Dating Michael would include:

•whispering “i love you” in your ear when friends are around
•getting to decide his next hair colour
•hand holding 24/7
•cheek kisses
•constant banter
•him getting offended by your banter
•"you don’t mean that, right baby?“
•jamming out to music together
•stealing that denim jacket
•going to concerts as dates
•dick jokes
•lots and lots of cuddles
•rubbing your thumb over his cheek when you’re laying down together
•karaoke contests in the shower
•competitive video game playing
•him trying to make bets
•"whoever wins gets a-”
•pizza and movie marathons
•falling asleep on his chest

Aries // I can hear your bones catching on fire, what a scary sound that must make to your ears already half deaf from your tired screams.

Taurus // You’ve gone to great lengths to preserve your opinion, but now that you know you are wrong, can your body handle the blame.

Gemini // It might be time you started thinking through what you say, your mind moves much faster then your tongue and you are ruining your lips from biting down on them so much.

Cancer // I know you think that telling your sadness has stopped the tears, you’re eyes might be dry but my mouth keeps filling up with salt water.

 Leo // I only talk about the brightness of your mane, but I seem to keep forgetting how deeply your claws sank into my skin time after time, maybe it’s time you gave us a warning and spared us some pain.

Virgo // Pushing out your collar bones and lengthening your torso does not make you look any more proud then how you feel, they say “fake it ‘till you make it” but you’re no actor.

Libra // Do you judge fairness by what you see or what you hear? because the truth is only the truth is you know it in your heart.

Scorpio // Jealousy is not like blood cell, it doesn’t just naturally run in your veins and it is not like a cold either, you cant catch it in the air.

Sagittarius // The amount of air your lungs need to feel free is the same as everyone else, I know you say it’s stronger then you, but really you’re just falling pray to your head.

Capricorn // Your ill tolerance is becoming poison to more then just those around you, if you wish to be like that at least spare your own blood.

Aquarius // Your fear of not being different enough is simply because you know that once you’re nothing but bones, the archeologists won’t be able to tell the difference between you and them.

Pisces // I think you’re starting to realize that some of the dirt underneath your fingernails, need more then just water and soap to clean.

//Words for the signs + body parts\  ~M.E. Rue 

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Raoul/Erik bodyswap?

Hahaha, oh NO. A dream come true for the both of them but Christine’s WORST. NIGHTMARE. 

Having a soprano super sonic rage scream right next to your ear is not a pleasant thing, I can assure. 

Depression taunts you
Until spines begin to shatter
Backs snap under the intensity
A walk becomes a stagger

Depression waits until one
Is on the cusp of sweet sleep
It screams obscenities between your ears
A lone tear becomes a weep

Depression suffocates you
In a room overflowing with friends
Silently strangling until you fantasize
About the ways to make life end

Depression clutches your throat
Murmurs “You deserve to feel such pain”
One draws blood in greater volumes
Just to feel something again

Depression threatens “You’ll never recover”
Words I know to be all too true
I stare at white washed walls contemplating suicide
Until skies turn from black to blue

Yet nobody observes this part of me
Where depression dismantles my mind
It’s adrift amidst the fake smiles
And the insistence that “I'm fine.”

—  if only they knew how I truly felt, they’d understand why I rue the cards i’ve been dealt // A.S

Band: The Casualties

Album: Chaos Sound

Origin: New York, New York

Genre: Punk Rock/Thrash

Label: Season of Mist

Release Date: January 22nd, 2016

Another album from New York Punk Rockers, The Casualties. Chaos Sound is another slab of The Casualties brand of Punk Rock with thrash influence. Nothing special here but good, bare bones Punk Rock. Just over 30 minutes in run time you get blasted with heavy power chord driven guitars & Jorge Herrera screaming in your ear about the problems in life. It’s hard, it’s fast, it’s raw… It’s fucking Punk cunt!

Track Listing:

(1.) Intro - 00:39

(2.) Chaos Sound - 02:33

(3.) Visions of Greed - 02:37

(4.) Running Through the Night - 02:48

(5.) Brothers and Sisters - 02:53

(6.) Murder Us All - 02:21

(7.) Work Our Lives Away - 02:56

(8.) Countdown To Tomorrow - 02:28

(9.) Fight For What’s Mine - 02:10

(10.) Keep Your Distance - 01:56

(11.) In The Lost City - 03:10

(12.) Bomb Blast - 01:38

(13.) RAMONES - 01:12

(14.) Halfway To Hell - 02:15

(15.) United Streets - 01:46

Rating: 6/10

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Favorite Track: Fight For What’s Mine & Chaos Sound

Alienated (Newt Preference)

A/N – Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great day! I am here with another romance/action preference with Newt. This was requested by the lovely becausewckd. I hope you all enjoy reading this one and feel free me to message me your thoughts on it, I love chatting with you lovelies! <3

Scenario: When you are separated from Newt during the WICKED infiltration of Jorge’s lair with Thomas and Brenda

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Shots fired. You heard bullets zip through the glass windows pelting sharp shards throughout the warehouse. You couldn’t escape the harsh screams and raucous cluttering no matter how hard you closed your ears shut. They found you. They found your friends. Its game over.

It wasn’t until you felt a firm grip on your shoulder when you turned away from the dark corner of the room. “It’s ok, Y/N,” a calm voice called out bringing you into his arms, “We’ll get out. Thomas said we are going with Jorge.”

“J-Jorge?” you stuttered, “But Newt, are you sure we can trust him?”

“We have no other choice,” he said softly as a another shot was heard in the level below, “WICKED is almost here, we need to move now.”

You nodded. He hoisted you up while placing one arm around your waist and pulled you closer to him. Before you could take another step , you heard footsteps from the staircase.

“Shit,” he whispered, pulling you down onto the floor. The snipers made their way into the room. Before you knew it, fear filled your veins and you began to shiver in trepidation. Everything was so still. The only thing you could hear was Newt’s breathing brushing softly against your cheeks. The two of you crouched behind a table and began making your way across the room.


You froze and glanced at Newt. They must have certainly heard that. There was no other choice but to run. Newt interlaced his fingers with yours and within seconds , the two of you shoved the heavy table forward knocking the two men off balance and then proceeded to race down the hallway. It took a few moments for the men to recover from the sudden shock but they were back on their feet and began firing, shattering the glass windows once more. By that time, it was too late. You and Newt had rounded the corner and raced several flights of stairs to the others.

“They’re here,” Newt said breathlessly.

“You guys ok?” Minho asked. You nodded, gasping for breath. “Good, cause we might not be ok after that crazy shank’s plan to get out of here.” Minho handed you a rope and pointed out the window to the opposite  building where the rest of your friends stood. “Ladies first.”

A zip line?

“Are you kidding me?” you cried glancing down into the abyss, “That’s like a 100 foot drop. Where’s Thomas?”

“He’s back with Brenda, he’ll be back soon. Now go!”

Newt stopped him. “Minho, you join the others. I’ll come with her.”

“Whatever you say man,” Minho stated and with no fear, he casually slid down the rope to the other side. Newt pulled out the next rope and held it towards you.

“Go on,” he answered. But it wasn’t the rope that caught your attention, it was his arm. A glass shard pierced through his skin causing blood to spew over his sleeve.

“Oh my god, you’re hurt,” you stated pulling his arm towards you.

He brushed your concern away. “Don’t worry about that. Now go.”

“You first.”

He sighed. “Damn love, do you always have to argue with me?”

You smiled. “Yes, because I’m always right.”

He scoffed and brought you into his chest. He hugged you deeply before releasing you. He brushed your hair from your face and gently kissed your forehead. While brushing your cheeks with his fingers, he whispered, lips merely a centimeter from your own,  “No matter what happens, come right after me, alright? Don’t look back.”

You nodded and took a step back. Newt glanced at you one last time before sliding down the thick wires to the other building. Before you could reach for another rope, the snipers were here. They aimed their guns straight at you. You shuddered. Turning back, you saw Newt gesturing you to come but he sensed something was wrong. Whatever the case may be, you couldn’t let WICKED reach the other side. You swiftly took a dagger from the tables nearby and cut the long wires loose and the connection between the two buildings was broken.

You heard a sharp cry from the other side and you knew to whom that voice belonged to.

I’m so sorry Newt.

You placed a few remaining daggers back into your pocket. The snipers did not appreciate your bold move. “I don’t care what the boss says,” one of them said, “I am gonna destroy this little shit.”

Several bullets fired.

You gasped believing the shot was fired at you, when in actuality the sniper in front of you fell to his knees. You felt someone grab your arm from behind and pull you back. That’s when you noticed Brenda keeping the snipers occupied while Thomas brought you to safety. When the two of you finally reached Brenda, you raced through the hallway.

“Hurry!” Brenda called out, “This place is gonna blow.”

That was no joke. You heard a soft rumble and then a heavy blast, bringing the building down rapidly. The three of you jumped down a narrow shaft at the end of the scaffolding while the ceiling crumbled and tossed a plethora of wooden planks and metals pieces into the basement below. You coughed trying to locate the others through the thick dust left over from the blast.

“Thomas! Brenda!” You exclaimed.

“Over here!” Thomas replied while shining a light at your face. You brought your arms up to shield your eyes and walked over to them. Brenda pointed down to the a barred door and together the three of you pulled it open. “Here’s our way out,” she whispered. You and Thomas exchanged glances and that’s when you heard it. A sharp, eerie cry from the tunnels below. You recognized that sound and almost instantly you turned ice cold.

“They are down there?” you asked.

“Full time, ” Brenda answered softly and jumped down below. 

Your lips quivered and you lost all feeling in your limbs. “You ok?” Thomas asked.

You shook your head. “No. I can’t go down there. Not after what happened the last time.” Thomas grasped your arm before you could say anything else.

“We have to try Y/N. You can’t control what happens to people. Winston . . . We couldn’t do anything to save him. The cranks infected him and he chose to leave us. It was out of our control.”

“You don’t understand Thomas,” you burst out, “Newt is hurt. He’s bleeding which means he is more prone to infection. I should have went after him. I was the Med Jack back in the glade, I could have helped him. With all this chaos, I couldn’t do anything. What if something happens to him? I don’t know whether I will be able to handle it. I can’t do this any-”

“Y/N! Stop it! We are going to get out of here. We are going to find the others. And we will get back at WICKED. I promise.” He placed his hands on your shoulders and gripped them firmly. "And you did not make a bad decision back there. You saved him from those WICKED soldiers.”

“Did I really?”

Thomas nodded and urged you to follow Brenda down into the tunnel. After a few moments, you regained your composure and jumped down below. Thomas followed right after you and together with Brenda, the three of you walked through the darkened chambers. You would constantly hear faint cries behind you but when you moved your flashlight, you couldn’t see anything except the black, eerie walkways. A few moments passed and that’s when you heard it. A screech of some sort. You all stood paralyzed with fear. There, at the opposite end of the hallway approached the freakishly deranged cranks. It didn’t take a minute before they began racing towards you three and without a doubt, you all ran through the corridors until you finally noticed daylight.

You raced onward. A burst of adrenaline pulsed through your veins and this was exactly the jump your limbs needed to push forward. You weren’t a runner back in the glade but when it comes to out running Cranks, those thoughts never entered your mind. It was about survival. Run and never look back. You lost a few of them over the cliff side when you finally exited the tunnels. There was only one remaining. He was so quick and agile, you could almost feel him beside you. You had to slow him down. But how?

The daggers.

You slipped one from your side pocket and swiftly turned while simultaneously releasing one dagger from your hand. Without a doubt, it landed straight onto the creature’s mid-thigh causing him to stagger back in pain. Brenda took this opportunity and urged you back. She began firing the left over bullets in her gun causing the creature to move backward closer towards the edge of the cliff.

Just a little bit more.

You reached back into your pockets and grasped two more daggers. Without another thought, you fixed your aim and let them fly.

“Shit,” Thomas whispered from beside you.

You looked up and noticed the two daggers fixed perfectly dead center onto the skull of the deformed creature. This was the extra push it needed before it lost its footing and fell thousands of feet off the rocky cliffs into the depths of the Scorch.

Brenda looked back at you a little surprised. “Are you sure you were just a Med Jack?”

You laughed and gazed at the last dagger within your hand. “I had a good teacher.” You glanced at Thomas and he knew who you meant. Who was the one person who constantly worried for your safety in the maze? The only one who urged you to learn to protect yourself despite not being a runner? Newt.

“The quiet ones always surprise you,” Brenda replied with a smile.

It wasn’t long before you reached a small colony of a few locals roaming through what seemed to be a deserted and run-down city. Were the others here? There was one main large building so majestically adorned with banners and flags which you presumed could be the city hall. If the others did come by here, surely someone here must have noticed? Without waiting any further, the three of you slipped into the doors only to be welcomed by booming music which could have easily made your ears bleed.

“Hey!” Thomas cried out amongst the noise, “Don’t wander off too much. Meet back here in 5 ok?” You all agreed before venturing out further into the crowd. It was at that moment when you realized your mouth was parched from all the running out in the scorch. A clear bottle caught your eye and almost instantly, you grabbed it off the counter and consumed the entire contents. The drink was cool but it tasted a bit peculiar. You coughed a bit taken back from the flavor but still continued moving forward. 

The figures began to glow blurry and you couldn’t make out their facial features. The booming echo resonated within your ears nearly driving you deaf. And that’s when you saw it. Glimpses of the perished gladers you met back in the maze, only they were now standing right in front of you. You saw Ben. Then Alby. Then Chuck. And you saw Alex, a deranged glader who ran frantically onto the maze in panic. There he was right in front of you. You were most certain he was there. You squinted trying to see him more properly and realized his expression. He looked depressed, tired and upset. “Why didn’t you save me?” he asked softly. You looked up and saw dark machine-like creature slowing towering over you.


They can’t be here. They were back in the maze. You looked back at Alex. “Why Y/N?” he asked again before the creature from above pounced on him and piercing its stinger straight through his body.

You screamed as you saw his limp body on the ground and ran back. It didn’t stop the hallucinations though. You saw your friends everywhere you looked, only they looked sick, pale, and deranged it caused your heart to beat faster in panic. It started getting warmer and your head ached with a burning sensation which caused you to sink back into a corner of the room. You brought your hands to your ears trying to distant yourself from the people within your vicinity.

It wasn’t long before you felt a reassuring hand on your shoulder.

“Y/N,” came a familiar voice, “It’s ok. You’ll be ok.”

“W-wha … ? M-m-myy head . . ” you slurred while grasping your forehead.

You heard a chuckle. “Well isn’t this ironic? You’re usually the one fixing us up. Now come on, let’s get you out of here.”

You slipped your arms away from him and pouted.

“What is it?” he asked a bit confused.

“My boyfriend won’t like it if I leave with strangers,” you replied groggily. 

You heard that chuckle again. “Believe me love, he will forgive you this time.”


You awoke to soft voice calling your name repeatedly. Light blinded your sight for a moment until everything became clear again. You turned to the side and saw Newt resting his head casually on his arm while glancing at you lovingly. “Welcome back, love.”

“Newt!” you cried out trying to sit up straight.

Newt stood up from the chair beside your bed and gently pushed you back under the covers. “It’s ok Y/N, I’m fine. We are ok. Jorge and the rest of us found out that a couple of people saw you walking in here so we came to find you. Brenda and Thomas are okay. Looks like you all drank or ate something in there which made you hallucinate a bit.” You looked at his arm and noticed it was all bandaged properly. “Jorge fixed me up a bit.”

You sighed. “I was so scared I would lose you.”

You were scared?” he asked tracing his fingers through your hair, “I nearly thought about burning the entire scorch down after that building collapsed with you in it. Trust me, even Minho thought I was bloody insane. What were you thinking?”

“I couldn’t let them get to you Newt or the others. I just did what I thought was right.”

Newt brought his face closer to yours. “You’re really incredible you know that?” A soft blush covered your cheeks. Within seconds, he pulled you up and brought you onto his lap. His arms circled around your waist tugging you towards his chest.

“I saw some things in there.”

“Like what?”

“Us. We were different. Sick almost as if we were changing into .  . . ”

“Those were hallucinations, Y/N.”

“It may not seem like much but that vision nearly killed me. You and the rest of the gladers are all I have Newt. Without you, I don’t know what I do. I love you.”

He froze. That was the first time you ever said that to him. His eyes were upon you and tilted his head, a bit taken back but a small smile appeared in the corner of his mouth. “Oh is that right love?” he asked a bit cockily with a smirk on his lips.

You nodded shyly.

“Well, the feelings mutual,” he replied before closing the gap between your lips. His kiss was soft and gentle at first, but then it became fiery and passionate, causing your heart to pound so hard you were afraid he could hear it. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss causing you to melt into his arms. He pulled away softly and began to playfully peck your lips. Fearing that your face would burn into a deeper shade of red, you burrowed your head into his shoulder and hugged him close. You could hear him chuckling softly in your ear, amused by your actions. You both were in this together now, and no matter what happens, you would always find your way back to one another. Whether it be in a maze. Or out in the scorch. Being alienated would never stop you again.


@harryshumjr shows off some moves.. But plug your ears people cause @kitkatsmeow can scream!

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#MagnusBane #Shadowhunters #MalecIsComing #Malec #RaisingHell

EXO in a nutshell

what we (me and my friends) talk about when we have time (these gifs aren’t mine- so thanks to the ppl who made them): 
tall, skinny legs. “never don’t mind about a thing”, bubble tea, his laugh is hilarious “shawty imma party till the sundown”, sebooty is a thing apparently, shipped with Luhan or Kai, hella fine, good dancer, pinkupinku, motorcycle scene, pepero challenge how is he maknae?  

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Chen: breaks your ears at volume 2, dinosaur scream/laugh, really loud, whines, shipped with Xiumin, cute, puffy ass hair in this early exo phases, that smile…

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Xiumin: oldest of the group, baozi, can hit high notes, sexy small guy, the eyebrow thing he does in exo showtime, boy he can dance- his solos though, shipped with Luhan or Chen, tfw he writes his name with his butt <3, red nose thing he wore for MAMA

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Suho: mother of the group, or daddysuho- there is no inbetween, rich af, tries to be funny a lot, really nice, pays for other members, curses a lot apparently, goes into the ocean for his children

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Kai: those hip thrusts though, dancing king, his laugh is great, did yumy yumy with Sehun, boy can he dance, did i say he could dance? shipped with sehun, the dark one, his dances though… , and then his little “kaaii” when he pretends to be a girl

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Lay- unicorn, looks high sometimes, last chinese guy left in exo *small tear*, man he can dance tooooo, great singer, motorcycle crash- dude, that archery thing he did in this commercial thing- bruh, he’s great

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D.O-  *glare*, lead singer (zhu chang), satan’s child?, DJ got us falling in love, I’m sure he’s going to beat Chanyeol’s ass one day, shipped with Kai, and sometimes Luhan… HE CAN SING, squissshhhyyyy, can’t rap

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Baekhyun- bunny ears, chicken tender love, lightsaber with phone flashlight, those high notes, hella fine in eyeliner, can speak japanese, silly, the little wiggling thing he does when he raps growl, does the cute wolf dance, shakes his ass a lot, sings off key in the morning, so adorable, trashes a super market, “heeeeerrre comes trouble!” 

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Chanyeol- rapper, deep voice, acts all tough but he’s literally a puppy, throws confetti, bothers D.O, lightsaber rap though, instagram updates :3, shipped with Baekhyun, that orange coat he wore at MAMA, jumps really high, EXO next door- wall slamming thing

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Luhan- yo yo yo~, does his “stop” pose a lot, eyeliner eyeliner eyeliner, hits high notes, starwars stuff, shipped with Xiumin and Sehun, hurry up brother tv show thing, manly=cute, that good good, LU *flute noises*, his solo dance to “the star” 10/10, 10 portions of new years cake from Sehun <3, chinese boy that speaks korean really well, very cute

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Kris- NOT MY STYLE, chicken though, really cool on screen, but really weird off screen, really good rapper, meet Luhan a few times after he left exo, no hair rn, chinese, used to be part of EXO-m, used to be the father of exo, screamed when he got hit too much in EXO showtime, very cool and suave

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Tao- Panda or drag queen- there literally is no in between, rich dad, gucci all the way, hate’s haunted houses, selfie king, doesn’t take selfies unless he has makeup on, raps, those high pitched weird things he does during songs, “ok” b4 growl

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Pairings: SamWinchesterXReader
Warnings: None! I’m keeping it light and slightly fluffy for now… But the dark stuff is waiting to get out ;)

“SAM!” You yelled at the top of your lungs. Scrambling up from your spot on the floor next to the bed you both shared, you never took your eyes off the small black demon. Okay, it was a demon demon. It’s a spider, but those two are pretty much the same thing. Your eyes were wide as it stayed still on the floor. Your feet dipped into the matrass and your hands steadied yourself against the wall. 

“Deep breaths, Y/n, deep breaths. SAAAAAM!” You screamed again. Why wasn’t his ass here yet?

Then, it moved. You screamed so loud and high-pitched it even hurt your own ears. But at least you were sure the whole bunker had heard it. You psuhed yourself off the wall and ran over the bed, jumped down and rushed for the door. You rounded the corner, sliding over the floor in your fluffy socks. And you face planted right into Sam.

A pair of arms held you close, muffling the groan that left your throat. Your arms were squished together as you looked up at Sam. His lips were tightly pressed together, trying to hold back his laughter. Your y/e/c eyes narrowed, silently daring him to laugh. He averted his eyes down, but avoided you and ran his teeth over his lips. Sam sucked his lips in and looked back up at you like the most innocent little moose ever. 

“What’s wrong, Y/n?” Your arms sneaked around his waist and you buried your face back into his chest. You spoke, but Sam didn’t hear anything of it. He looked down and brough one hand from around you to your chin. Tilting it up, he made you look at him. You sighed, 

“There’s a spider in our room and it kept looking at me.”

“So your saying a big bad hunter like you is scared of a spider?” You glared at him and pouted,

“It’s a really big spider. Don’t mock me Sam, just get rid of it. Please?” 

From Daydreams to Reality (Jimin Scenario)

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff kinda

Jimin smiled at you before pulling you into his embrace, a shy giggle leaving your lips. His eyes crinkled as the smile on his own lips grew when he picked you off the ground and began twirling you around. The sound of laughter filled the room but quieted down into a comfortable silence before his leaned in, both of your eyes fluttering close…

“HELLO?!"The sound of Hoseok screaming in your ear broke you out of your daze. You realized you had been staring at Jimin the whole time, daydreaming. Then again, how could you not?

Not only was he one of the best looking young men on the planet but also a talented performer and a kind boy. If any of the girls from your school said that they would never date him, they would definitely be lying through their teeth.

After taking in the boy’s features for one last moment, you turned your attention to the loud boy next to you,"What?”

Hoseok rolled his eyes in annoyance and replied,“Thought I’d let you know you’ve been in Jiminland for too long. I swear, Jungkook has been sending you death glares for the past ten minutes. You’re welcome!”

“Oh,"You simply reacted and offered him an embarrassed smile,"Thank you, Hobi.”

While Jimin was your crush, Hoseok was the one that stood by your side, always. He was one of your best friends after all. As was Yoongi who was way too protective of you. He had made it his mission to make sure no guy got too close to you. Unfortunately, that included Jimin.

“So, did you do the math homework?"Hoseok looked at you with the cutest facial expression he could muster. Cautiously you nodded and caused his grin to grow,"Can I see it?”

“Are you seriously asking her to show you the answers again?"You heard Yoongi ask as he took the spot right on your other side,"Can’t you do your homework yourself, punk?”

Hoseok just rolled his eyes and continued pleading you for the answers, all the while you kept telling him no. While you did so, the three of you failed to notice Jimin staring at you with jealousy. He wished he was as close with you as they were.

Jungkook was quick to notice and hit the back of his head,“Dude!”

“What?"Jimin rubbed the painful spot and turned all, or more accurately most, of his attention to the younger boy at his side who was quick to reply,"Quit staring! She has a boyfriend!”

“Who has a boyfriend?"Seokjin asked from in front of the two best friends. His desk mate Namjoon pointed at you and nodded,"Her.”

Seokjin’s cheery expression became very confused,“Since when?”

“For a while now!"Namjoon rolled his eyes, adjusted the glasses on his nose and continued reading a book, not bothering to pay much mind to the clueless boy.

"How come this is the first time I hear of this?"Seokjin didn’t understand. Hadn’t you been single just the day before? Why hadn’t you told him yet? He wondered,"Who is the lucky guy then?”

“Take a lucky guess!"Jungkook snapped.

Seokjin thought for a while and looked at you. You were busy sharing a cinnamon roll with Yoongi while your other best friend tried reading your handwriting to copy the answers. Everything seemed very normal to him. The three of you had always been like that.

Seeing the eldest boy’s clueless expression, Namjoom rolled his eyes and stated,"It’s Yoongi, stupid.”

Seokjin stared at his friend in confusion before bursting into loud laughter,“No way!”

His laughter caught the attention of you and your best friends, all of you stopping your activities. Yoongi did a hand motion, that could do only be translated to ‘what’, pointedly at him to which Seokjin merely shrugged,“Yeah, they’re definitely not dating.”

“Really now?"Jungkook wondered,"Then how do you explain all of…This?"He made some grand hand gestures to emphasize his point. Seokjin just laughed and replied,"Easy. They’ve always been like this.”

“Well yeah but as of recently he has become way more protective of her,"Jimin spoke up, staring at you and Yoongi in jealousy. Seokjin shrugged and said that had nothing to do with anything.

Right before the last lesson of the day, Yoongi walked up to Jimin and Taehyung as the two picked up the necessary books. He nodded his head in greeting before getting straight down to business,"I’ve seen you staring at (Y/n). Do you like her?”

Jimin hadn’t expected such straightforwardness and stuttered out an apology. To be fair, Yoongi was known for being straightforward and a bit intimidating, especially since he dyed his hair mint green.

Yoongi rolled his eyes,“Come on, Mr. Superstar, it’s a simple yes or no question.” As Jimin still failed to respond, Taehyung answered for him,“So what if he does? She’s obviously securely yours so why does it matter?”

“Mine?"The green-haired boy frowned and shook his head,"We’re not dating. I don’t understand why anyone would want to date a dork such as her."He shuddered as an effective and smiled.

"Wait…So, what do you want from us?"Taehyung wondered, frowning in confusion. Yoongi rolled his eyes as if it was obvious,"I want the simple answer; yes or no? Do you like (Y/n)?”

Taehyung was about to answer for his friend but Yoongi interrupted him,“Jimin needs to say it. Not you.”

Jimin sighed and nodded his head,“Yeah, I like her.”
“Great!"Yoongi smiled. Wait, what? Smiled? Since when does Min Yoongi smile at Jimin? The younger boy shook the thoughts out of his mind and returned his attention back to the mint-haired boy in front of him.

"What so great about it?"Taehyung asked the boy, getting more confused by the second.

Yoongi chuckled,"Park Jimin, I challenge you to a game of basketball to prove that you’re worthy of my best friend. Today, right after 8th period, at the basketball court. You against me and Hoseok.”

“Only him or am I allowed to join?"Taehyung asked, Yoongi getting annoyed at all the questions he’s asked,"Only Jimin. Or do you want to prove your love for my best friend as well?"Yoongi raised an eyebrow before walking away,"By the way, you don’t have to come, if you don’t want to.”

Sitting on the small grass patch by the court, you watched as Yoongi and Hoseok played basketball against each other. You would smile and cheer them on, if it was a normal game. Since none of the three of you had to be in 8th period (with the exception of Yoongi, who had decided to skip PE), the boys decided to practise their game.

“I still don’t get why you had to challenge Jimin,"You pouted, picking at the grass at your feet.

Yoongi simply smiled and replied,"Sweetie, it’s so he could earn the spot as your boyfriend.”

“But he’s not my boyfriend,"You sighed as you felt yourself getting more annoyed with him.

"But he could be!"Hoseok grinned before scoring the perfect basket and cheering,"Yoongi, you’re getting worse at this!”

“I’ll show you worse, you little-!”

“Hey! So, is the game still an option?"Suddenly a soft voice called over the court. All three of you looked towards the small gate and you felt yourself blushing as you realized who it was: Jimin and his friends.

Yoongi grinned and passed the ball to Jimin,"Are you up for it?”

“Of course,"Jimin’s voice showed no hesitation but his eyes surely did. He was actually afraid. Afraid of humiliating himself in front of you and your best friends. Afraid that you’d reject him even if he won. Afraid that this had been a big prank to begin with.

"Great!"Hoseok smiled,"Jimin versus Yoongi and Hoseok.”

Jungkook thought for a moment before asking,“Isn’t it a bit unfair?”

“What’s so unfair about it?"Yoongi wondered innocently,"It’s Jimin that wants to prove he cares for our sister, isn’t it? Why should you join?”


“Let’s do this!"Jimin suddenly declared. Hoseok grinned and nodded,"That’s the spirit!”

While Jimin warmed up, Jungkook, Namjoon and Taehyung sat down on one of the benches not too close to you. Needless to say, they were scared of what would happen if they got too close to you. Seokjin on the other hand joined you on the grass,“You okay?”

“I’m fine, thanks for asking, Jin,"You replied with a small smile. Truth be told, you were probably just as nervous as Jimin was. It’s not every day a handsome guy is willing to fight your best friends for the right to date you. He’s up against him at their own game – basketball.

Seokjin sensed your worries and wrapped an arm around your shoulders in a comforting manner,"Don’t you worry. If there’s anything I know it’s that Jimin is very persistent when he wants something. In this case – victory. He’ll win, no problem.”

But was that what you wanted? Jimin was nice and pretty much perfect in your eyes, but did he really like you back? What if you would feel pressured once he wins because it would mean that you two would definitely date? It was so complicated.

“I’m not entirely sure I want him to win,"You mumbled, Seokjin nodding in understanding as he pulled you into a tighter hug, kissing your forehead while doing so.

Seokjin was like a brother to you. He wasn’t always around but when he was, he would either tease you, be extremely protective of you or be the most comforting and caring person on Earth. You knew you could always count on him.

Namjoon blew a whistle as an intense game of basketball began.

"I can’t believe you won!"Hoseok gasped out, staring at Jimin with wide eyes.

Yes, Jimin had been victorious, winning with twice as many points as his opponents had, but he was incredibly out of breath. It hadn’t been an easy task.

"How did you-?"Namjoon trailed off his friend’s side as the orange-haired boy lied on the ground and gasped for air.

You had to admit, it was quite a sight to look at. It was even better that he had decided to take off his shirt at a more intense part of the game. How did he manage to still look so damn good?

"YAH! (Y/N)!"You heard Yoongi yell out as a smile grazed his lips,"QUIT STARING AND COME AND CONGRATULATE YOUR NEW BOYFRIEND!”

“He hasn’t even asked me out yet,"You mumbled to Seokjin who hadn’t left your side ever since the beginning of the game. The two of you got on your feet and walked up to Jimin, who finally got onto his feet after five minutes of struggling to breathe as soon as he saw you heading his way.

You smiled shyly and looked anywhere but at him as you said,"You played well. I’m glad you won.”

He grinned, still a bit tired before opening his arms and indicating a hug,“Give me a congratulations hug?”

“Is that even a thing?"Taehyung wondered to himself, tilting his head to the side a bit.

You shook your head and backed away a bit. Sure, he was hot and good to look at but you’d rather not hug your half-naked crush right now. Thankfully, Jimin got the hint. He smiled and put on his shirt before pulling you into a hug, not letting you escape.

Hoseok and Yoongi as well as Seokjin let out some cooing sounds before Namjoon whispered something in Jimin’s ear, the younger boy letting you go for a moment and blushing before saying,”(Y/n), will you please…“He trailed off and took a deep breath, closing his eyes to avoid having to look at you, who just made him more nervous.

He reopened his eyes, feeling more confident before continuing,"Will you please be my girlfriend?”

You heard Hoseok let out a dramatic gasp,“Wait! You weren’t doing this to win my love???”

Holding back a giggle, you nodded so only he could see, his smile growing before he picked you up and twirled you around happily, both of you squealing loudly. Jimin declared loudly,“SHE SAID YES!”

“Alright, love birds, bring it in!"Yoongi laughed, pulling the two of you into a hug, the rest of the group joining in shortly.

What a great day it had been. You finally got a boyfriend, you really finally got a boyfriend!

A/N: This is my first try at a scenario. Also an announcement that as of now I’m also taking requests for scenarios and reactions for Teen Top, Bangtan, EXO and GOT7. Even though I doubt anyone bothers reading this.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this! :)

21st Birthday with Austin Carlile

Will you write a imagine where my childhood best friend Austin Carlile throws me a 21st birthday party? Ty in advance :3


You laughed and jumped around the room to The Depths.

Today was your twenty-first birthday, and you planned on stating home and doing abdolutely nothing. You were okay with that, but at the same time, you hoped tonight would be memorable.

“Y/N!!” You heard your best friend, Austin Carlile scream ad he ran up the stairs to your room. You sat down on the floor, staring at your bedroom door. It burst open and Austin ran in, pulling you into the tightest hug you’ve ever had. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” He screamed in your ear.

“Ow, Austin fuck!” You rubbed your ear, laughing. “The day I go deaf, I’m blaming you.”

“Now you’re old enough to ocme drinking with us!”

“Yup!” You said happily, popping the ‘p’. “Wait, hang on, I go drinking with you guys all the time!”

“Yeah, but this time we don’t have to worry about you getting caught!”

“Ah. So what are you doing here?” You asked. Austin held up his Star Wars DVD box set. “YES!”

The two of you lay down curled up on the floor in your living room watching Star Wars until dark. As much as you hayed to admit, you had a huge crush on your best friend. “Alright, weirdo, go get dressed.” Austin finally said, shutting off the TV.

“But I am-”

“Something nice.”


“No reason, just do it.”

You shrugged and headed up to your room. Going through your closet, you picked a black halter lace long sleeve dress and white leggings. You straightened your h/c hair and pinned your bangs back. You ran down the stairs after applying a small bit of makeup. “Ready?” Austin asked as you walked down the stairs.

“For what?”

“This!” He picked you up and threw you over his shoulder.

“Austin!” You cried through laughter. “Put me down, I’m in a dress!”

“With leggings, you’re fine. Besides, no one is going to complain about the view.”

“Austin!” You hit his back. Austin just laughed and carried you outside. He put you down and told you to get in his car.

“Austin, where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” He simply said, turning up the radio.

You sighed and stared out the window. But not long after you arrived at Austin’s house?

“What are we doing here?” You asked.

Austin didn’t reply, just took your hand and the two of you walked to the front door. Austin knocked three times.

“Why do you have to knock? It’s your house.”

The door opened and there stood Alan Ashby. He didn’t move, he just stood there staring. “Is the cat in the bag?” He asked Austin, glancing at you.

“Let us in.”


“Alan, it’s my house!”

“But how do I know it’s you? How do I know you’re not an alien here to abduct me?”

Austin sighed, then made a very strange sounding cat meow. Alan nodded approvingly and stepped aside. Austin turned to you and smiled, then pulled you inside.

“Oh my God.” You muttered. Inside were all your friends, some from other bands, some from highschool. They were all smiling, laughing, having a good time together. “Did you do all this?”

“Well, don’t mean to toot my own horn but uh….YES. YES I DID.”

Without thinking, you pressed your lips against his. He immediatley kissed you back, that is, until you heard a bunch of “ohhhhh!“s.

"I-I’m sorry, I didn’t-” You stuttered, then was cut off by Austin kissing you again.

“You are just the best.” You smiled as he pulled away.

“I know.”


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It’s the broken heart in your chest, you can feel it. It’s like someone took a glass bottle and chucked it at the ground. You can feel the impact in your chest, but it is constant. It doesn’t go away after the second it smashes into the ground. You can feel the shards, this constant, stabbing pain. That excruciating sound is forever ringing in your ears. You open your mouth to scream but no sound comes out. Sobs wrack your body like tsunami tides post earthquake. You quiver, shake, tremble. Your grab at your chest and hope to relieve the intense burning and breaking feeling in your chest with some pressure from your own hand. You want to scream at the top of your lungs and rip your heart out because maybe, just maybe, you won’t feel a thing at all. Any physical pain would be better than this.
I can’t stand the broken heart in my chest. It’s driving me mad. I want to rip my heart out. I don’t want to be this sad. I don’t want to feel anything at all.

an excerpt from a book I’ll never write #22 // Marlana Ann { @ayeitsmar }

((depression in a nutshell))

Taehyung x reader When he wakes you up

Summary: He went over to your apartment to wake you up.

Genre: Fluff

You were enjoying your bed in the morning. You thought you could sleep in since you didn’t have anything to do. You buried your head to your pillow and fall back asleep.

“_______, wake up!” Someone was shouting beside you. You covered your ears as you were surprised with the sudden sound. The person not only screamed in your ear, he even jumped on your bed.

Taehyung, your boyfriend, thought waking you up at 9am on a Saturday morning would be fun.

“Can you calm the fuck down?” You groaned. “I’m trying to sleep here.”

“Wake up! It’s morning!” He continued jumping on your bed and played music on his phone.

“I don’t have anything to do. Now go away and let me sleep.” You kicked your legs trying to kick him off the bed so you could sleep again.

The music was still blasting through his phone and you gave up on falling asleep again. You sat up and had a annoyed face plastered on.

“What do you want?” You asked him.

“We’re going to the amusement park!” He said excitedly with his eyes sparkling with delight. “Now go get ready.” He pulled you off the bed.

“Just because you have something planned this time. I forgive you. But if you wake me up at 9am in the morning again.” You glared at him. You used your thumb and slit through your neck.

He gulped but looked at you as sweet as he can be. Flashing his rectangle smile at you. “You wont’ do that to me.”

“Oh, I will, honey.” You blew him a kiss and went to the bathroom.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

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Swapping Souls

Pin me down by gripping my neck,
baby take my soul.

I want more than a kiss not a peck,
baby take my soul.

Run your finger along yoni’s creases,
baby take my soul.

My chocolate butter taste like Reese’s,
baby take my soul.

Rub your tip on my clit ,
tease me till I catch a fit.
Shift your shaft into the slit.
Make me tremor,
shiver like a cold draft just hit.

Smack my ass,
let your heart beat to the jiggle.
Do not ask,
take me little by little.
Fuck me senseless,
brain dead cripple.

Nibble on my girls ,
swirl your tongue
around their earrings.
Hold my legs open,



I’ll scream until your ear rings.

Can I straddle you backwards while I ride?
Let me take your soul.

Make you melt, liquefied,
let me take your soul.

Suck your manhood till its dry,
let me take your soul.

I’ll bump n grind, sexual homicide,
let me take your soul.

Your aggression enters me,
while you take my femininity.
Our essence mixed in a lust bowl,
Rough n tender, we swap souls.


The One In The Youngblood Chronicles (P. 1/2)

Originally posted by be-my-immortal

(gif @be-my-immortal)

Youngblood AU

(Just a warning mentions of death and blood, I’m really sorry if that’s not your cup of tea, also this will be a long one. Possibly a two-parter)

“Whats going on?” You murmured, trying to loosen yourself. “HELP!” You scream, you were blindfolded and had your wrists bound behind you in the chair. “Christ someone help me!” You screamed again. Suddenly a loud high pitched hum pierced your ears. Painfully loud, the screech drowned out your cries for help. Still unable to loosen the ropes around your wrist.

Behind the noise you were able to make out a faint, familiar, voice. “Hello? Hey is anyone in there?” They yelled frantically.

Taking a deep breath you let out one more cry:“HELP!”

“Y/N?! Hang on!” You heard a crash, the vicious hiss came to a stop, and the blindfold was removed. It was Pete… oh god, it was your boyfriend Pete. “Hey… hey are you okay?” He muttered bringing you into a tight hug. You nodded into his shoulder and sighed. “God, I’m so glad you’re alright.”

Pete kissed your head and helped you up.

“Wh-where is everyone?” You asked before Pete took you out into the hallway. Pete looked around, grabbed your hand, and ran. “Pete what’s going on?”

“I have no idea, but right now we need to run. Those girls are fucking insane!” He said

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