Ela é daquelas que para o transito.

Ela é mulher com marra de menina.

Ela é da night, praia e rap.

Ela tem estrelas nos olhos e a lua crescente no seu sorriso.

Ela é assim, toda na dela, na hora certa, ela se entrega.

Ela nem sabe a inveja que faz, ela é tão ela e as outras tão iguais.

Ela sonhava com o paraíso toda vez que fechava os olhos.

Ela já te esqueceu parça e você aí achando que é orgulho, se oriente!

Ela é leve como uma flor e explosiva como uma granada.

Ela é o rap em poesia, o rock em rebeldia, é o reggae em energia, ela é o beat que eu não tinha..

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anonymous asked:

Hi Claire! I'm here to add up on the pile of tiring asks I'm sure you already have, so with that in mind please feel free to ignore this for as long as you like. So, I was wondering if there is anything in particular you either look for or take notice of when typing other people? I'm pretty decent at reckognizing Fe, Fi, Si and Te, but tbh I struggle a bit with the rest. I've studied the functions, but after having gone through three years of depression my concentration is blown to shit so. ty!

Hi! i honestly don’t have that specific of things? i just do the theory idk man

i’ll help u out a bit w Se, Ne, Ni, n Ti. most of these are very “most likely” they aren’t always applicable, just common behaviors. 

if someone does the thing where they like say shit just to piss people off or just because it’s edgy, they either have low Fe, low Si, or both. Usually it’s an ENTP, sometimes an ESTP 

if someone has anxiety like “this’ll happen and then this and then this and if i don’t get straight As then i wont get into a good college and then i wont get get a good job and then i will be homeless and then i will die in a dumpster” they are probably an Ni dominant, maybe just an Ni user (that example is like drilled into everyone’s heads tho, i just mean that kind of anxiety)

if someone has anxiety like “what if the bridge catches on fire what if we don’t have enough fish sticks what if ninjas drop from the sky and ruin everything what if josh breaks up with me what if what if” they are probably an Ne user, most likely an ENxP or ISxJ. 

if someone basically seems to skate through life narrowly missing getting screwed over because they’re vaguely irresponsible, basically would rather make a huge mistake for not looking ahead over looking ahead and having to worry about the huge mistake, they’re probably an ESxP, though it’s possible they’re just an ISxP or ENxP that’s also an enneagram 7

If someone likes to basically take shit apart and put it back together to analyze how it works and why (not always literally), they probably have strong Ne or Ti, or both. ESTPs, not so much, but NTPs and ISTPs w good Ni, yes. 

if someone overanalyses the shit out of everything in weird circular thinking like here is the thing what can i draw from the thing what does that mean that’s interesting why okay where’s the thing again now what do i notice how does that fit w what happened b4 they are probably an INFJ (Ni-Ti) or an ISTP (Ti-Se)

okay this is gonna be about Ni, Se, Fe, Ti, and it aint gonna be perfect

“okay that person is sitting up straight, sucking in their stomach” -Se
“that person is doing that so they are probably self conscious about their weight and/or are trying to impress someone. their self esteem is kinda bad, i bet it’s because of melissa’s comments lately. melissa is just self conscious herself” - Fe whose Se picked on on that
“that person doing that lines up w how they only ate half of that sandwich earlier, they are self concious about their weight. this seems to have been increasing lately, it seems to be becoming a problem” Ni whose Se picked up on that
“that person is doing that and i know that that type of body language is common in women around people they want to impress, it’s like some sort of mental corset.” Ti whose Se picked up on that who also read about this. Their Ni is helping a bit

Se- observe the thing
Ni- the thing means this or will cause this
Fe- how does this affect people and what affected people to do this
Ti- analyze and dissect a bit, use info to make more subjective inferences than the Ni, more secure assertions (sorry, funnily enough, the fact that i have Ni and Ti, both internal, makes it difficult for me to explain Ti very well). 

The Eight Functions: Extraverted Sensing (Se)

The extraverted sensing process is momentary and usually focused on the present. It is characterised by a quest for processing the physical world and scanning for reactions and relevant data and helps the individual to adapt to this real world and to immediate situations. Extraverted sensing occurs when people scan for information relevant to their interests or tasks (Berens 2000). This seeking of information proceeds until the collected details can be combined to form a solution or a clear picture. In a learning environment, extroverted sensing is often demonstrated by continuously asking for specifics and extensive reading lists.

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“we met on a reality show” au for the prompt meme? Vague enough to be a challenge :)

His hand closed around hers, and she whipped her head around so fast that her toque almost fell into her bubbling pot of soup.

“This black garlic is mine,” she hissed.

“Not a chance, Albarn,” he growled.

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