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Drabble Challenge, #69. I love your writing!

Thank you!! 69. Can you just leave me alone?

“Tony! Shut up!” You screech at your best friend. 

He smirked victoriously. “I’ll shut up when you tell me when the wedding is. I don’t know why this is such a big deal.”

You huff, face turning hot. “You’re insufferable. I’m done talking about this!” You turn on your heel and try to put as much distance between you and Tony as possible.

“Y/N, wait!” Tony jogged to get ahead of you, then turned and faced you, walking backwards. “So, he doesn’t even know that you like him?” Your murderous glare told him everything he needed to know. “Oh, my little Y/N! You need to go find Barnes and confess your undying love to him!”

Shut the hell up!” You spit through your teeth. You had stopped walking and crossed your arms over your chest. “It’s just a little crush. Stop making this into such a big–”

Tony wasn’t focused on you anymore. He looked behind you and smiled brightly. “Oh. Hey, Barnes!” Tony greeted, causing the blood to drain from your face.

“Hey, Stark. Hi, Y/N.” He smiled sweetly in passing. You returned the gesture and waved until he passed, then shot a deathly glare to your best friend.

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