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People often ask me what it was like to win DCI Open Class - to become a world champion. Though I’d love to romanticize the experience as much as possible, the truth is that anyone who has ever performed their show on finals night is familiar with the same nervous euphoria that I was on August 6th, 2013. Not a single person who has ever marched drum corps needs a gemstone-validation that their limitless energy paid off that summer, because in everyone’s heart is a reminder of the legacy they created. An instructor I once had would frequently say “the effort is the prize, the victory cheap and hollow were it not for the rigor of the game.” I cannot think of a better phrase to describe the activity. #dci #drumcorps #scvc #vanguardcadets

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Every day I question my ability as a musician. Just a few days ago I found myself talking to the wall in my living room, asking the universe if I am a good musician.
Whenever I practice, I look only at what I’m doing wrong and never at what I’m doing right. I tear myself apart and never let myself see the good in what I am doing. When I put my instrument away, I feel like crap. It doesn’t matter what instrument it is, because no matter what it is I know I will never be good enough.
Reading this after putting away the my clarinet in frustration over not being able to play sixteen seconds sustained at forte and not being able to play sixteenth note runs over the break seamlessly suddenly broke that view. I almost started crying.
My 8 year old self never would’ve expected me to still be playing, much less be dedicated to spending the rest of my life spreading music.
Just a year ago as a freshman, I never thought I would be able to play the folk song suite, even if I had 100 years to practice it. Now, as a sophomore, I can play all three movements better than anything else I’ve ever played. I never would’ve thought I’d be volunteering to play a part by myself when there’s 3 people on a part and it splits. I never would’ve thought I’d audition to be section leader, drum major, a vanguard cadet. Hell, two years ago i had never even heard of any of those things. All three of them will happen within the next year.
When I started, I never thought I would pick up another instrument. I now play clarinet, guitar, and mellophone. I also sing and compose. I am also beginning to learn mallet percussion, piano, and flute. I am hoping to add saxophone to that list soon.
Looking at where I am now from the eyes of my third grade self, I see a strong, dedicated, talented musician.
Yes, for once I see myself as a true musician instead of a girl with a plastic tube that makes noise.
When I was eight years old, I never could’ve imagined I would come this far, and I can only begin to imagine how much farther I will go.