More shots of my achingly beautiful new custom SD16 Amethyst, now known as Sailor Pluto. This is a doll that I have conspired to eventually own for about 12 years. Dreams helped realized by @engelmech.

The idea was to have her looking more like manga Pluto, dark, but also not slavish to the source material… sort of a best of all worlds (which is why I asked for lavender fingernails like in her original anime transformation sequence). I ordered a pair of fuschia eyes in November, but it seems that they may not be ever showing up. Luckily, these red HG eyes have been in my stash for 12 years! The wig is also something that I bought a long time ago, always intending to have a Pluto doll at some point. When October preorders came up for the last Volks Full Choice order, it was time to act and the new Amethyst face mold seemed perfect. Gen came up with a really cool stylized costume for her (which was a birthday gift for me) and did her makeup. She even styled the wig! I love this doll so much!!! I’ve been a doll nut my whole life, and I can tell you right now that she is my favorite.