SD fires

PSA About the Fires in San Diego:

I’m not sure how many of you live in the areas affected by the fires in California, but please keep in mind that they can change directions very suddenly and they travel very rapidly. Even if it seems like they will pass by you, or they seem far away, have an escape plan, have supplies ready, and don’t wait until the last moment to evacuate. If your area is evacuated, please leave quickly. Don’t remain behind thinking you have plenty of time. People remaining behind can clog up the roads making it more difficult for the firefighters to get to where they need to be. Keep an eye on the news, be prepared, and be safe.

List of Muses that I can (and most likely will) be (as their specific tag ) along with genres of rp I will do

Gurren Lagann Muses:
Muse: Viral
Muse: Leeron Littner
Muse: Kamina
Muse: Yoko Littner
Muse: Simon
Muse: Nia Teppelin
Muse: Rossiu Adai
Muse: Adiane the Elegant
Muse: Humanoid! Guame
Ib Muses:
Muse: Mary
Muse: Gary
Durarara Muses:
Muse: Izaya Orihara
Muse: Erika
Muse: Anri
Muse: Celty
Muse: Mikado Ryugamine
Muse: Psyche Orihara
Muse: Tsuki Heiwajima
Seven Deadly Sins/Nanatsu no Taizai Muses:
Muse: Ban (Fox sin of Greed)
Muse: King (Bear sin of Sloth)
Muse: Merlin (Boar sin of Gluttony)
Muse: Gowther (Goat sin of Lust)
Mogeko Muses:
Muse: Fukami
Muse: Sheep
Muse: Old
Muse: Chlomaki
Muse: Satanick
Muse: Medouco
Muse: Victor
Muse: Daimonji
Muse: Hanten
Muse: Glasses
Muse: Licorice
Muse: Igls Unth
Muse: Fungus Crocodile
Muse: Moge-ko
Muse: Human! King Mogeko
Muse: Lowrie
Muse: Lost
Muse: Yosaflame
Muse: Cranber
Fire Emblem: Fates Muses:
Muse: Shigure
Muse: Rhajat
Muse: Xander
Muse: Subaki
Muse: Camilla
Dangan Ronpa/SDR2 Muses:
Muse: Gundam Tanaka
Muse: Hajime Hinata
Muse: Ibuki Mioda
Muse: Celestia Ludenberg
Muse: Chihiro Fujisaki
Muse: Mondo Oowada
Muse: Touko Fukawa
Muse: Byakuya Togami
Muse: Sayaka Maizono
Muse: Kyoko Kirigiri
Types of Rp I do:
(Sometimes) action