This lucky underwater photographer got caught in an epic sperm whale “poop-splosion.”

Sperm whale bowel movements have been observed before. Usually a whale defecates while diving. However, on this occasion the whale stayed at the surface, spun, and stirred up an enormous amount of fecal matter, clouding up the water until the divers could no longer see their own hands. The whale then darted out of the cloud.

It’s the first time this sort of behavior has been observed in a sperm whale. It’s hypothesized that the whale might have been “spooked” and performed a maneuver similar to how an octopus squirts ink to escape.

Watch this gif of an octopus coming out of camouflage and squirting an ink cloud.


Mating Nudibranchs join via two “tubes” at the midsection of their bodies. Amazingly, each individual is both male and female.

Once the mating ritual is complete, both nudibranch individuals will go off and lay millions of tiny little eggs in a spiral pattern, as showrn in the second image - both photos taken in the waters of Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia