous texts

Finding your secret blog

Pyo Jihoon - P.O

Park Kyung - Kyung

Worrying texts 

Lee Tae-Il - Taeil 

Awkward asking out texts

Mafia Boss texts

Lee Min-Hyuk - B-Bomb

Jealousy texts 

Ahn Jae-Hyo - Jaehyo

Chubby girlfriend texts

Kim Yoo-Kwon - U-Kwon 

Sick texts


Kang Seungyoon - Seungyoon

Kim Jinwoo - Jinwoo

Lee Seunghoon - Seunghoon

Song Min-Ho - Mino

Breaking up texts

Nam Taehyun - Taehyun


Kim Jin Myun - Suho

Kim Min Seok - Xiumin

Zhang Yixing - Lay

Finding out you’re pregnant texts

Byun Baek Hyun - Baekhyun

Cheating texts

Kim Jong Dae - Chen

Park Chanyeol - Chanyeol

Flirting + Confessing texts

Accidentally confessing texts 

Do Kyung Soo - D.O

Meme texts

Kim Jong In - Kai

Oh Se Hun - Sehun

Cheating texts Part 2


Lee Tae-min - Taemin

Choi Min-ho - Minho

Kim Jong-hyun - Jonghyun

Lee Jin-ki - Onew

Meme texts

Kim Ki-bum - Key

Platonic flirting texts 

Meme texts


Im Jae Bum - JB

Worrying texts

Sexting texts Part 2

Seeing you dancing texts 

Stripper texts

Mark Yi En Tuan - Mark

Jackson Wang - Jackson 

Confession texts ft. GOT7

Finding out about your daddy kink

Jealousy texts 

Sexting texts

Fluffy and needy texts

Reaction to you physically fighting

Seeing you dancing texts 

Exam stress texts

Reaction to your ex texting you

Yoongi & Hoseok revealing your crush on him 

Proposal texts

Park Jin Young - Jinyoung

Choi Youngjae - Youngjae

Sexting texts

Hearing you singing for the first time

Kunpimook Bhuwakul - BamBam

Seeing you dancing texts

Kim Yu Gyeom - Yugyeom

Seeing you dancing texts


Kim Jong Hyun - JR

Awkward date texts

Warning him about texting your brother

Accidentally sexting your brother Aron

Revealing your relationship to your brother Aron Part 2 Part 3

Jealousy texts

Aaron Kwak / Kwak Young Min - Aron

Asking Aron to invite your family to meet JR

Confronting you about JR accidentally sexting him

Revealing you and JRs relationship to your brother

Kang Dong Ho - Baekho

Fluffy texts

Hwang Min Hyun - Minhyun

Choi Min Ki - Ren

Relationship advice texts


Choi Seun Cheol - S.Coups

Yoon Jung Han - Jeonghan

Hong Jisoo - Joshua

Wen Junhui / Moon Jun Hwi - Jun

Kwon Soonyoung - Hoshi

Jeon Wonwoo - Wonwoo

Lee Jihun - Woozi

Jealousy texts

Lee Seokmin - DK

Kim Mingyu - Mingyu

Xu Minghao - The8

Boo Seung Kwan - Seungkwan

Hansol Vernon Choi - Vernon

Lee Chan - Dino


Lee Taeyong - Taeyong

Moon Tae Il - Taeil

Seo Young Ho - Johnny

Nakamoto Yuta - Yuta

Kim Dong Young - Doyoung

Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul - Ten

Jung Jae Hyun/ Yoon Oh - Jaehyun

Dong Si Cheng- Win Win

Mark Lee - Mark

Huang Ren Jun - Renjun

Lee Je No - Jeno

Lee Dong Hyuck - Haechan

Mark setting you up texts

My precious problematic son’

Na Jae Min - Jaemin

Zhong Chen Le - Chen Le

Park Ji Sung - Jisung


Park Jinwoo - JinJin

Kim Myung Jun - MJ

Lee Dong Min - Cha Eunwoo

Moon Bin - Moonbin

Park Min Hyuk - Rocky

Yoon San Ha - Sanha

Cross Gene

Terada Takuya - Takuya

Night texts

Shin Won-ho - Shin

Kim Yongseok - Yongseok

Kim Sangmim - Sangmin

Lee Seyoung - Seyoung

Chu Xiao-Xiang - Casper


Zhou Yixuan - Yixuan

Kim Sungjoo - Sungjoo

Li Wenhan - Wenhan

Cho Seungyoun - Seungyoun

Accidental confession texts

Daily boyfriend texts

Wang Yibo - Yibo

More coming soon!

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take my soul already

EXO Reaction: Accidentaly calling daddy (NSFW)

Thanks for the request, it’s amazing. Here we go :)

WARNING: Explicit content and vocabulary. NSFW +18

Luhan: *as he spanks you harder and harder* 
Y/N: Oh daddy please

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Luhan: How did you call me?
Y/N: Oh god, sorry i didn’t m*Starts eating you*

Kai: *as he fucks you he grabs your hair roughly*
Y/N: Oh daddy

Originally posted by jonginkai-ah

Kai: Oh yeah? *he starts licking your ear and moans as he goes harder*

*while he was eating you, you said it  and he stopped* So… this daddy thing.. Say it again *he starts touching himself and you see him going hard as fuck*

Originally posted by krismehard

Tao: *when he penetrated you on missionary, you couldn’t help saying it* Oh..Y/N jeez… that.. *he starts going faster and puts his fingers inside of your mouth*

Originally posted by yourbiaslikesitrough

Baekhyun: *he was fucking the shit out of you when you said it. He bite his lips and looks at you deeply* You are driving me crazy

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Suho: *As he was eating you * 

Y/N: Oh yeah daddy
He stopped and grabbed your head roughly and put himself inside of your mouth.
Suho: *as he fucks your mouth* You’ve been a bad girl Y/N…

Originally posted by qrishan

Sehun: *He was going so soft, that you could barely recognize him, suddenly he started rubbing your clit* 

Y/N: Oh god.. Daddy.. I mean, Sehun.
He opened his eyes widely 
Sehun: What did you just say? 

Originally posted by wooyoung

Y/N: Sorry, i just.. I don’t know..
Sehun: Say it again *You could feel his member rubbing against you* 
Y/N: Da…Dadd*He pushed himself hardly inside of you* Oh god…

Xiumin: *As he fucked you faster and harder you accidentaly said it* Oh.. You just didn’t say that.. You dirty girl *he grabs your neck and starts choking you and going even harder*

Originally posted by xiuxiubaby

Lay: *while he was sucking your nipples, he put inside his long fingers* 
Y/N: Oh Daddy 
He looked at you, and starred for a second, and then started rubbing your clit as he got closer to your mouth 

Originally posted by mindfuck-of-asian

Lay: *whispering so close* Say it again

Chanyeol: *As he fucked you roughly you accidentaly said it. He stopped and put you upside down.* How did you call me?
Y/N: Daddy Chanyeol..*He spanks you*

Chanyeol: If you say it again.. daddy will have to punish you again..*spanks you again* and again..*keeps spanking you harder*

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

Chen: *You were going really rough when you said it. He stopped and started eating you out* You need to be punished for this, little dirty girl. *When he licked your clit, he made you cum and swallowed it* You take the worst out of me.. you know?

Originally posted by ludeerbambi

*He asked for a rough blowjob so his hands were on your head pushing you against it roughly* 

He pushed you out to breath, and then, again inside hard.
Kyungsoo: *letting you breath* You like it Y/N? *pushing you inside again hard for several seconds and letting you breath again*
Y/N: Yes daddy

Originally posted by byuntaejhope

Kyungsoo: Oh..*pushing you back inside not letting you breath* Damn Y/N *cumming inside of your mouth* 

Thanks for keeping the requests coming.

I love you.


Valentine's Special - Sehun ♥

You unlocked the door tiredly with a huff, shaking your head at how tired you were and you hated being this tired. It was Valentine’s day for God’s sake! And yet, you still have work today. How you dreaded to go to work but you had to – a job is still a job, especially your job. As much as you wanted to stay home, and just laze around or probably go out with the boy you loved the most, you couldn’t.

Not when your job was on the line and with him assuring you to go, you just had to go.

And now you came back fuming, tired and exhausted even though you rarely got to spend much time with him – you knew you had to try to pull an energized expression. You stepped in the house, putting your things down on the side before you turned around to close the door with your eyes closed – you just wanted to sleep right now but you couldn’t disappoint him.

Not when you knew he was waiting up for you, though, it was just 7.30p.m. but usually around this time you’d be sleeping because of how tired you were.

A gasp escaped your lips when his strong arms snaked around your waist – how was he younger than you by two years?

“Welcome home, noona…” His dark voice entered your ears as you two remained like that in the dark house as the main lights weren’t on – only the dimmer ones in the corners. You sighed in bliss, leaning back against his chest when he kissed the side of your head appreciatively. You could feel that he was frowning and you were right when you looked over your shoulder, your hands on his arms that were locking you in tight as he inhaled your scent.

“You left too early without me knowing, noona… I didn’t even have the chance to wish you.”

You raised an eyebrow, “Wish me?”

“Happy Valentine’s day…” His voice trailed off, a hand shooting up to cup your chin where he dipped down to kiss your lips subtly, making you mewl in satisfaction when his lips were focused on molding against yours delightfully in a slow pace, washing away all your doubts and stress in work just like that in one mind blowing kiss. He had turned your body around to face him, hands possessively gripping onto your waist where he continued kissing you, darting his tongue out to poke against your bottom lip. Your lips couldn’t resist, it parted on their own, allowing him to enter with a smirk before he pulled you closer as his tongue coaxed with yours, a slow sensual love with the two of your lips connected at this very moment has never felt this good. He grunted with the back of his throat when it was your turn to explore his wet cavern after a heavy intake of breath through your noses, his eyes closed with yours to appreciate this silence and kiss – even though the two of you didn’t go out on Valentine’s, being with one another like this would always be Valentine’s.

“Happy Valentine’s day to you too, Sehunnie…”

He noticed that there was this sigh of sadness you gave him, making him frown as he cupped your chin with one hand, making you face him where he looked down on you worriedly, “D-Did something happen at work…?”

You shook your head with the biting of your lip – a sigh Sehun knew that you felt as if you were guilty for something.

“T-Then what’s wrong, noona? Tell me.” He then led you towards the sofa where he sat down first before he pulled you down to sit comfortably on his lap. He banded his arms around your waist, making you stay put (as if you would want to leave) before he buried his face in the crook of your neck, planting soft kisses on your neck, “Tell me…” He growled quietly, making you gulp before you muttered, “I’m sorry…”

He froze, paling as he lifted his chin to look at you with his forehead still pressed against your skin. “W-What?”

“I’m sorry,” You breathed out, making it clearer when you looked away, “I’m sorry that we can’t go out like normal couples on this day and… I’m sorry that I didn’t prepare anything for-“ Your words were meshed up when Sehun interrupted you with a kiss, claiming your lips needingly where he didn’t give you a chance to pull away when his tongue prodded into your mouth, making you moan lightly when he was doing justice with his wet muscle licking all the corners of your mouth that he could get in contact with. You writhe in his embrace, but that only made him grow dominant, pushing you back to lie down on the sofa where he hovered above you, lips still in lock.

He gave you a few seconds to breathe, but that only lasted short when he crashed down to kiss you again, arms snaking around your back to lift you up where he stood up from the sofa, carrying you and to ensure you wouldn’t fall off, he made you wrap your legs around his waist carefully before he stood by the bathroom door, still not giving you the right to speak when his lips were still devouring yours – he was definitely a good kisser.

He broke away, panting against your forehead with his hot breath hitting your supple, slightly red lips from the intense kissing but it didn’t matter. He had made it clear that you should stop talking, and listen to him because he was about to prove you wrong.

And prove you wrong, he did.

“Stop saying that, and don’t say you’re sorry. You don’t have to be sorry for anything if you’re working. You’re working because it’s your job, it’s your responsibility that you’re making money for the both of us even though I’m working too but there’s no denying you make more income – don’t ever apologize.”


“I’m still talking, noona.” He cut you off, making you wince when you looked away from him with your fingers fidgeting behind his neck. He sighed as he shook his head, “I… I didn’t mean to snap at you like that, noona…” He walked you towards the bathroom where he placed you on the counter, him in between your legs where he cupped your face cautiously to make you face him. “It’s just, I don’t like it when you think we have to be like normal couples on this day. Sure, it’s Valentine’s day – but it’s no different to me, to us. As long as I’m with you, it can be Valentine’s day everyday if we wanted to. It’s just a normal day, but definitely, it would be nice to go out. Even if we can’t, as long as I’m with you,” He dipped down to kiss your lips once, “As long as I’m with my noona, it’s all alright again. We don’t need to go out, we don’t need to do anything. Just me being with you, is enough.”

Your breathy chuckle had made him grin as he stared down on you – you were just so precious and fragile to him.

“What’s so funny, noona?”

“I still don’t get how you’re younger than me…” You mumbled adorably, causing him to ‘tsk’ as he tilted his head to the side, nuzzling his nose with yours, “I guess I was born two years late, then.”

“Have you taken dinner, yet?” He asked after a moment of silence of just staying like that in the bathroom, his hand on your waist, the other continuously stroking your head lovingly while your hands were on your lap. As you shook your head, he grinned, kissing your lips again, “Good, because I made dinner. Let’s eat after we bathe.”

You blinked at him weirdly, usually by now he would have taken his bath.

“You didn’t bathe yet?”

He shook his head with a smirk, “No,”

“And may I know why? It’s late…” You frowned, lifting up your hands to frame his cheeks where he nuzzled against your warmth. He leaned away and answered you while stripping his shirt off, “So that I can bathe with you, noona.”

You blushed heavily, eyes looking away from him but that only made him laugh as he motioned you from head to do, “Start undressing, noona. I’m getting the bath ready.” With that, he had kicked the bathroom door shut before pacing off to prepare the bubble bath for two. He filled the tub with water before putting in the bubble bath mixture, soon, the bathroom was filled with lavender along with a pinch of minty scent that made you sigh in delight as you were down to nothing, standing by the sink where Sehun was still half dressed. He smirked at you when he saw you bare, he was still astonished by your beauty. Hurriedly, he stripped down to nothing as well, nudging his clothes aside with his feet before he held a hand out to you.

You shyly reached for his hand and he twirled you around once, making you land in his embrace where he kissed your forehead before he led you down into the bathtub with him sitting behind you – as you were in between his legs.

After scrubbing your bodies, the two of you just relaxed like that in the bath for a moment and you leaned back against his chest delightfully as if you could, you would fall asleep.

“Noona,” He whispered, arms around your waist, legs tangled with yours as he pressed his chin against the side of your head, “Hmm?” You hummed tiredly, making him lean forward to take a good look at you even more with your eyes closed.

“I love you.”

You managed to smile sheepishly, giving him a nod where you muttered under your breath, “I love you too.”

“Are you tired?” He asked in a hushed voice but all you could do was reply him with another soft hum, snuggling against his bare chest even more with your head resting on his shoulder this time. His heart softened when he saw how evident your dark circles were, how tired you really were but you were holding up all for him. Even though you couldn’t prepare a celebration for Valentine’s – you were already giving him your all.

And he felt so blessed to be with you.

“Okay,” He whispered lovingly, a hand reaching up to tuck your hair behind your ear as he allowed you to sleep for a moment, “Let’s just stay like this for a while…”