ID #29355

Name: Mia
Age: 19
Country: USA

So, my name is Mia :p
I enjoy sculpting and drawing, occasionally. I think I have strong appreciation for pretty much anything that has to do with art or animation. ^-^ I listen to pretty much all kinds of music I guess? Except anything rap, R@b, or hip hop. One of my favourite artists has to Morrissey :0
Some of my favourite shows are It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Rick and Morty, and Bates Motel
Erm, so it would just be nice to get to know somebody new! I’ve never had a pen pal before either, so I think this could be cool! :)

Preferences: 19-24
I’d like to get know other girls closer to my age, but I guess it doesn’t really matter that much! ^3^

Honestly I dislike my own paint style but I really do like it on Allan’s sculpt for some reason… One day I would love to repaint Allan as Allan but I got to get the courage to wipe an Allan that doesn’t have a massive ink stain or missing nose first….




Request from @34choco  ♡ ♡

I havent been up for drawing for weeks now ..on account of my depression, but I’m glad I decided to get up, draw, and try to focus all my physical+mental energy into this piece. I’m very glad I did and loved how it turned out! 

I’ll work on the next requests when I get the chance :) (requests are closed)