SyQuest removable 44MB hard drive connected to Atari TT030 using SCSI

It is fascinating that the drive works flawlessly even with a lot of dust inside (unlike with normal hard drives, the reading head is not in a clean air environment here). This particular drive was used to transfer large files between computers in a DTP company. It is fast and reliable. On the other side its price/capacity ratio was not good in comparison with normal hard drives so it was not widely used.

Facts about Peas:

-Peas have been around since 4800BC

-Pea leaves are considered a delicacy in China

-The average pea weighs between 0.1 and 0.36 grams.

-Eating peas when they are green became fashionable in the 1600s and 1700s but was described by the French as “madness”

-The peas in the pod that I am holding in my selfie are fucking adorable

-Peas are said to give relief to ulcer pains in the stomach because they help ‘use up’ stomach acids

My point is, peas please reblog my selfie.

You Are Crazy, Book.

“A SCSI device may use jumpers, dip switches, or even tiny dials; every new SCSI device is a new adventure as you try to determine how to set its SCSI ID.”

Why do you sound so enthused about this, Mr. Meyer’s? That does not sound like fun at all. The only fun here is the fact that SCSI is pronounced ‘scuzy’. That is the entirety of the fun in this 35 page chapter.