takiki16, please let’s talk about Jupiter and Caine and pregnancy and babies, because I have been mulling over so many thoughts and I just don’t know what to do with them tbqh (sorry for the separate post, I didn’t want to tack fandom discussion onto that pretty space quilt picture)

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Here’s a toast to the ones

with tear-stained cheeks

and crimson smeared wrists.

The ones with pain clenching their hearts,

and a knife lodged in their lungs.

Let me quieten your screaming mind

for the briefest of moments

by whispering in your ear

just how strong you are.

Baby, you’re still breathing

and that’s an achievement

within itself.
—  Tiarna Conroy | #11
Itachi x Reader (The End of the Night)
You held his hand as though not doing so we mean the end. The darkness seemed to creep forward, ensnaring every thought you had, warping and distorting the man you held onto. Despite all that, desp...

by colovaria

You held his hand as though not doing so would mean the end. The darkness seemed to creep forward, ensnaring every thought you had, warping and distorting the man you held onto. Despite all that, despite the blood soaked into his clothes, despite the screams that still rang in your ears and despite the cold, deadened look in his eyes, you kept a firm grip. You didn’t leave his side and those feelings you’d hidden from him all these years didn’t seem to have fled your heart. And tonight was the test of it all…

As the pair of you fled from the Hidden Leaf village, you could still hear the cries of the townspeople having discovered the massa

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Rising signs as ghost
  • <p><b>Aries:</b> Would be that asshole who pops out of your mirror.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> Probably push you down a flight of stairs.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> Grab your arm out of nowhere.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Randomly slaps you in the face when your asleep.<p/><b>Leo:</b> Ends up in your nightmares.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> Posses you and kills everyone.<p/><b>Libra:</b> Goes into your dreams to warn you about some evil.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> Kills you cause your a fuckboy.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> That one who always moves objects around.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> Only really whispers in your ear.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> That one who screams get out of my house.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> Randomly giggles throughout the house.<p/></p>
Taking a shower with Michael

•trying to get his hair wet

•almost slipping when he pushes you away

•rubbing your shoulders with soap then non-discreetly working his way to you boobs and having no shame whatsoever

•always dropping things and asking you to pick it up

•making you stay down there for a bj


•rubbing himself on your ass and asking you if you’re ready

•you wanting it hotter and him wanting it colder

•back hugging you the whole time and never wanting to let go

•slowly running his fingers through your hair

•kissing your neck all the freakin time

•whispers and sometimes screams in your ear

•boob touching

•long hugs

•boob touching

•boob honking

•ass grabbing or lightly slapping or both

•singing really loud and really badly together and harmonizing

•getting soap all over your bodies and weirdly rubbing yourselves together like worms cause it feels funny

•so much foreplay before the shower

•sex during and after the shower

•taking another shower cause your gross from all that sex

How to tell when each MBTI type is at their angriest

ENTJ: They just bought all your shit and liquidated it just to see you have nothing, they show you everything you did wrong up to this point and make you eat it. 

You’re fired, from everything. Also loud screaming about how you are a failure. 

ESTP: They’re on top of you pummeling you senseless.

ISTP: A swift punch to the face, then they walk away, without seeing if you’re alright.

ENFJ: None of your friends talk to you anymore, they’ve manipulated them all into hating you.

ESFJ: 5 straight hours of yelling and screaming until your ears bleed.

ESFP: They scream at you in front of everyone, then break down and cry making you look like the monster.

ISFP:  A swift punch/slap to the face, then endless tears. 

INFP: When you feel an Fi bullet go through your chest from 10km away. A single sentence that hurts you in a way you never though possible.

INTP: They become a psychopathic mad-man swinging around an Fe knife wildly. They become a child throwing a tantrum, suddenly uncomposed.

ENTP: They’ve twisted your words and actions into a gauntlet of your demise. 

ENFP: They play devil’s advocate and feed on your insecurities and turn them on you until you hate yourself.

ISFJ: They take you on the worst guilt trip of your life, laying out everything they done for you, and telling you they regret it. 

ISTJ: They walk away and refuse to come back. You’re not worth their time anymore

INTJ: They MAKE you see how stupid you are, as if they are shoving a cats face in it’s own urine stain. 

INFJ: They take your emotions and just relentlessly cut them them and eviscerate them until you are irreparably broken, with such accuracy that it must have been meticulously planned. 


Steve Rogers- Grease Lightning

It’s a normal, lazy Sunday in Stark Towers as you lounge on the couch watching TV.

Suddenly, Steve scrambles into the room and flops down onto the cushion next to you.

“Steve?” You ask cautiously. “You okay?”

He nervously looks to you and smiles. “Yeah, everything’s great.”

Shrugging, you turn back to the TV. Not five minutes later, you feel Steve’s eyes jumping from you to the TV.

“What?” You burst, facing him. “Why are you looking at me like-”

Out of nowhere, the song ‘You’re the One That I Want’ begins blasting from the walls. You and Steve slap your hands over your ears.

“Tony!” Steve screams, his face paling with every upbeat note. “Turn this off!”

“C'mon, Cap. You’re going nowhere with the girl, and a little Grease Lightning won’t hurt!”

“But I don’t- It’s not- Just turn the music off!” Steve roars.

You can’t help but laugh as his face burns red. “Steve, it’s fine!”

“//I got chills, they’re multiplyin’. And I’m losing control!//” Tony sings horribly off key, then clicks off the music. “You guys are no fun!”

Steve, bright red, turns to you. “Um… Want to go out for dinner?”

You smile. “Yeah, I’m sure it’ll be electrifying.”

Once you’ve skipped off to your room, Steve slaps a hand onto his forehead and groans. “You’re a dead man, Tony!”

“But Steve, //you better shape up, cause I//-”

“You’re so getting it, Stark!” Steve shouts, jumping up from the couch and storming for Tony’s office.

anonymous asked:

Ghost Michael???????? Please??????

SHIT, ghost!michael would be so glum, tho? like all alone in this house atop a huge hill, the source of all storms in the town. and then one day your lame friends dare you to go in the “haunted” mansion. but right when you entered the black gates you knew you felt a strange presence around you. and then you were in the dining room, your fingertips tracing the china that you felt a rush of air behind you, a hand that was at least below freezing over your mouth, and a chilling voice in your ear, “don’t scream”

supernatural!5sos night with michaelclitsfford​, send in/tag us in blurbs or request some!!

You’re body is filled,
Filled with that thing they call
Hate and anger.
You wonder and wonder,
How much longer?
Days, weeks, months passed.
But with time it kept growing.
One day,
You looked right into my eyes with nothing left but weakness.
A bomb had exploded
You fell to your knees,
covering your ears,
crying and screaming on the top of your lungs,
“thats enough”


anonymous asked:

Boxer!luke going up against your ex-boyfriend and the ring and right off the bat, the ex is saying "I could make y/n scream so loud, the neighbors would be checking in on us" and Luke would be equally angry and horny from earlier, so he punches down your ex, grabs your hand, and fucks you in the back room while whispering in your ear "scream baby, scream so loud so that asshole knows exactly who can make you feel this good. only me, no one else"


feel free to send in your own written blurbs for boxer!5sos and sugardaddy!5sos blurb night!

Matt Murdock- Run

You tighten your grip on your purse strap and speed up when you hear heavy footsteps behind you.

You know better than to walk alone at night, but you had to stay late for work and missed your train home.

Just then, a hand is slammed against your mouth, preventing the scream lodged in your throat to be let free.

“Scream and I blow your head off,” A man growls in your ear, his words barley understandable due to his thick Russian accent.

You’re thrown onto the ground, landing on your back.

“Now what?” The mans accomplice asks.

The leader steps forward and grabs your forearm, lifting you up just to back-hand you across the face. “Now, we beat.”

You cry out as a sharp blow is delivered to your ribs and gasp when you realize he’s kicked you.

“You-you can’t do this!” Your screams are muffled as the man shoves a cloth into your mouth.

You’re picked up by the collar and dragged to the wall, thrown against against the rough surface head first.

Tears spring to your eyes as he grabs you by the throat, cutting off your whimper as he punches you in the jaw.

He raises his hand to hit you, but freezes when he hears something smack against the pavement. He turns and tightens his hold on your neck.

Something black flashes across your dimming vision, and suddenly, you can breathe again. You instantly spit out the cloth and rub at your neck softly.

“You need to leave before any more men come,”

Your head snaps up to see a figure in all black, his head tilted slightly.

“You need to leave /now/,”

Shakily, you crawl to your feet and stumble past the unconscious body’s of the men.

“T-Thank you,” You whisper, picking up your purse. When you’re about to run, the man abruptly grabs you and pins you to the wall.

A bullet clips the ground where you had been standing just a second ago.

“Can you run?” The man asks.

You nod. “I think so,”

“Good. On my mark, run to that dumpster over there and hide behind it.” He says, pointing directly the behind him.


He pauses. “I’m not going to hurt you,”

“I didn’t think you were,” You replied.

He’s silent for a second, before stepping aside. “Go!”

You instantly take off and make a bee-line for the dumpster. Somehow, the bullets fired at you don’t even graze your skin. You dive behind the dumpster and grip your knees to your chest tightly.

Some time has passed and you’re not sure who had won. Out of nowhere, a hand lightly touches your hair.

A scream emits from your throat as you kick your legs at the man.

“Whoa, it’s me! It’s me, I won’t hurt you.”

You curl back against the wall and look up. His mask is still covering half his face, but a friendly smile pulls at his lips.

“Who are you?” You mumble, your body beginning to tremble from the cold.

He crouches down slowly. “I can’t tell you who I am, but my name is Matt.”

You extend your hand forward. “(Y/n),”

“Well, (Y/n), mind if I take you home?”

Over the next few days, you could almost feel like someone’s been watching over you.

On one particular day, you once again had missed your train. You’re clutching a bottle of pepper spray as you speed-walk by the ally you had met the Masked Man.


You jump and turn your head, your hold on the pepper spray tightening. “Who’s there?”

“You can let go of the pepper spray, (Y/n). I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Who are you?”

A soft, plopping sound comes from behind you. Whirling around, you hold up the pepper spray.

“Matt, right?” You ask.

He nods. “Nice to see you again,”

Your eyebrows dip in confusion. “You can see me?”


“The mask, it’s covering your eyes isn’t it? How are you able to see?”

The corner of his mouth curves. “That’s a story I’ll have to tell you another time.”

You nod. “Another time. But for now, would you mind walking me home?”

He holds up his hands. “As long as you put the bottle down, sure.”

Widening your eyes, you shove the pepper spray away.

Matt walks over to you and holds out an arm. You hesitantly wrap your hands around his bicep and begin walking home.

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30 reader X Dean

“I swear; if you die, I’ll kill you.”

Everything went from bad to worse when the hunt went sideways, as it so often does. You and the boys were tracking a demon who had info on Crowley. A nasty demon, he was. Fairly powerful. But you three have tackled things stronger than demons before, so you were confident that things would work out.

You were stupid to be confident.

The demon stabbed you with the demon-killing knife, twisting the blade so the wound wouldn’t close easily. You heard Sam and Dean scream your name somewhere in the background, but the blood pounding in your ears overtook your sense of hearing.

You fell to the ground, staring up at the demon. With a smirk, he was gone; probably to another hiding place. In an instant, the boys were next to you. Sam had his hand pressed to your wound while Dean cupped your face. “Dean…” You coughed.

“Shh, baby, shh. Don’t say a word, you hear me?” Dean said lowly, looking back at his brother. Sam tried desperately to keep the copious amounts of blood from pouring out, but the wound was too bad. The younger Winchester’s hands were stained scarlet with your blood. Dean shook his head and looked back down at you. He forced a smile on his face. “You’ll be just fine, sweetheart.”

You shook your head. You knew when Dean was lying; you’ve known him for long enough. Forcing your hand to intertwine with his, you looked into those emerald eyes, intent on them being the last thing you saw. Dean looked close to tears. “I swear; if you die, I’ll kill you.” He whispered, dipping his head down to touch his forehead with yours. “Y/N, please.”

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Hi! Could I have a Marvel ship please? I'm English, 5'3, straight, with blue eyes and light brown, curly hair. I also have faint freckles and curves. I love to write and skateboard. I love nature so walks in the woods are my fave. I'm the one to give advice and I'm a loyal friend. I stick by the rules but I do like to cause mischief only with friends! I prefer nights in to nights out. I get nervous and worry about EVERYTHING! I'm very sarcastic too and will stand up for what I believe. Thanks!<3

I ship you with Bruce Banner

How you met: Your heart continues to pound in your throat as the rumbles in the ground start to increase. A short scream, you cover your ears as an explosion hits near you. Closing your eyes for a brief second, you quickly find yourself running as fast as you can. Propelling forward as the fear swallows you whole, you didn’t know what you are witnessing right now. What kind of creature or creatures that are lurking around this town. Just the tingling in your fingertips and spine as you exhale. Your mind goes blank as you try to find shelter, cutting corners, wedging yourself in odd places. You never think that it will be okay just being in one spot, having this suspicious feeling that someone is looking at you. You start to run again as the quakes continue to get louder, growls and snarls feel like they are above you as the sheer terror starts to feed off of you. You start to wish that you didn’t pick such a rural city to do research in, you feel trapped. As you weave out, finding a straight shot out of this town, something falls in front of you. The ground shakes, causing you to tumble to the ground. With big eyes, you suck in your breath as the dust clears to find a massive green beast, his features showing his disgruntle expression, snarling with his teeth as he pounds his fists into the ground. You probably made a sound, you don’t remember, but you do see him staring straight at you. Everything within you freezes, tears start to form in your eyes. The snarls continue as he gets up, finding his steps, heading straight towards you. A flutter of your hair shuffles around your shoulders as he exhales deeply in front of you. Holding a curiosity that is rarely portrayed. Biting your lower lip, you couldn’t stop yourself from trembling as the light touch of the Hulk sends you into unconsciousness.

Why he loves you: Despite expressing the fear you had with the other guy when you initially met him, you made the effort to be more comfortable around him. Bruce loves that you don’t treat him like  time bomb, you see him as a human being with feelings. He looks forward to hearing the familiar sound of wheels shrieking to a halt when you visit him in his labs. You show all sides to him, something that he cherishes, whether it’s your sarcastic side, or the childish side when you look at his experiments in the lab, or when you are concern when he doesn’t get enough sleep. You let him have it, whether it wants to or not.

Your best friend is Steve Rogers

Your philosophies are pretty similar, stick to the rules for the most part, but break them when it tries to corner you. There is a mutual understanding between the two of you and since meeting each other, that ground rule of being friends starts to incline into be one of the closest. You tend to favor Steve over Tony’s recklessness. It does drive you crazy seeing the two lock heads, something you always break apart because honestly you are sick of it. Your patience is pretty thin lately, you did bring them back down when teaching Steve how to ride a skateboard, not the best one either. He tends to face plant a lot, plenty of laughs on your behalf. Steve becomes overprotective when it comes to your emotional, mental or physical state and seeing a sweeter side of you when involving Banner does have it’s perks. You aren’t pranking him that much anymore.

Your secret admirer is Tony Stark

Yes, you did favor Mr. Tight Ass over him, he gets it. Well, he understands your logical points of yous are shared, what he doesn’t get is you hanging around him so much, stating that you are close friends. And Banner? He’s the most reclusive guy he knows and you have fallen for him. None of your relationships make sense, not in his opinion. He does tease you, seeing your witty side come forth when you push him back when it gets too close to your precious Steve. Tony will disengage the emotional state he is when around you, it’s spiking and he’s not fond of it. At all.

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