ok dgmw i love jhonen vasquez and his work a lot but more and more lately ive been getting this weird like. closeted anti sjw vibe off him not bc of anything hes done lately but just thinking back on a lot of stuff im scared hes one of those ppl whos like “dont get OFFENDED by my BLACK COMEDY SATIRE” and “the world has gone to shit because of Fat People and Political Correctness!!”
or maybe thats just the people he unfortunately attracts. idk.

i want to ask him his opinion on gay + trans + neurodivergent headcanons for his characters but im scared he wont answer or the answer will be that he hates them or something i wanna ask him why he thought saying zadr made him physically ill was a good idea i mean its fine if he thinks that i really dont give a shit but like. thats so unneccessary

tl;dr i love jv a lot but im scared to find out more about his views bc i feel like theyre kind of. Not good

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  R E A !! ( reaby )

{{ 24/6/15 }} — happy birthday my babby !! i woke up suuuper late today and i have 5 minutes left as i’m typing this but i’m making it and !! i just wanted to give you your present(s?) on time and wish you a very happy birthday you super precious important person <3 but aa i’ll leave the mushy stuff for later, present(s?) under the cut !!

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sorry guys for not updating a lot of stuff!

Ive been really busy with homework and all lately and last night all I did was cry because I missed my girlfriend (haha h a im lame)

Dont worry! The pizza au will be updated!!! Its the weekend now and I have the time to draw so look out for an update!!

anonymous asked:

Who are some of your favorite bands/artists?

the flaming lips
the horrors
my bloody valentine
the strokes
jc + the voidz
the jamc
primal scream
death grips
idk I like lots of stuff


miadifferent said: ha, I had the same thought this morning, but that I remembered, no, I actually watched HLV with some yet undefined johnlock-frame (and that’s why I screamed and cried a lot… ;-)).

I watched HLV having seen stuff but thinking that it would never, ever happen so I wasn’t confident about it at all (and then HLV actually happened and I felt even worse) it was only the months of meta reading after that actually convinced me they might actually *go* there! The special is going to be hell tho because they really could leave it ‘unrelated’ to the series, which would mean they could go down any route and it not actually be our boys, so we still might not even know anything until s4 *screams, cries, curls up on the floor in defeat* 

Something that needs to be said.

I was going to wait with posting this until I hit 170 followers but I honestly can’t wait any longer so here goes:

Thank you so much to all of you.
I don’t care if you just started following or if you’ve been here a while, I am so grateful that all of you are here.
I might not be the best to reach out and tell you people that I’m glad you’re here but I really am, because I’ve been going through a lot of crap lately and even though screaming into the void about stuff is nice sometimes, it’s even greater when you realize the void is actually hearing it. There are a lot of you whom I wish I could talk to, but I’m really bad with starting conversations and not over thinking everything I write so I never really do.
But from the bottom of my heart I am so glad that all of you have been putting up with my endless venting and ranting and reblogging waaayyy too many things and not responding to messages sometimes because I just don’t know what to say.
I just realized that I am so glad that you’re all here

here i am with a lot of stuff to do and very little time to do that and a huge urge to fuck it all and do some rp like as in actually making a new blog with a new muse and spend the next 3-4 days customizing my theme

I’m really frustrated about how sick ive felt for two days now. And I’m freaking out about money things. And I’m trying to be more honest with myself about my emotions and its really bringing up a lot of stuff. I just wanna scream.

I feel like screaming and breaking a lot of stuff and pulling my fucking hair out. I’m not doing very well. I’ve been feeling fine for about a week I should’ve known something would change. This fucking came out of nowhere and I’m fucking overwhelmed by everything. Nothing seems quite real and I don’t feel like myself.