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When the dj plays your song but it’s remixed

Hello everyone! I recently reached 200+ followers (how?!?! HOW?!?! i don’t know) Thank you guys so much for choosing to follow a messy little blog like mine :-)

There are so so many great blogs and people that I have talked to and who I enjoy seeing on my dash and I appreciate the community that you guys have made here (especially for GOT7 fans) I’m glad I have a place to come and scream about share GOT7 content with since I don’t have any other place really. Since I follow almost 300 blogs (!!!) I will try to only list a few. I apologize if I miss anyone, I really love all the blogs I follow because they all add to this lovely community :) 

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Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers recreate a pose from Swing Time (1936), in the 1980’s.

Imagine Person A finally starting to read/watch something Person B has been recommending to them for a long time and Person A screaming about it while Person B sits there and is just like “Yes, I was thinking the same thing when I got to this part”

Do you ever think about how Audrey went back to being close with Emma when terrible things started happening, how she became friends with Emma again even after Emma broke her heart, how she comforted Emma when Emma had a panic attack because of PTSD, how even after everything they’ve been through and how much they’ve hurt one another and been hurt, they still comfort each other when a friend dies, and then you just cry. Because I do

KanaMari Pacific Rim au v2

remaking this bc i thought of a better version that somewhat parallels to canon:

Kanan and Mari are co-pilots; they’re not the best but they’re still pretty good at their job anyway. Things are going well; kicking kaijuu ass, saving the world, hanging out with Dia as she does science-y work, and being super lovey-dovey idiots that Dia has to kick them out of her lab complaining of inappropriate behavior/hindering her experiments. (”I swear to god if you two knock over another sample and spill it on the computer because you’re being mushy again I’m removing your access cards.” “It happened once! Just once!! By accident!!” “Awww is Dia feeling left out because she’s not part of the cuddles~?”)

One day, Kanan and Mari end up against a sudden double event. Things go wrong very very fast. Their Jaeger gets severely damaged and Mari gets knocked out and disconnected from their link, forcing Kanan to solo pilot for few minutes.

They both survive and spend time recuperating from their injuries but afterwards, Kanan refuses to pilot again. Mari tries to get Kanan to talk to her about it but Kanan just absolutely clams up and the only thing Mari can get from their ghost drifting is that Kanan is very very distressed and afraid so she assumes it’s the trauma. Which is very understandable considering what they went through was terrifying af and Kanan had to bear the extreme neural load of solo piloting as well.

But the truth is, it’s not really those things that makes Kanan refuse to pilot. I mean sure yeah, Kanan does have ptsd from it- they both do but. Kanan had also thought that Mari died. When Dia confronts Kanan about her refusal to pilot, Kanan just. breaks down. “I thought she died, Dia! She was gone and I couldn’t- I couldn’t feel her- she wasn’t- I couldn’t find- Mari just wasn’t there- even in the ghost drift- Mari disappeared and- and she just- she wasn’t waking up no matter how much i screamed for her and god- ohgod i- i thought i lost her”

Kanan couldn’t bear the thought of that happening again. So she pretends that  she can’t pilot again because of her ptsd in order to push Mari into accepting the offers of promotion (because Mari did have top-notch scores in all her tests, plus her background, plus connections of her family, plus other political things involving not letting her other skills things go to waste just because her partner is basically an “invalid person/pilot” IDK what else i can give as a reason for the promotion just please accept it okay). 

Because Mari accepting the promotion means pushing her away from direct danger.

 Dia helps Kanan in convincing Mari. (”You don’t understand.” “Kanan, I’m not claiming I know how you feel, I’m not a drift pilot. I may not be able to imagine what it feels like to feel a part of yourself get literally ripped off but-” “How would you feel if that was Ruby” “-what?” “If you were drift partners with your sister and this happens, wouldn’t you want to protect her too?”)

Mari, after much persuasion from the two, reluctantly ends up accepting the offer because, as much as she wants to stay with Kanan and help her get through this, she also has a sense of duty to the world.

And so Mari leaves bc of training and other promotion things that require her to be in another place. And Kanan quits being a Ranger and works as an engineer instead.

Two years later, Mari comes back as a Marshal. And she’s very determined to make Kanan pilot again because the world is slowly losing in the war against Kaijuus and they need experienced pilots to help them win the war.

Okay, that’s not really it. It’s just the lie she tells Kanan and everyone else.

The truth is, Mari simply comes back for Kanan.

(Because “I miss you. I miss you in my head- It’s never the same without you; I keep trying to look for you even though I know you’re not there anymore- you’re the part of me that I couldn’t find, and I can’t stop feeling the lose; you were my home, Kanan, and I never quite learned how to breathe without you.”)


i see you! (4/? of spring up)

heyitssummerm: In this moment everything I have ever wanted has happened. Today was the most incredible day of my entire life. I’ve been waiting for this moment for the last nine years of my life and tonight, it finally came true. People have made fun of me for loving Taylor and calling her my best friend, but she really is. She has been there for me so much over the last nine years and has taught me the most important lessons. I can truly say that she is the most incredible human being. She saw the article in the paper and had her management get ahold of me this morning because she wanted to meet me. I was a shaking, crying mess because my dream was finally coming true. I ran into the meet and greet as she was screaming “SUMMER!!” She knew me. She wanted to meet me. A lot of the stuff we talked about was personal to me so I won’t go into detail but tonight was my favorite. I met so many incredible people, obviously Taylor being the most important. I just can’t wrap my head around this. (x)

everyone knows lucas has been the sportier one between maya and lucas, but what if (for some reason) maya decided to try out for volleyball in high school? like she hasn’t ever done it, but is good enough to make it on the team. so riley, farkle, and lucas go to watch every single game, except one. riley and farkle get paired up for a science project (or some shitty excuse like that) and lucas is just sitting on the stands screaming and stuff. like he’s a lot more enthusiastic (and distracting) than he usually is with riley and farkle. so when she comes over after the game she tells him how much she loves his cheering (he can’t catch the sarcasm bc he heard the word loved and that’s good enough for him) and so now, whenever he goes to see her game he screams and yodels and stands up and almost fights the referee while farkle and riley are so confused on why he’s this passionate about a volleyball game.