I swear to you, I kinda laugh when our generation gets called lazy and entitled. Cause I have never met any humans more entitled or lazy than the middle aged (40s- 60s) DOUCHEBAGS that come in to my store and expect me to know all 3000 prepaid phone plans AND SET IT UP FOR THEM IN STORE. AND THEN GET MAD AT ME WHEN I’VE MADE THEM SET UP THEIR OWN PHONE AND THEY SCRATCHED THE PIN COMPLETELY OFF CAUSE INSTEAD OF USING A COIN LIKE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO YOU USED A GODDAMN PEN. AND THEN DECIDE YOU DON’T WANT THE PHONE OR THE CARD AT ALL CAUSE LOL IDK YOU’RE AN ADULT CHILD.

The amount of helplessness and stubbornness to never be self sufficient in the older generation makes me irate. Especially when they blame me for their incompetence. So don’t fucking tell me I’m entitled.

me: I want POC characters, disabled characters, gay characters, sexually confused characters, trans characters!!!!

writers: *sucks in air thru their crusty teeth* yeeaaaaahhhhh see…that just isn’t REALISTIC

staying @ someone else’s place is so perpetually uncomfortable? everything feels like an inconvenience + invasion of privacy. sitting in a chair? inconvenience. opening a cabinet to get a glass? invasion of privacy. breathing? invasion of