Interview with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice on Social Work and Poliltics

The Southern Coalition for Social Justice  (SCSJ) is a nonprofit located in Durham, North Carolina, and I have been watching their activities for a long time. They are truly on a mission to reform the criminal justice system, and I recently had the opportunity to interview their Deputy Director …

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Cory Booker Runs for Senate on Criminal Justice Reform Platform

By Meredith McMonigle, Macro Social Work Intern, SJSC In August 2013, Cory Booker, candidate for the United States Senate from New Jersey and the presumptive winner in a state that has not elected a Republican to the Senate in decades, made the bold announcement to run on a… Work Helper

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scsj replied to your post “when i was studying at uni today some first year media students sat at…”

it’s like a disgusting amount of work though. i never get to hang out with my art major friends bc they’re literally in studio until midnight or later every night

i know bro i know

i have a bachelor of creative arts i know the work that goes into creative degrees

but i also feel that gives me license to mock arts students bc I have ENDURED

I KNOW the flaws

I have ALL the regrets of a twenty year old who has paid thousands of dollars with that piece of paper that qualifies me to do something i could have learned on my own

scsj replied to your post “hey folks, any positivity out there? y’girl is down.”

her name is millie which is short for millennium force (the roller coaster at cedar point)

the first half of your reply didn’t come in, so for now i’m pretending this is about some small, wild puppy.

noteden replied to your post “hey folks, any positivity out there? y’girl is down.”

have you watched pete holmes videos recently?? or chris pratt interviews?? those are like the two most positive people on the planet i think

i listen to or watch pete holmes pretty much every time i feel like this. he’s got such a good attitude and it’s so infectious!

Voter Suppression? We’ve Got An App For That

These days it seems like there’s an app for everything. If I can map my daily jog, surely I should be able to use this new technology for a greater good. With this in mind, we set about designing an app that would use mobile technology to help prevent and document incidents of voter…

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THOSE TWO BOOKS WERE TWO OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS! do you know how much deep abiding love i have for the witch who turns into a table???


isnt she the one who has a tin of maggots that turn into flies flies that she likes to stir with her finger and she just FANCIES becoming a coffee table and there’re just flies buzzin around

what good names the characters have though


doris the octopuskjjjjjjks

sighs nostalgically 

Philippines Stagers will be at Siena College of San Jose this Aug.29,2014
(City of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan)
See them perform..

For tickets and inquiry you can go directly to Siena College of San Jose’s registar window at annex building or look for Ms. GHIE OR mr, Oktubre
See you there..
This is worht watching..

#Filipinas1941 #PhilippineStagersFoundation #theater #SCSJ #Musical #Play #MustWatch #support

scjsundae asked:

16 obv, but *piece not song

  • “16:One of your favorite classical songs”

Yeah, sheesh, what a n00b.

Hmmm.  I’m glad this is just asking for one of my favorites instead of my actual favorite, because then I wouldn’t be able to choose.  Right now I’m loving L'Adorazione dei Magi (Mvmt. II from Trittico Botticelliano) by Ottorino Respighi.  LCSO did it for C@L 2011, and OMG.   O____O

Standing with Texas Women: The Six Degrees of Wendy Davis

by Southern Coalition for Social Justice Two weeks ago, Wendy Davis in her pink sneakers stood 11 hours in her efforts to filibuster an anti-abortion bill that will affect the ability of women across the state to make sound economic and health decisions regarding their bodies. Despite the…

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