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ok but like peter sometimes forgets how sneaky he can be with his powers like one day peter is just sitting on the ceiling at the avengers place and a tired tony walks in holding a cup of coffee and doesn't see him and peter just lets out a cheerful hey tony and tony just screams

THIS KID IS BAD FOR TONY’S HEART. Also, this is my fucking favourite thing!!!!!! (And spiderstanspiderstan writes a little about this in her goregous fic here)

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“ I don’t want to be here anymore! I’m frightened! ” [Dee] //Tyrranicaltriangle

❝ american horror story ❞ starter meme


William’s attention was brought to the little green dream demon who only trembled from where she floated, shielding her eye with her puny hands. he immediately took hold of her in his arms and gently pat her back to try and comfort the scared child. damn it he knew this was a bad idea.

“d-dont worry Dee!….as long as i am here you have nothing to fear..”

“i hope….”

So, I was looking up fletching for this adoptable, and I stumbled across this.

Teabiscuits: God damn it, when I kill my enemies from a distance, it has to scream “MR. TEABISCUITS KILLED ME”

Request ship

@mangomanha When you first came here it was because of Hook, he was like a brother to you and he didn’t want to leave you behind, however when you got on neverland you two got into a fight about being friends with Peter so you went to live with Peter and the lost boys. During that time you got close with Felix. As you talked to one of the lost boys you heard screaming in the distance, from curiosity you decide to go see what was happening. As you got closer to the noise you could recognize 3 voices; Peters, Felix and Hook. They were arguing about something. Peter-she will be mine, I love her.- Hook-you can’t love, and I knew her the longest.- Felix-well I know her the best so I will ask her out- Hook-not if I ask her fir– You had enough of them arguing so you decide to step in You-Stop arguing and grow up- All of them stopped and looked at me with a shocked face like they didn’t know what to say. You-what are you arguing about?- Felix-you, we all have feelings for you and we all want to go out with you- You stood the shocked not knowing what to do Hook- you have to decide who you choose You stood there for a minute thinking what to say and who to choose until you walked up to hook and said You-I love you, however I love you like an older brother I never had.- You walked up to Felix and said. You-your my best friend and I can’t live without you but my heart belongs to someone else- You walked up to Peter, he was smiling at you and looked at you with love in his eyes. You-my heart belongs to……Henry. Jk. I love you Peter- You stood on your tiptoes and kissed him.

So while I was out today, I was walking back from my bank to go get a drink when a person smiled and approached me. I didn’t know why they were approaching until they said, “Excuse me, I just wanted to say your dress looks lovely!” 

That’s how you fucking compliment someone. Ask if its okay to talk to them, and then provide the compliment. Not fucking screaming at people from a distance about how much you’d like to “tap that” and more about being kind and nice and unassuming.