BJD 365, 2017 - Day 14

Finished a beautiful oversized shawl for SD16 sized ladies and couldn’t resist taking a beautiful black and white photo of Miss Icelina.

Icelina is a Unoa Zero Latea
- Wig: Leekeworld
- Eyes: Leekeworld
- Faceup: Culur
- Shawl: Studio Miscast


I really wanted to take Evie out somewhere for photos but it’s just so damn hot at the moment I just made do with some unimaginative garden shots x_x

I’m still torn about her eyes. I love the green, it’s perfect but I didn’t expect the pupils (which are brown instead of black) to have as much of a red tint to them. They’ll do for now, until I’ve got the money to jump on an order for new ones.