October 25th, 2016

Dear diary,

I feel so bad today. My stomach has been acting up all night, I have been running from the bathroom to the bedroom since one o'clock in the morning. I feel so sick and am shaking and I feel so cold. Must have caught a stomach bug..

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Ohoh! I shouldn’t have put my cold nose on your warm neck to warm it! Now you’re sick! q.q 

Rich, you stick your cold something on my warm something quite often and I never became sick because of it. Besides, I’m not sick with a snotty nose. It’s just my stomach.. 

Shall I stay home, too? You really look sick and I don’t want to leave you home all alone :(

No, you have to work.

But I could cancel the play today… 

No! You can’t afford this! And you should consider staying elsewhere until I’m healthy again. I don’t want to infect you…

I don’t care if you infect me. I want to look after you! 

Fine…I’m too tired to argue with you. But you’ll still go to work then. I’ll be fine, the dogs will look after me while you are away…

Are you sure? :(

Yep…I’ll try to sleep now.

Alright…:( But I’ll make you more tea…

thank you…:*

Mo money more problems - confessions of an sb

R.I.P Big Poppa but boy wasn’t Biggie a scam. Mo money more problems hunh? How about no money all problems.

This week is registration week. My GPA is at a 3.8 and I have been steadily going to classes and doing my all time best to be a prolific student. But not today.

I woke up at 5am as usual: had breakfast, read some pages of an inspirational book, jammed to some music. As I got ready for class, I thanked God for another day. I checked my phone to see that once again the D.C metro was running slow. I chuckled. I used to take the metro last year but given my financial situation of this semester, I only take the bus. I always check the metro-line out of habit tho. I grabbed my bag and played the interactive arabic app while I took the elevator: this was my last exam in that course before finals week. I felt confident. I am good at arabic - the teacher loves me - never scored less than a 99 - I got this. I jogged down the street to catch the bus on time. This morning was quite chilly but I didn’t mind the weather. And as I was waiting for the red light to cross, it hit me: This week is registration week.

I never crossed the street. The light turned green as I walked back home. I couldn’t go back to the appartment because I live with my aunt, she would have questionned me for a whole hour. I wasn’t ready for that. I walked to the nearest McDonalds instead. I didn’t buy anything - I just chose the furthest seat by the corner, and opened my computer. I sat at the McDonalds from 7 something to 12:45 (the time I normally go back home) 

I passed my time on tumblr and talked to you guys. The heartfelt messages, the advice, the new babes I got to meet and connect with: I felt at ease. I did not feel like I was losing my time - I realized that I had a change of priorities and I needed a new focus. I don’t have any other choice but take sugaring seriously and the support I received from the bowl makes the choice easier. I answered, asked, researched and updated all my sugaring profiles. I lost a splenda but messaged about 75 people today. I did not get any satisfying response yet, let alone a POT material - but I felt busy. It did not feel like a useless effort : unlike college.

I never took my exam. I am hoping the teacher may be lenient because I never missed class. If he is not - I honestly don’t care much. I work so hard to have good grades to only receive a pat on the back. I am an international student and thus, I am not elligible for most scholarships - regardless of my GPA - only citizenship matters. I have no idea why I am working my ass off for. My parents worked all there lives to save enough money to send me to a college here - to offer me a better opportunity than they had - and I ruined it.

I had a gap in my budget - I could go on about how and why that happened but frankly - it was my fault. I had an emergency and it ended being charged on my credit card : now I have a thousand dollar gap in my tuition. I cannot work because of my F-1 visa status nor can I ask my parents for money. Sugaring is my last resort to get it somehow (I could sell weed LMAO I mean people do it but drugs are just not my lane -). Entering this I realized it will be hard work and dedication. I realized it will take some time but I have always been too optimistic. Now I understand why babes always suggest not relying on sugaring as a necessity. I have always thought I will be able to get the money somewhat, on time. Darling was I a fool. 

It is registration week. I obviously have a hold on my account and I won’t be able to register for classes. It will close in 2weeks before it reopens for the first week of December. I need to get the money by then. I don’t know what I will do if I don’t. If I don’t get the 1000 by the end of registration I will be kicked out of school. It will affect my visa eligibility - I don’t know how I would explain that to my parents after all their sacrifices. I don’t know what to do.

I work so hard. I am involved in student activities, I volunteer to tutor students, I am part of the honors program but just because I am not American I don’t get to work legally or receive financial aid. I am not complaining because I understand it on objective ethics - but on days like this - it kinda hirks me.

I have never asked money to anyone before . To me - sugaring is not even asking for it, it’s working for it. The dedication we put into the craft deserves more than an allowance.

In the meantime; I have another exam to study for. I will  do that all night while occasionnally answering to Salts that will propably l abuse of my time - Once again. I just hope the odds work in my favor.

I can’t wait for the day I get to say : Mo money more problems

Capitol xoxo


Osomatsu dump from various doodles from this and last week. Give Choro love♥

I also keep experimenting with my other style. Like, I’m trying to find enough balance for it that it more or less matches how I usually draw them while more detailed…? IDK

Also, again, please look forward for an update at the Kara&Sisters AU~!

How to become a sugar baby and find a sugar daddy secretly

How to find a sugar daddy while keeping it your little secret? 

1.How to start?

Make a fake email, or an inactive one that doesn’t connect with your real infoemation. Normal email like yahoo, gmail or outlook is okay. It’s the foundation of sugaring, you can use it to register dating sites, paypal account and chat apps.

2.Where to start?

Rigister some sugar daddy dating websites. Except SA, you can also use an sugar daddy dating app called Sudy, which is one of the platforms that I use. It’s like tinder+instagram for sugar dating, much easier than SA and more intersting, but the user is less than SA. If don’t want to use any sugar dating site, you can use normal dating sites like tinder, I heard that Ashley Mandison is also a good choice. You can also use omegle, search the interests “sugar daddy” ,“sugar baby”. 

3.Sugar baby profile?

If you don’t want to show your real information, creat a fake one is okay. Use fake information and wait for daddies to message you. The picture must be attractive, you can edite the picture or hide part of your face. 

There’s a  bold way, use the pictures you’ve posted on instagram, twitter or other sites, if your friends find your profile, you can just say someone stole your photo and made a fake account.

I don’t suggest you use other girls’ photo cause it’s immoral and might hurt others. But if you do so, make sure she is not famous or you won’t pass the verification.

4.How to communicate?

Before meeting a POT, if you can’t confirm he is safe and trustworthy, don’t give him your real phone number, use a burner phone. You can also make a fake Kik or Skpe account to communicate with potential sugar daddies.  Don’t talk to sugar daddies in your area unless you actually plan to meet them. 

 5. How to get paid?

Cash is the best way, but for those who wanna keep a long distance sugar relationship or want a sugar daddy on line, make a fake paypal. You can register it with your fake email. You can also make a google wallet account.  Your sugar daddy won’t see it because he only gets to see the email he sends to.

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Hey girls @sugardaddysudy  just contacted me cause I mentioned their app, so I’ve edited it into a promotion (So glad that I can just share my experience and earn some extra money) !

Here’s the download link: http://bit.ly/sugarbabyproblem , try it if you’re intereted.

literally it’s only the suggestion of mine based on my experience so you should think twice before taking actions. Like I said I don’t have a problem with paid promotion as long as it’s truthful and objective, tagging with “ad” or “sponsored” is necessary. Hope this can help you, xoxo.  


I always buy neutral colors (black, white, cream, tan, and all shades of brown and grey) that would suit my basics: simple tops, trousers, cardigans, etc. Make your outfit look 10x better with something as simple as adding a leather jacket or a nice cardigan, paired with some black or nude heels & simple jewelry. Try finding a pair of black or blue jeans that are comfortable and hug your body in the right way. And for date nights I suggest you get a little black dress and a nice pencil skirt with a button-up.