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Me and my queens wish you all a fabulous new year 2015~ ————————————– Viper - Volks Ryo Narasaki Ruby - Volks Shizu FDQ Komono ver. Faylinn - Volks F-35 Dion - Volks Tae II Ria - Volks Anais Elyse - Volks Lorina Saya - Volks Tohya II


Sai’s F-34 by TURBOW
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Sorry I don’t remember her name…….. She’s been home-staying at my place for couple weeks but I was busy and have been addicted to FGO (Fate/Grand Order game) so much that I completely forgot she’s here….. I even forgot where I kept her at and was slightly panic! Took me almost an hour to figure out where she’s kept at. Orz This is this first time I handle F-34 and I’m shocked at how big her head is! I’ve always thought F-34 head was as small as Tae.


Volks Williams custom by gama__
[Volks SD16/17 Williams]


Meri didn’t actually get a deboxing party, since I opened her at the Volks store, but here are some pictures of her in the outfit she came with, plus the wig that just arrived for Sowelu but ssh Meri’s wearing it! She’s so pretty, augh! Minion and Yuugi kept trying to help with the brand new thing, and kept getting flung across the living room. 

BJD 365, 2017 - Day 14

Finished a beautiful oversized shawl for SD16 sized ladies and couldn’t resist taking a beautiful black and white photo of Miss Icelina.

Icelina is a Unoa Zero Latea
- Wig: Leekeworld
- Eyes: Leekeworld
- Faceup: Culur
- Shawl: Studio Miscast


Abyss Druid da AyuAna
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New dress set for SD16 (SOOM SuperGem) size bjds. Vea is Or-doll Limos on SOOM SuperGem body Face-up by Eff Eyes by KOKDoll Wig by AngellStudio Outfit by us - Ayu&Ana Design


I really wanted to take Evie out somewhere for photos but it’s just so damn hot at the moment I just made do with some unimaginative garden shots x_x

I’m still torn about her eyes. I love the green, it’s perfect but I didn’t expect the pupils (which are brown instead of black) to have as much of a red tint to them. They’ll do for now, until I’ve got the money to jump on an order for new ones.