There are people who are all adamant about the sweet things in life… but maybe it’s because they’ve been missing out on the greasy, deep-fried, heart-attack inducing goodness of AUSTRALIAN BATTERED POTATOES!!!  

Well, they’re basically potato chips on steroids more than anything, but these carnival delicacies will always clog my arteries hold a special place in my heart. A special thanks to my friends who decided to spend their summer vacations as Carnies working there. 

For $6 an hour, they would toil away for days on end peeling potatoes, trapped in a tiny trailer in the unbearable heat, all while hoping to avoid the splatter of hot oil from the deep fryer. Meanwhile, after enjoying the Fair, I would kick it out front, eagerly waiting for them to hook a homie up. More ranch and cheese, please!


I did a beautiful shoot when the San Diego Fair was in town.

I love this shoot of my best friend and her husband! They are such an awesome couple and they never cease to make me laugh!

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