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I've been thinking about tfa Blitzwing recently because he's one of my faves and now I'm curious about how triple changers work in tf:m

I’ve actually done a little bit about Triple Changers here that covers the basics- and I have a design and some notes about Blitzwing here! So…some Triple-changer facts!

In general, Triple-Changers (except for Minicons and Symbiotes, which were classed into their own categories regardless of the amount of altmodes) are considered to be;

A) Potentially dangerous (for shitty reasons)

B) Incredibly useful (for good reasons)

Which really made them a sort of functionist nightmare to keep track of. There’s a reason most triple-changers defaulted to the Decepticons both early on and after the Senate push-back led to the violence, and it’s that having additional altmodes meant that mechanisms spent their life under constant scrutiny and had very, VERY narrow lines they had to walk for professions.

Triple-changers are also unfortunately more likely to suffer from certain problems- such as emotional/behavioral issues (most triple-changers have what would be considered Depressive, Manic-Depressive, Disassociative, or ADHD-like behaviors to humans) as well as difficulty remaining fully fueled, as their sparks are higher-output and thus require greater energy intake.

Oddly, some combiners (duobots and up) are sort of triple-changers, but do not have the same effects as Triple-Changers do- instead this is believed to be a product of the combination process (IE Overlord being able to turn into both a tank and a jet, while being a combiner formed of a tank and a jet).

Triple-Changer (or four-changer or six-changer etc etc) altmodes almost always have different forms of movement- you’ll seldom have a multi-changer who has multiple forms with wheels, or legs, or wings.

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How do you feel about America having an orange as president?

welp as much as i’d like to laugh about it i’m just
terrified for all my queer and latinx friends who live there

In Which The Duke of Aumerle Contrives to hide the deposed Richard In his Bedchamber Without The Knowledge of his Father, Mother, Their Servants and Most Notably His Cousin Bolingbroke (part 8 /19)

“I don’t believe this,” Henry muttered. “A month. He’s been gone a month!” He crumpled York’s letter in his hand and flung it in to the fire. The flames hissed and crackled as they consumed the parchment in seconds and turned it in to pile of smouldering ash. If only his cousin were so easily dealt with. “This is ridiculous; how can he have been gone a month without anyone noticing?”
“At least when you catch him you’ll be able to hang him.” Northumberland lounged idly against a pillar.

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What the ‘Fallout Fauna and Flora’ project started as: me wanting to see more wildlife/plants in the Fallout universe, because screw Bethesda and its lore

What the project is now: what other kind of messed up, dangerous creatures can I add to screw over people, also screw Bethesda and its lore

2ne1 deserved far better.

Minzy deserved better, not to be locked away.

Bom deserved better, not to be blamed by yg and attacked by netizens.

CL deserved better, not to be called a snake and attention whore.

Dara deserved better, not to be called talentless and worthless.

2ne1 did not deserve any of this…

Okay so

in school i was doodlin a thing

and i was thinkin

‘what if for christmas (or any time whatev)…’

‘…Sansta made an echo flower crown for thistle?’

and I just-

do I draw the edgy boi too much?

I mean

holy shit??????? i love the spiky purple edgy bush??????????????